iPhone Users Suffering from 'Searching for Service' Bug


Users over on Apple's support forums are complaining of a bug that has been around since the first generation iPhone and the 1x software. Even on the 3.1.2 software users are randomly getting their iPhones stuck without service while the phone says it is searching for a signal. This bug does not discriminate either, it does not care what cell phone carrier your are with, whether your device is jailbroken or not, or model of iPhone.

Currently the only way to get around this bug is if you reset your device by holding down the power button along with the home button until you see the Apple logo appear on your screen. Once booted back up your service should be restored.

Fortunately, none of us here at TiPb have personally encountered this behavior from any of our current iPhones. Any of our readers find themselves 'searching for service'?

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iPhone Users Suffering from 'Searching for Service' Bug


I kept having same problem when I had to switch my phone off I was advised to switch my 3G on. And it worked !! It's worth a try

I get it a lot suddenly signal goes weak and searching starts. I switch airplane mode on and off again and signal comes back. Apple replaced first 3GS but new one is just the same ;-(

Thanks a million! I researched several other suggestions after two days of trouble shooting/turning phone off and on / re-boooting etc - all other suggestions were far more complicated ideas - and this one worked. Thank you Teslar!!! You are an asset to your name sake. x

Thank you .After several frustrating hours,my problem is solved at the snap of a finger by airplane mode on/off.

Yeah except mine says "searching" and I actually have signal and I can make and receive calls and text no problem but it stuck on "searching". A reset is the only way to get the signal bars back.

I get it several times a week, taking the subway to work. The worst is when the phone displays a full signal but can't make phone calls or use the edge/3g network. which happens just as often in new york city.

I have noticed this problem over the last few months. Used to be able to make calls and keep calls connected with no problems at home and at the office. Over the last few months, I have noticed the 3Gs searching for service or disconnecting me when on a call. Not sure what has changed.

I honestly don't think its a phone issue. Here in Australia, I used to be with an ATT equivalent network (i.e. horrible) called Optus. I would constantly get the searching for service thing as the overloaded towers would keep kicking me off.
I then moved to Telstra (probably the best, but most expensive, carrier in the world) and I have never once seen searching for service come up. It's just another excuse to blame a network issue on the iphone i think.

This problem happens several times a day. Of course, even with full signal strength I only have a 50-50 chance of actually getting a working data connection. I am in New York City.

On occassion I have full bars, only to find out that someone has been trying to call me or text message me. I eventually reboot my phone and get all my missed texts showing up in my inbox.

A 50-50 chance... you need to cancel your contract man.. thats insane.. My phone has never had the problem, I have great 3G coverage thats very fast, and have never dropped a call.. although I usually text.. I'm the polar opposite of you folks. Which makes your stories hard to believe, but I guess from your side.. my story is hard to believe.. Hope it gets fixed.. but in all reality, it will probably just keep getting worse.. the chart showing that iphones use 55% of all data across smartphones, shows why carriers struggle with the phone.

I get this problem daily. If I wait, it takes about 5 minutes for the signal to come back. If I turn my phone off and back on again... It takes about 5 minutes. I'm stuck either way

I have had this happen a couple times no biggie. My problem now is laggy software sometimes. Going from one app to next.

I often get the problem @Chris in #11 indicated, whereby nobody can call or text me, and, after a reboot, I see a plethora or missed phone calls and text messages. This really, really cripples the utility of my phone. (AT&T in California.)
The "Searching for Service" bug is not nearly as annoying, but it bites me about once a month.

It happens to me too. airplane mode on and off will restore the signal. I was traveling in an area that was on the fringe of 3G coverage. Sometime when I turned on 3G for some tethered use, the phone would drop to no signal or searching. If I turned off 3G, it made no difference so once again airplane on/off and I was back to a full 5 bars.I had great voice and ok Edge, but the 3G was just marginal inside.

Yes it's, I've been experiencing it since 3.1.2 and other complaint of mine is disappearing wi-fi.. Funny!

