iPhone keeps new users happy, a continued threat to rest of smartphone industry - ChangeWave

iPhone continues to have huge customer satisfaction and low return numbers, poses threat to competitors if it moves beyond AT&T's network to Verizon and others


ChangeWave has released their latest survey results, this time asking 1,009 new smartphone buyers (including iPhone buyers) why they chose the phone they did, how satisfied they were with their new phone, and some general opinions positive and negative about their new phone.

The results in a sentence:

The results show the continuing threat the iPhone poses to the rest of the industry.

The results in a lot of stats:

iPhone had the highest satisfaction of any smartphone at 77%, with Motorola second at 64% and HTC 3rd at 51%. Samsung was last at 35%.

iPhone also had the lowest likelihood of return, with only 7%. Motorola was next with 12%, then HTC with 15%, and Palm was last with 36%.

When asked if non-AT&T users would still have bought their current (Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile) smartphone if the iPhone were on their carrier, 39% said they would, 32% said they would have gone with an iPhone instead, and 29% weren't sure.

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iPhone keeps new users happy, a continued threat to rest of smartphone industry - ChangeWave


Can someone email this to Steve Jobs so we can all tell AT&T to screw with their new data plans and go pick up our CDMA iPhones.

Guys, 2GB is effectively unlimited data. Over here, we have the worlds largest and fastest 3G network. Full coverage, 4mbps+ basically anywhere - 99.9% population coverage. I don't know a single person who goes over 1GB!

Frog most iPhone users use much more than 2g. You can kiss streaming audio and video goodbye

So why is it that when any other phone is analyzed under charts and surveys, its just charts and surveys.
But when the iPhone is analyzed the same way, its the definitive answer to its dominance.

I do a lot of stuff daily with my iPhone. Email, streaming radio, web stuff. I just checked my bill and for all that I used just over 139 mb of data. This is most likely because I use wifi as much as possible. Of course YMMV. I'm a current customer so I get to keep the $30"unlimited" plan, but I'm also thinking of going to the 2 gig plan and saving $5 a month. I could probably even get away with the $15 a month. Yeah, the no choice of a 5 gig plan sucks, but I suspect that the other carriers will follow suit. I don't think Sprint can sustain their unlimited everything forever.

I'm definitely keeping my unlimited data @ $30/month.. Tethering was never important to me.. however that's what jailbreaking is for ;-)

Oh, and as far as tethering? I never planned on using that anyway. When I need mobile data on my laptops I use a Virgin Broadband2Go USB modem. No contract, prepaid, very reasonable rate tiers. Runs on Sprint's EVDO Rev. A network. Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux (Ubuntu anyway, can't speak for other distros). Very pleased with it.

I have a 3gs. And it jailbroken. And I use lots of data lol and I also tether for free lol and I love it even use it to play xbox live
but the new data rates are ok I guess but I am keeping my unlimted plan for sure but verizon is capping there data plans too so it's nothing new but love my iPhone. Hopefully purchasing the new one after it comes out

"The results show the continuing threat the iPhone poses to the rest of the industry."
I really dont see the iPhone as beign much as a threat to the industry, esp since the growth of Android in the past months

"Lets all switch to Verizon if they get iPhone. I hate AT&T more and more, they know that they are going to lose A LOT OF BUSINESS when Verizon gets the iPhone.