iPhone Wins Touchscreen Performance Tests Against Moto Droid, Nexus One and Others


The very first time I used the capacitive touchscreen of an iPhone it was clear that there was no other mobile device on the market that could match it's performance. Now, a few years later, that still holds true for most of us and if you'd like proof labs.moto.com has performed a touchscreen stress test.


blockquote>The iPhone’s touch sensor showed the most linear tracking with the least amount of stair-stepping. The Droid Eris and Nexus One tied for second with only faint wiggling – but actually performed best at the edge of the screen. Last in the line-up was the Motorola Droid, which demonstrated significant wavy artifacts or “stair-stepping.”

Something to keep in mind, the MOTO Development Group used more sophisticated tools to test touchscreen accuracy but the above video simply demonstrates a technique any of you can use to evaluate the accuracy of your own device.

At the end of the day it all comes down to touchscreen hardware and the integration of that hardware with software and user interaction development. Was there really any doubt of which device would come out on top?

Video after the break...

[labs.moto.com via Techcrunch]


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Jeremy says:

Yes, we know the video will not work on your iPhone. At the time of this post a YouTube link does not exist. Just wanted to get that out of the way. :)

ninjamattic says:

Since every other phone following the iPhone has been trying to recreate its technology, it's no surprise that none of them have yet managed to make an equal or better imitation. Apple knew what they were doing.

what says:

I am not surprised the iPhone won against the Droid Eris, but I think the test of touchscreen gives the Droid a slight disadvantage because the screen has a much higher resolution (848x400) ie. the iPhone cannot display the "stairstepping".

The Dave says:

The feel of the iPhone is so good that even tho the nexus one etc all have nice features that I want the lack of multitouch and the lackluster or non existant flick, swipe and pinch put me way off. Multi touch is an absolute must on any phone with a touch screen in this age as are good tactile response.

superME says:

I love the the fanboys that join/follow/search for info on their competition just to harass the consumers that are simply fans of the competion.
ex: the Anti-Fan Boy. probably a droid lover that can't find positive discussion or articles about awards & accolades related to his device of choice to reasure his love of his device, so he came over here to pester us. shrug makes sense I guess.

superME says:

other companies don't invest time into there products like apple does. the iPhone came out and everybody was scrambling trying to make something comparable; not gonna happen.
but it's been 2.5 years since the iPhone came out. other cellphone companies are getting there. comparable hardware/software is coming out now.

iDavey says:

Yup...I agree. It's all about sw/hw integration...and even a Android user as myself knows that that is where Apple succeeds and will reign for quite sometime.
But also realize...that even though Android and HTC does not have that love connection like the iPhone...it's narrowly behind the iPhone to the point where an average consumer wouldn't even notice.
So props need to be given to both Apple and HTC/Google. Apple for making a top notch combo (I mean...you wouldn't expect less) and HTC/Google for making a combo that comes right behind it even though they are two separate entities.

desjones4ever says:

Exactly. iPhone has been virtually unchanged in 3 years. Are other phones catching up? Yes. But the key word is catch up. I can't wait to hear the comments when 4.0 is out. The iPhone has finally caught up software and hardware wise to each other. Subtle touches are still needed yes. But I believe the new iPhone is gonna kill the game again. I think we will have an upgraded end of the month. Then a large one come March. Atleast I hope so. I will put my money on another iPhone.

Sergio says:

Apple iPhone still and always the best .

Liberty For ALL! says:

MOTO had this big software initiative years ago that they would be world leaders in SW, but to this day, they still aren't even close. Apple seems to be the premiere software shop...

pete says:

where do they test the nexus one??? title is inaccurate...

Freiteez says:

By the time these companies touchscreens act as good as the iPhone, apple will have a new device that the companies won't be able to compete with. Apple is always ahead of their game.

Dragonfly says:

@ What, What?!..... Please don't make excuses for the Droid.

apple king says:

you cant really says its the best because it wasnt tested against a pre.

Jerry says:

Where was the NEXUS ONE??
Why are Iphone bloggers lying in their posts??
I did not see the Nexus one in that test...