No problem here with both 3G and 3GS. I'm with Fido (Canada) btw.
Never seen that even in the basement.

My friend with Telus, on the other hand, complains from this a lot. Wonder if its carrier related issue or the iPhone itself.

It happens at least twice a day. I live in São Paulo – Brazil and my carrier is TIM with 3G or Edge networks. I have an iPhone 3G.
If I lose cell phone signal, like entering on an elevator or traveling on the road, my iPhone keeps itself Searching for Service and eventually goes to No Service.
Then I need to switch back and for the airplane mode or reset it to get service again. It really seems to be a bug on the iPhone operational system

I called apple with this bug several months ago and for me the "reset network settings" reset button via settings>general>reset, I believe Thts where it is, worked for me. But now I'm haunted by a bug where, when I open the messages app, occasionally I run into a bug where it says cannot find cellular service and it shows full bars.

Every once in a moon it happens when I'm passing a "no service" zone and when I'm back into a service zone it says "searching for signal". With a flick of sbsettings I reboot or respring device an voilà all is better.

Why do I get all the bugs. Thinking of bailing and going Red. AT&T/Apple wants to chrage me to fix this. Ridiculous!

It happens once every couple of weeks for both me (vodafone aus) and my partner (optic aus). After powering down it usually comes back. But in Paris on holiday I spent 2 days withot signal :(

Since MMS came out my phone constantly switches between Edge, 3G, and GPRS (the "o"). This only happens in Lower Manhattan, and it drains my battery out a lot quicker.

Firts time that i can say: yes exactly that happened to me twice!!
I guess you shouldnt reset it, but yeah, just switch airplane mode on then off and everything is fine again.

Hmm I thought this was because I dropped my phone one to many times. Glad to here this is a known issue.

I am constantly having a similar issue, but my symptoms differ. I do not see "searching for network"; my phone shows full bars next to the AT&T, but is not followed by "E", "3G" or the "o" (there's nothing there). Attempting to call, text, or use network requiring apps evidences that I have no network despite full bars. Neither reset or airplane on/off resolves this. I love my iPhone but am at my wit's end when it comes to my network service. Anyone know what that means to have full bars w/o a network indicator?

This is an issue I get rarely in the Seattle area. Usually airplane and back solves it.
Far more frequent is opening the phone and not being on WiFi. Up pops a could not connect to wifi prompt, and if you click Retry, 1) it will never connect, 2) it will drop your password for that network.
Happens all the time on various routers. Been a known problem for the last 3 or 4 releases. If your phone happens to be checking mail when you awaken it and try to use the wifi you are doomed.

Funny, I jailbroke my 3GS last week using blackra1n. I thought it was because of this.

I have this issue on a daily basis in Virginia beach,Virginia it will start to search then it will come back on my signal bars are constantly going up and down and I get dropped calls often

I get it occasionally when I've been on the subway and come above ground and immediately try to use my phone. It's like the phone has gotten tired of looking for a signal and forgets to try again. However, I never thought of it as an iPhone bug, since every phone I've ever owned (on any network) has done this at some time, and usually a restart is the fastest way to fix it.

I had this issue when I traveled back from Penn. to Long Island, New York and only doing the reset cleared this issue. This was maybe the second time it happened. Otherwise I got no service even my wife had 5 bars on edge/3g. And yes I did try turning service off/on changing between edge/3G no change the phone just totally showed no service at all. Otherwise the applications / music worked well.

Haven't seen this in a long time. I vaguely remember it a little in 2.X but toggling 3G off then back on always fixed it.

This happened to me a couple times on the 2.x os and the 3g phone. Was living in Pasadena at the time and the phone service was especially bad. Had to reboot the phone. Out here in the desert, the phone service has been excellent and I have not encountered the issue.

