iPhone Wins D&AD "Black Pencil" Design Award

iPhone Award

The D&AD Black Pencil, an award so prestigious they would rather not give it away at all than give it to just any flashy objet-de-ans, is now joining what must be a mantle-straining load down at Apple Design VP Jonathan Ive's house.

Steve Jobs, Ive, and their iPhone, which has already been cleaning up on the award circuit, secured the creative industry's top prize, with a second award being given to the latest aluminum iMac as well.

This makes 6 total Black Pencils (and "innumerable", if lesser, Yellow Pencils) for Apple and Ive, the most for any company since the D&AD began handing out the trophy instruments back in 1963.

Makes sense. Apple not only cares deeply about design, but understands how form is inextricably linked to function.


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iPhone Wins D&AD "Black Pencil" Design Award