Would the iPhone on Verizon rumors kindly make up their modem-flipping minds?

Rumors are saying the iPhone is coming to Verizon as soon as this summer. On LTE. Which follow rumors saying, due to AT&T's iPad deal, iPhone on Verizon was pushed back to 2011. Which followed rumors iPhone on Verizon would be the "one more thing" at the iPhone OS 4 event. Which followed--

Enough. Since 2007 all we've gotten is rumor after conflicted rumor that the iPhone is coming out on Verizon later in the year, no in 2012, no yesterday, no....

Forget it. There're almost certainly CDMA and LTE iPhones deep beneath Cupertino in the Apple labs, just as there were Intel Macs for years before they were released. Apple can release a CDMA or LTE iPhone whenever they feel like it. Verizon can put a CDMA or LTE iPhone on their network whenever they feel like. That is, whenever they're contractually allowed to and come to a financial arrangement (which could be tomorrow, or never, getting the idea yet?)

We'll believe it when Steve holds it up on stage. Or someone leaves one in a bar. Whatever.


Rene Ritchie

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JennDillman (happycamping) says:

Thank you Rene for the post. I couldn't agree more. The people I work with swear by their Storm phones on Verizon but then the moment there is a glimmer of hope for the iPhone on verizon via rumor they are asking and talking to me about it.
I am tired of the verizon rumors. Here is my thought: if you want an iPhone that bad then switch to the provider that carries it! Let's use our iPhone rumors for something worth while like an HD camera or iChat!

Frank says:

Finally a smart post, Verizon will get it eventually and when they do I will not switch. I hate Verizon their iPhone will do less and at&t service works great for me. I used to have vzw and I had nothing but issues with their customer service and all my phones constantly broke. Plus my bill was always wrong I just want them to get the iPhone already so these cry babies that a scared if they switch providers that they won't be able to make a phone call can shut up. At&t wouldn't have 75 million customers if u couldn't make a phone call, I'm not comparing I'm just saying their not as bad as these Verizon fanboy cry babies make it seem.

BBYM#IM says:

I can't see apple with Verizon until ATT and Verizon switchs to LTE... And ATT is planing to release LTE in 2012. Sprint with wimax is SOL!

CupertinoSweat says:

if apple puts the iphone on verizon i already knows tons of people who will buy it. people love the iphone but some just wont switch to at&t. i personally have loved at&t ever since i ditched sprint in november 08 but apparently im one of the few who love their service.

Edie says:

And LTE? this year.. uhm, no? They can start testing but it for sure won't ever happen until probably 2012, when at least 60% of the United States is covered. That's just the way Apple rolls. No wireless carrier is perfect. Verizon can drop calls too. Their coverage may fail too. their speeds are much slower, though! etc,. And Apple loves at&t wayyyy too much to give them up. Wether it's financial or customer satisfaction, Apple won't give them up. You can just tell by researching it and watching the keynotes. Verizon can be a good solution, but it can be a waste of time for Apple. The technology is old, the speeds are slow, they said "NO!" to Apple, it'll cost them too much to make a CDMA, it doesn't support many features that at&t service features on its networks, and Apple and its mobile device is pretty much,.. Global! they like to swap SIM cards when entering another country. I wouldn't really care for an iPhone on Verizon, cause it'll cause more strain on Verizon's network and people on Verizon will then complain, and at&t will "possibly" prove itself again. Who knows. I'm just saying, i'm positive that a CDMA iPhone won't make it until another year or so. So analysts and Verizon should do more of their research then getting people excited with their false information.

Piper says:

I've been with AT&T for close to 15 years. I'm a long haul truck driver and I talk to lots of other drivers & more have AT&T Than all other carriers combined because of the reliable coverage in the most places. My iPhone is a great tool. No matter which other carrier(s) get the iPhone I'll stay put.