Brand new iPhone user here, had it about three or four weeks and I've had it happen already twice I think. The first time was when the phone was so new I didn't even know you could power it off all the way. sheepish look My brother (who owns an iPod touch) showed me how and sure enough it reset. Then a week or so later in a completely different part of town it refused to send a text and said it had no service so I tried powering it off and it worked again. Glad to hear this is a "normal" fluke everyone has happen.

Yup... and you described the fix I finally figured out after two months of this. 3GS. Happens once or twice a day.

Every once in a while (1 a month?) I get a pop up reading "cannot activate cellular data network" but I just hit OK and I continue surfing the web or txting or make a phone call without ANY problem or delay. It's weird. And I live in Pittsburgh, but have no problems with AT&T. Like ever.

Yep. And AT&T tech support advised getting a new SIM. I did that, and was without service for 3 hours Sunday due to an AT&T glitch, not being able to provision SIM changes instantly.
Anyone for a petition asking (begging? demanding?) Apple to change carriers?

It does happen to me.
What I do tho is that I go to airplane mode, turn it on then wait a little bit and turn it off. Works for me. If it doesn't (which is rearely) I reset it.

Have the same problem when i search internet or use skype over3g. First the receptioon goes down to one bar, the "no signal" then "searching" then back to full reception. I cant take it anymore

This happens to me quite often. I would guess about once a week - after a reboot everything is fine.
Currently on a Jailbroken 3.1.2 3GS. It happened prior to jailbreaking and happened consistantly on my 2G since day one. It's one of the few things that I truly hate.

That shit happens to me time to time. I can't stand the searching for service shit.
Tah tah 4 now, gotta go help expand socialsm.

My iPhone 3gs once aday keeps saying no sim card. Has this hapen to any else? And is it related to 3.1.2?

Yep. Happens to me. Specially when i move from somewhere where there was no signal onto a good signal one. I just turn off - on airplane mode and im ready to go.

drop calls more often now ...searching for service ...hard reset fix the problem ...only two times no sim message also fix whit a hard reset

as soon as i read this post and walked out the door not even five minutes later I had it happen to me

I have encountered this problem before. It doesnt matter if my Iphone 3G was jailbroken or not. Its annoying because I can be in an area with perfect 3G service and out of nothing i get that "Searching For Service" message. All i do to fix it is put the phone on Airplane Mode and then switch it back to regular mode. Works every time.

Exact problem happens to me, I'll have 5 bars 3G on my Blackberry and "Searching" on my iPhone... And I have to reset it to get it to reconnect, it doesn't happen if I put the phone on EDGE but that kinda defeats the purpose.

The 3GS is my first iPhone, and I've occasionally run into this... but... previously I was a longtime Windows Mobile user and experienced this as well... I thinks it's a shortcoming of wireless communications.

I just never have service, AT&T is horrible, "FIX THE FREAKING NETWORK!!!! All I ask for is consistent 3G coverage and to be able to use my iPhone inside of a building. My battery life is horrible due to the coverage, one minute I'm on 3G and the next I'm on edge and the next I'm searching for service. If Verizon ever gets the iPhone, I'm there in a second.

Happens to me a few times a month. I think it happens when I am genuinely in an area with poor signal, but when I return to a good signal area the iPhone has given up and never re-acquires the signal. I reported the problem to apple.com/feedback. I am on O2 in the UK and I have a 3GS with latest firmware.

I've had this happen three or four times. The last time it was at the office where my phone is often cycling between EDGE and 3G. A power cycle of the phone always fixes it. I'm in Krakow, Poland, using Orange.

Yes, happens to me also. But not as much as before. For me, I'd always thought it was my Mophie Juice Pak, which I have since taken off as it defiinately affects signal reception strength in all but the strongest cell areas (at least my experience). So, yes, still an occasional hassle, but not as frequent. BTW, i also just switch to airplane mode and back, which seems to work.

I never had that problem before but there was a time when I had the iPhone jailbroken and it did happen many times. That is one if the reasons why I don't jailbreak specualy now with all the worms that are coming out for jailbreak iPhone.
I knew that was going to happen sooner or later.
Maybe is someone in apple doing it so people stop jailbreaking their phones ;)

Wonder how many of you guys have the garbage 71234 sim card from AT&T. I have told countless people to go get the newer 71247 sim which I have and never have issues. I don't know anyone that I have told to go get the newer sim that helped alot.
It wouldn't doubt that the sims in other countries are off the same batch and just carrier branded.

Hey has anyone faced the problem of sending a SMS from an iPhone and the recipient getting an empty message instead of yours. This start happening a lot lately with my iPhone 3G 3.2 and 3.2.1. Anyone else??

Optus Australia. About once per week since 3.1 only. Precipitated by going to no signal area (like underground) and resolved by aircraft mode on and off but major issue as I'm a physician on call and may not realize this has happened until important (even life and death) calls missed. I blame recent firmware as went over 12 months before seeing this. What does Apple say?

New SIM from AT&T did NOT do the trick. Still get NO SERVICE message. Next week will visit the Genius Bar in CA.

Already been through the Genius bar, who swapped the phone - same problem. It is a 3GS which worked fine until after their first upgrade - second one (3.1.2) made it worse. Apple's people don't seem to know about it; called AT&T wireless and tried to give them the URL to this discussion and they couldn't get past their web site blocking to be able to read it.
This is really frustrating because it is Apple sitting there with their fingers in their ears say "I can't hear you." while we ask for a solution.
The guy's manager said that they HAVE heard of it but they need more pressure to be able to force Apple to deal with it. So...if you're having the problem...give them a call and be persistent so they actually deal with it.

Here a small tweak that worked for me. When you get the "no service" go to your control panel and change to Airplane mode and back again this should do the trick without reseting.
Still, this does not prevent the problem from happening.

I get this multiple times a day with a new iPhone 3GS.
I live in Pittsburgh, which supposedly has decent coverage, yet I get searching, no signal, or one lone bar on Edge.

I get this several times a day. It just started myabe a month a go. It will start with "full bars--->searching for service--->no service--->then back to full bars" It happens in areas where I know I have service...its happens while on a call...its happens moving or standing still.
Sadly, it seems like Apple and the Iphone are beginning to become second rate. What was once and elite top of the line piece of technology is now quickly becoming old news. Phones like the Droid are quickly surpassing the once superior Iphone. I hope apple wakes up and steps up their game when it comes to addressing these problems

I work in Brazil half of the year. I live in one city and drive to work in another. I also drive a lot while I'm working. This happens to me ALL DAY LONG!!!! It is driving nutty!!! I haqve always turned my phone off to reacquire the data network. The "Airplane Mode" will at least be a little faster. Are there any good sources for following the solution to this problem. My web searches don't see to pull up a lot except blogs. (No offence) I'd like to learn more about it...

Yep same prob here 3gs 32gb model with 3.1.2 not jailbroken or anything
wifi works fine but no cellular network

I am also a physician and I was using my iPhone as a "pager" using the "Paging" app. Operating rooms are often dead zones for phones, so that when I come out to see patients, unknown to me, there's no signal as it's "searching". This is a life and death issue for me, and I cannot trust this technology anymore. Too bad; such a great product otherwise.

I have a 3G Iphone and I do believe that when it looses signal because of a week tower etc that it has trouble reconnecting unless I reboot the phone. if i travel to a different city it frequently occurs, if I stay put where the signal is strong I do not encounter any problems. Rebboting phone always works.

Happens to me frequently. Several times a day always searching. Especially moving room to room outside in or inside to out. Drives me nuts!

I should have stipulated that I'm in Sydney, Australia. So at least I'm not the only one driven nuts by the constant "searching" on the phone. The frustrating thing is when you go to make a call and don't realise it's searching you are listening to "dead air".

me and my girlfriend both have the 3gs 8g iphone. when at my house my phone is always "searching for service" and hers will have full bars. ive tryed the reseting network settings and it didnt work.