Hakala says:

@Rene--Is it possible to look into fixing the cut-off post-titles in the iPhone/mobile version of the site. I think it was just updated to WPtouch1.9.11. Also the update removed the text-enlarge option.

LonerATO says:

@BBYM: Actually Sprint has talked about switching to LTE and they actually have the spectrum to run it as LTE-TDD instead of LTE-FDD. Beceem has also developed a chip that can handle trade offs between WiMAX and LTE. I actually think Sprint will slowly switch all of their WiMax gear to TD-LTE and thus you will have all the cell carriers running the same data networks.

Edie says:

Sprint is just better off with the next iPhone, (if possible by Apple.)

KP says:

Ugh. "iPhone on Verizon" is the new "Beatles on iTunes." My Give-A-Crap-O-Meter has broken from overuse. What will be will be. My hunch is that Apple doesn't need Verizon's subscribers right this minute, they can wait until LTE. Making a CDMA model would be a waste of resources. Not to mention the iPhone could be a good boost to hurry VZW into rolling out LTE, which is good for consumers in general.

chuck732 says:

Hate Verizon and will never and I mean never go to them! They can rot in hell. I have no problem with At&t and at the end of this year I will renew my contact with them and get the new iPhone.

OmariJames says:

No verizon iPhone until 2012.

Andrew says:

The iPhone CDMA LTE is coming. I can feel it.

Macboy74 says:

Thank you very much. When we see it willl be. I'm not leaving AT&T regardless. There coverage is too sweet where I live. Verizon- been there done that too much bs and there network is not so reliable where live.

Drbling says:

Wait a minute, I think my time machine is working. Yes it works!!!!!! Because I'm seeing the same news that isaw 2 years ago. Lmaol

oklanole says:

Agreed, I was going to post the same thing.

Adam says:

Are you guys fat are somehing? Calm down!

BrianTufo says:

I would have to say IF it ever goes to Verizon I'll also stick to AT&T. Yes I have had some issues with AT&T and where I live the coverage is spotty but it is on all the carriers. I'm in the military and drove across the country this last summer enroute to my new duty station and I never had an issue with dropped calls or bad service. If the phone does go to Verizon even more reason to stay on AT&T. With those people gone to Verizon it will make AT&T have less people hogging up their signal/bandwidth! I'd rather now touch an iPhone with the fugly Verizon branding and have to deal with their ROTTEN customer service.
I was with them about a year and a half ago and I had a Storm. My wife also had a Storm and the screen would not click. Verizon Tech Support told me to reset the phone to factory settings to fix the screen. I advised them that resetting the software wont fix a hardware issue and they told me thats not true. I hung up on them got a new phone for free though a store and once my contract ended I ran away from them as fast as humanly possible. I'll stick with AT&T anyday over Verizon.

Fixtnk says:

Hey If verizon gets it. The luxury of making calls and checking your mail or surfing the webb is gone with the wind, no thanks Steve, I'll stick to att.

mgmiller68 says:

Rene, you are so right! :-) I too am sick and tired of reading all these reports about whether or not Verizon will be getting the iPhone. It just gets tiresome. And I have plenty of other things in life that I'd like to pay attention to without being distracted by all of these rumors. There's only so much time in a day!
Regarding Verizon possibly becoming a carrier for the iPhone, Brian made a good point: It would be beneficial to those of us using our iPhones on AT&T in that every iPhone user wouldn't be using AT&T, and so more bandwidth would be available because Verizon (or even Sprint or T-Mobile -- the more the merrier) would be footing some of the traffic load. As a result, perhsps our iPhones on AT&T would run more efficiently, more smoothly and maybe even faster.
I personally have never used Verizon. Way back when I got my first cell phone thru Sprint (it was a Motorola flip phone and I think I paid $230 for it at the time), Sprint's connectivity was terrible, and one thing I hated while on Sprint was that I could never get a signal when I was in a shopping mall. I always heard good things about Verizon, especially their call quality in the area where I live, but never having used Verizon as a cell phone carrier myself, I really can't say how good or bad they are.
The one thing that bugs me about Verizon's network (and this is a deal breaker for me) is that you can't talk on the phone and say surf the internet at the same time (not to mention anything else involving data). And that's one feature I love with my iPhone on AT&T's network, a feature that I would sorely miss. Yes, my friends on Verizon with their Blackberries tell me that feature will be available on Verizon's network probably by the end of 2010, but who knows for sure if that will even happen? Too much speculation and not enough cold, hard facts in this business, I say!
For the most part, I have been overall pleased with using my iPhone 3G on AT&T's network, save for the on and off dropped calls I ecperience mistly when I'm at home, and the very spotty performance at my parents' house 30 minutes away from where I live, where I frequently get stuck with having to deal with Edge's (not 3G's) ultra slow performance. But that's tolerable for me, and since I spend most of my time in my home, my solution is simple: Buy a micro cell from AT&T for $150 to use at home and it'll be like having my own cell phone tower in my home, with solid, dependable connectivity. I heard the other day that these micro cells from AT&T will be available nationwide come the middle of this month (or is that just a rumor also?).
So Rene, I hope the other blogs will be reading this fine article you wrote and stop publishing all these rumors about Verizon possibly getting the iPhone. Enough already!
Thanks again for the great article, Rene! :-)

BBYM#IM says:

By the way Verizon lte should be coming out this October...

2cents says:

@Brian, you can not credit AT&T with great tech support cause any problems with the iPhone are handled by apple. I think if the iPhone went to another carrier any tech issues would still be handled by apple, who by the way has above average costumer service.

chippy19977 says:

I will stay with AT&T no matter what happens so it doesn't really matter to me. I have a Blackberry through Verizon for work and the phone AND the service can't even come close to the iPhone and AT&T's service (at least where I live and travel).

Cristina says:

FINALLY! I am so sick of rumor after rumor. Rumors are only so much fun. This one has just gotten annoying. I'm with you. I'm not getting my hopes up of an iPhone on Verizon till Steve Jobs says its so.

dloveprod says:

Verizon doesn't deserve the iPhone, as abusive as the have been, what kind message does that portray of apple, the battered one? Oh h3ll no...
"You need to get if he don't wanna
Love you the right way, he ain't gonna
It ain't where he's at, it's where he
Where he wanna be, yeah"

Beefalo says:

Why all the hate? I HOPE verizon gets it, and the people that aren't very smart switch from AT&T, thus freeing up just a little more bandwidth for me.
Plus, I do have friends who would love to switch, but just can't get an AT&T signal where they are. So, while they wouldn't be able to talk and surf at the same time, they never had been before so won't be missing out there and will be gaining a cool phone.

kev says:

There will never be an iPhone on VZW, and here's why. Apple raped ATT in their exclusivity deal. No other carrier pays a maker the prices ATT pays Apple. VZW will not accept those same terms and I believe the deal hasn't been extended because ATT won't accept them again.

tom says:

I think that apple should just start there own cellular provider service.

Ron says:

I don't see Verizon getting the iPhone. Why would apple cripple their pride and joy on a network that can't handle voice and data at the same time? Oh, and for the record I have no issues with AT&T service. I rarely have a dropped call, and coverage is great! Guess I'm one of the lucky ones  but no one nerwork is perfect everywhere.

Macboy74 says:

Why must this verizon rumor come up every time the new iPhone is around the corner. We all know dam well it's not going to verizon till LTE comes out and that will not be to late next year. Why would anybody want it on verizon anyway? You all know it's going to be a crippled phone. And if it does come on verizon pre- LTE there network will choke just like AT&T's did. 