You guys are genius'.. i dont mind flicking it to flight mode and back i can live with that as long as it works !!!! :-) thanks
top work

My 3g iPhone does the same crap it's always searching for service i've called AT&T and hit a new sim card and they exausted all their trouble shooting so I got hold of apple and all they said was to reset my network so I did and it worked for an hour and did it again so then they told me to restore it on iTunes and still does the same crap

Hey 2 days ago my phone cannot find any network and it's says searching... until my battery is dead. I tried turning on airplane mode on and when i do, the whole thing freeze. Even if I hold power button + Home button to reset my iphone I still face the same problem. Help ?

Three days ago my newish 32g IPhone 3GS Model- A1303 went into the Searching mode.
Day 1- AT&T rep confirms that major cell/tower work was taking place and that a large area was out, she gave me a case number and told me at 6pm that it was estimated that the work would be complete by midnight PST. (I'm in San Diego, CA)
Day 2- I wake up next day, notice same problem, AT&T rep says the case number I have if definitely not close to any they use, theirs start with a CM, mine didn't. I know what to expect from call centers so I had set up an advance call sheet record and was documenting everything. They start walking me through all the stuff above. Jet mode, network re-set. On phone for two hours, finally had to leave, so ended call w/o solution.
dAY THREE- tECH HAS ME UPDATE IPHONE TO NEWEST SOFTWARE VERSION. wHICH TOOK 3-1/2hours. Fianlly he says he has to leave, he was already 1/2 in overtime and center was last one open. to call in AM if phone didn't boot back up normal when software completed download. Well surprise surprise.... still SUCKS! Every once in a while the signal comes in and one or two texts will slip in with. Usually they are a couple hours old when I get them.
Day 4-NOW 8:20 AM Phone still not working right, need to replace the thing. I've been hearing rumors about many people on the west coast having similar problems, but no solutions yet!!?? Whats up my people????? Chris

Mine has gone off the edge. It "searches" about 20 hours a day now. Often when a text finally pops through, I don't even time to reply before losing the signal again. This 3G phone is about a year old, and worked GREAT until the end of July. It has been getting worse and worse since. NONE of the above tips work for more than a few minutes, most not at all. I used to be a big iPhone fan, but I'm jumping ship to Droid or to the new Microsoft version. I'm tired of paying $100 a month for service that I'm constantly searching for.
Apple, you suck. You have over a YEAR'S worth of complaints on this, and you have offered NOTHING as a fix. WTF?

Thanks for the tip with airplane mode. I can reproduce this bug all the time. If you drive through a poor coverage area it drops out and then can't reacquire the network. Unbelievably frustrating as it also happens when it switches cells. The flight mode on off works most of the time to fix it. Thanks for the tip. BTW I took the phone into the Apple genius bar and they told me there was nothing wrong with it and weren't aware of any bug. What a lot of rubbish!

My phones "searches" up to 10 times per day. It's driving me crazy. Just when I want to phone someone is starts searching!!! I like my phone but at a stage want my old Nokia back!

Just get in an elevator and the problem likely occurs. The correction is the airplane on/off but you shouldn't have to do that every time you go out of service.

This happens to me 20 times a day, My iphone only works about 2 hours a day, rest of the time it is searching for signal.. It is rather frustrating havingto restart your phone throughout the day. I am about ready to drop the iphone and switch to the htc or something. Airplane mode on/off doesn;t work.
This is rediculous..

I had to get an iphone replaced with a 3G refurbished phone. Mine was stolen over New Years, absolutely never had a problem with the original phone, the replacement gets a connection so infrequently I'm actually startled when it rings. I can't get email to update, messages to send, listen to VM or God forbid actually make or get a call!
WTF, I'M SO FRUSTRATED, great time for my new years resolution to quit smoking : )

I have a #GS and has been doing it on daily basis for the past 2-3 months. The only cure is to do a hard re-start.

Spoke to ATT mine has always been in searching for 2 days straight. ATT told me my 1 year warenty ended 4 days ago. Go Figure. Trading Sims card didn't work, Going to airplane mode didn't work, Reset network didn't work. ATT said you need to replace your phone nothing can be done. GRRR.

Have same problem searching for network... Vodafone UK.
OS Update message says the following so fingers crossed..
iOS 4.3.1 Software Update
This update contains improvements and other bug fixes, including:
• Resolves bugs related to activating and connecting to some mobile networks
Fingers crossed, I will report back the result of the update :)

After above update to iphone OS (4.3.1), it looks to be behaving so far. This is after using the phone for an hour or so after the update :) :)
Prior to this no other suggested fix worked for me:
- Hard reset
- Soft reset
- Reset Network settings
I never tried the Aeroplane mode option because that would only fix it after the fact which does not help at all.
Good luck with the update

my iphone 4 constenyley says searching for signal, where the iphone is left in the same place and has 3 bars signal. after it ses searching it comes back up with 3 bars signal. this is really annoying when wanting to send a text message ect. is there anything i can do? apple really do need to sort this out

i did everything reset my phone, new sim card, nothing works i have service for 5 min of the day but other than that it is searching it is very annoying!!!

My Iphone 3GS just started doing it last night but it only appears to do it from my home and no where else. Its really weird.

I've had this problem for about a week. If you shut the phone off and turn it back on it will immediately pick up a signal so you can make a quick call if necessary but eventually will be Searching.... I'll reset and post back

My IPhone 3G would do this right after ending a phone call. It would search for service for about 80 seconds before finding whatever it was searching for and rejoining the network. I endured this for several weeks, until I disabled 3G. Since I am using Simple Mobile, I'm stuck with 2G anyway. I"ve only been running this way for a few days, but the problem seems to have gone away.

how did u get ur iphone 3g to work with simple mobile...i disabled my 3g and its still says no service

I have an iPhone 3GS and it's been searching for service for two days and I reset it twice The service would come back then go away a little while later

i jailbroke my iphone 3gs so i could unlock it and use it on tmobile, the phone reconises its on tmobile on the settings screen, but its always searching for siganl? how can i fix it....?

Yes all the time. Veeeery frustrating!! Have reset time and time again. Been going on for weeks now. Seems to be getting worse. Turning airplane mode off and on does nothing!! This is a bug that is kicking apple's a**!

Have been stuck searching for signal for a couple of days now - thanks for the tip about holding down the power and home button until the apple logo appears - this worked perfectly once my Iphone 4 had rebooted and I had entered in my code to unlock - thanks very much!

IVE had my 4S for 2 weeks and it just started doing this searching thing today, meanwhile my 3GS ive had for 2 years never did this.

yes!!!!! I have an iPhone 4 and i upgraded it to the iOS 5 and it worked flawlessly for about a week and then this morning i went to a walk for fighting autism and had left my phone in the console of my car and when i came back the problem had begun! it will seem to be working fine and then nothing!

this is very frustrating problem. Our social/work lives depend on our smartphones these days. I have tried putting the SIM in another phone and the network is fine. Only when I replace the SIM in my iphone 3GS it picks up the signal for a little while and goes in searching mode and then says no service...WTF

hey guys sweet as just worked for me....Restored my iphone 4..and bam it worked...at first it searches for it but then it comes back up again...doesnt take forever

I did everything listed on here and it works for a few days then it starts again searching, then no service, grr! It's driving mr nuts! I need my phone when I'm out with my baby! I may need to go droid, even though I don't want to!

TURN YOUR 3G ON WHEN IT HAPPENS!!!! turn off 3g right when u get ur signal. it my case it takes about 3 seconds.

I have been having same problem and I have done everything, dfu mode, airplane on off, reset, restore everything! But now, instead of doing all these, I just found a shorter and faster way, once it goes into searching mode, I just power off my phone and then switch it on agaon and wala, I have it again!