Rod says:

That's because the second something goes wrong with your iPod or Macbook all you have to do is literally take it into the store and they just give you another one. I swear I've gotten like 10 iPods and about 2 or 3 new Macbooks from Apple customer service, hahaha

Malaytim says:

Kev, you are out of your mind.
AT&T is gladly paying Apple, and crying all the way to the bank. The iPhone/iPad deal for AT&T literally saved the company.
There will be alternatives for the US market as soon as the other carriers can commit the bandwidth - plain and simple.
As of now, no one is willing to make the commitments that AT&T has made.

wader says:

@Ron: not sure from where you got your information, but I was speaking on the phone the other day while checking the app store, then searching for some map information based on my GPS location, looking in my GMail and a chat client was hooked into three networks in the background. On my new HTC Incredible, using the Verizon network. That's becoming typical for me.

Colton says:

As far as memory serves me, Apple initially contacted Verizon Wireless to contract them with the iphone. Now the catch was that obviously apple would be the only ones to troubleshoot the iphones. Verizon did not want to give up that right to fix issues with a phone they sell and support. So that's why the iphone is now with at&t. Now it was a dumb business decision, and at this time it would be dumb of verizon to not get the iphone, but the only thing that there really needs to be an agreement with apple and verizon is being able to troubleshoot the phone. As it is right now, if you have something happen to your iphone and there isn't an apple store in your area, you have to ship the phone to apple, they fix it, and then ship it back. So what do you do for a phone during that time? Also for those who talk and surf the internet at the same time, why would you want to do that? I mean in how many instances do you need to do that? In some cases it just seems rude to the person you're talking to unless you need to look something up for someone.

Derek says:

From a moral standpoint I say leave the iphone strictly on att. Verizon to me, seems like the most greedy cell carrier of them all. The way they nickel and dime us is ridiculous! They by far have the most expensive service, most expensive accessories, and most expensive features on their phones. Funny enough, they also have the most customers. I guess I'm just looking out for the smaller guys because I know how people give into hype and apple products.
I always wondered how badly att would have been crippled if verizon were to have gotten the iphone from the get-go? Just within my circle of friends I know AT LEAST 20 people that have switched carriers to get the iphone. A majority of those people were previously on verizon as well.

drewdogg says:

It WILL come next year weather we like it or not. Everyone relax take a chill pill when it comes it will come till then I am enjoying the hell out og new Droid incredible :)

Tyler says:

Apple sucks balls. Everyone knows it. Verizon is tons better than At&t. The only thing At&t has is the Iphone. If Verizon gets the iphone that would be great. but in the long run the google phones are going to rap the iphone.

eric says:

i love the idea of an iphone for verizon i have a mac book pro and the only phone that works with my computer is the iphone so i really want verizon to get it

scottae316 says:

Maybe when LTE is up and running fully is their even a snowballs chance in hxxx that Verizon will get an iPhone, but I would be surprised. Verizon passed the first time around and since both companies are known for the size of their egos, it will take Verizon making a huge payoff to get the iPhone. Look, may said the iPad was going to be available on Verizon. AT&T gave Apple the best deal for the 3G and AT&T added a longer period to the exclusivity for the iPhone. Why would Apple want to give up the sweet position it is in with AT&T? Not only did they get a sweet deal for the wireless on the iPad, AT&T is really beefing up their network and is going to be rolling out 3G with HASP + to many markets this year. So speeds that will beat Verizon's LTE (and Sprint's WiMAX) without having to rush 4G. And, keep on believing Verizon for a iPhone, and don't forget to write that letter to Santa, and the Easter Bunny. Also reserve you place in the pumpkin patch for the coming of "The Great Pumpkin", he will be bring the iPhone to a Verizon store near you.

Robert says:

Verizon and AT&T prices are comparable. So don't say Verizon is the most expensive without putting AT&T in the mix. I used to be an AT&T customer, but dropped calls and shi88y customer service made me switch to Verizon. Very happy with Big Red!

Lanelle Haseltine says:

People seem to have forgotten, there is a big difference between a beat maker and a PRODUCER!!