I'm having this issue on my iPhone 4s right now. It will search for service, say no service, find signal then repeat the same cycle... This is annoying I've only had the phone for 3 days

I'm having the same problem you are having! I have the iPhone 4 did you find a solution to the problem? I can't even make a call with out it dropping on me!

I have the same problem but my iphone 4 finds network only after resetting all settings, nothing else helps, doesn't matter how many times I turn off and turn on device

Having this issue on my old iPhone 4 that I gave to my dad. This is the third time it happened and is now a more stubborn problem.

Yeah I just got the iPhone 4S two weeks ago and while I was on the phone my call dropped and it said it was searching for service ever since. What is going on?

I am facing the same problem as well, restored, erase settings, etc. But my phone is still stuck at No Service.
Brought it down to the telco to have some software refresh and even changed the SIM card but the problem still persist. So is it the satellite of my telco's problem, the phone's problem or the iOS problem by Apple?

I think i found out the solution. first unlock the phone then press settings then press general then press reset
then press reset network. start the phone back up and go back to reset and this time click Reset all settings. start your iphone back up wait about a min or two and it should be fine. YOUR WELCOME i was about to return my iphone if i couldnt fix it lol but its fixed.

you need to back the iPhone, the reinstall the iphone software from itunes. The cause is probably someone who is sending you images via text that has a virus attached or bit map is goofed up. I had this problem and it always and only happened with one person who sent me texts with images attached. I finally put two and two together. I now do not click on the image to view it from this sender. he has no idea what is causing this from his end. but that is the solution and cause

This solution worked, and I also figured out the CAUSE. I have a friend who whenever he text messages me an image, my phone goes into this loop, searching for signal, no service then it finds service then back to searching for signal, the battery drains very fast. I found that if I do not click on his images, that I am fine, but I have to delete all the messages in this person's thread of messages. Then perform the procedure indicated.

I just fixed my, "searchIng...", bars, "searching...", bars, problem. Hard resests did nothing and turning the phone off and waiting a few mins then turn back on did nothing. I just went on iTunes and baked it up, then restored it to its original factory settings. Took forever but now it works like new. Good luck.

Hey folks moth the iPhone 4 on AT&T and iOS 4 something, the problem was solved by turning 3G and cellular data ON (if only briefly). Apparently the phone meeds 3G or data when it is first connecting to the network. In my case I think it was because there were two new voicemails that the service was trying to notifying about, but I assume other things could cause it too, so my advice is to turn data on and off

Am getting so angry with my iphone 4 its driving me crazy ill be on the phone an next thing you no its shows up on my phone call failed look at my reception no service am from England, Nottingham and the network coverage is good here but it shudnt be doing that need to ring up apple soon and find out what the problem is. Does anyone no a better way.

My iphones been like this for 2 days ive ejected my sim a couple of times re booted my device several times and kept it turned of for over 3 hours but it still says searching, any ideas why ?

If this is a constant problem it is actually a problem with your iTunes account. That is why it follows you when you replace the phone or the sim card. The only fix is to reset the phone back to default, create a new iTunes account and setup the phone as new with the new account you just created and the problem will disappear. Unfortunately so will all your purchases.

ok listen up people,im having a same issue,at first i thought that it was because i used my iphone for t mobile and unlocked it thts y its acting up,but recently i switched to att but its giving me the same problem twice a day,its gona work fine but out of no where its gona start searching and then say no service,i tried everything i could,restart,shuting off and on the 3g,rebooting but at time nun of those worked,all u could do is wait around for signals to show up,try restarting ur iphone by power key and home button,after doing that like 5,6 times u will be able to get through it,i know what i wrote wont be very helpful but i wanted to let you guys know that this issue is really very complicated,i guess everybody is facing it a different way.and trying different things wont help everybody with there situation,so i guess it will help u understand that waiting is worth the any other solution.and if any body have a better solution then waiting please let me know.Thankyou