Orion2021 says:

The thing Is apple put out a device it has taken the competition 3 years almost to catch up on. The 3g and 3GS were refinements but nothing spectacular that coukdnt have been done from the outset as so many people have stated with the video, copy paste etc.
This was strategic because it has allowed apple 3 years to devote major energy into new technologies for another leap forward without having to put much work into the iPhone in the interem (to some people's major frustration:). Get ready for another game changer.

kbduvall says:

Yup, I agree with @Orion2021. I'm sure Apple has been working hard in the background on the next game changer.
I'm really excited about the next one.

frog says:

The Android handsets simply feel unresponsive compared to the iPhone. As an iPhone user, that would drive me mad!

The anti-fanboy says:

Actually, I use an iPhone.

Jerry says:

Again .. where is this NEXUS ONE that you fanboys speak of .. it's nowhere in this test..

jbrandonf says:

You guys are getting your hopes up with this "game changer" talk. Apple, to put forward another game changer would need to get into another industry, because the mobile-space right is in full swing. What's left? Honestly?
Apple was so far ahead of the game in '07 (despite iPhone OS 1.0 deficiencies back then) that they've been able to coast since then (well, I would argue that the App Store is the biggest innovation they brought, but even then..they owe the jailbreak community for that idea). The truth is Apple NEEDS to bring something non-gimmicky this year or they risk being left caught with their pants down.
Oh and overhaul the UI..it's tired and one of the reasons why I left the platform.

Mike S. says:

Apple, it's time for multitasking on the iPhone OS already.
Yes, it has the potential to run my battery down. Please let me choose to do that if I want. I hate having to close out of an app, some times several pages deep in to one, just to refer back to a phone number or email for a split second.
I keep several simple apps open on my other device, a VZW Storm 2, and the battery holds up just fine.

Orion2021 says:

@Brandon, ok, game changer might be to strong of.a word:), but I guarantee Apple has not simply been "coasting."
From a business standpoint, Apple knows the competition is going to catch up, but while the competition is spending 3 years putting their R@D dollars into coming up with an equivalant, that leaves time for Apple to dump funds into R&D for new technologies which can keep them ahead.
The UI is a main reason The Iphone has been so successful. I hope they don't change it too much. I think the slab form factor and reliance in majority touch will be the direction apple will go in.

 says:


Dennis says:

I'm guessing that a part of the reason the UI is less fluid on the Nexus One is that voice recognition is an inherent part of the UI, while that is not the case on the iPhone OS. Using the voice interface for the Google app on the iPhone demonstrates some noticeable processor lag on startup.
As a company, Apple has had very little interest in (1) cloud services and integration; (2) handwriting recognition; and (3) voice recognition. Apple has had a lot of experience and interest in the user interface, the optimization of the OS, and digital distribution using a client application (i.e., not the browser). Seeing as Apple is currently focusing on adding cloud services and integration, I doubt we'll be seeing voice navigation on the iPhone anytime soon.
Also, they'll be making a big leap in scaling the iPhone OS up to a 10" multitouch screen (if rumors are true). That jump complicates their UI and their digital distribution (of apps) at the same time. Multitouch on the 3" to 4" screen is really two-finger touch. Multitouch on 10" screen is going to be very interesting to see implemented, especially by Apple. (Multitouch on larger screened monitors in desktop systems has been around for a little while, but the whole thing is a ridiculous set up, so however it's implemented now really has nowhere to go.)

Don says:

As much as I like my Iphone UI, Verizon smokes AT&T. It's a phone for God sakes and I was sick of dropped calls. What good is a "cell phone" if I don't have great coverage? The real only thing I miss is my Itunes. Winner is Droid.

commentor says:

"Nexus One" in the title is very misleading...

Hassan says:

There was no Nexus One.
He clearly states that it is the Verizon (HTC) Droid Eris and Verizon (Motorola) Droid.
Please, fix this error.

Hassan says:

I stand corrected. There is a link to the full test in which the Nexus One is tested.

Wahkiz says:

Those guys that are harpiing on the nexus one, u can clearly see one on the most right in the picture.
Now stfu and learn to open ur eyes bigger

googs says:

This is the worst test ever..talkin about irrelivant stuff can we talk about gooigle voice, google googlesm google listen, google maps, google lattitude the processor that is almost twice as fast as the iphone, twice the RAM on the nexus. pls do ur researches first

G Force says:

I have an iPhone 3Gs, but love Google (the Company, it's unique apps, it's revolutionary innovations, better coverage with Verizon vs AT&T, etc).
I visited a Verizon store last week to test (usability, switching from app to app, dialing, scrolling, etc) the Droid phones and screens side by side with the iphone.
In a strange way, I WANTED the Google Droids to sell me on themselves. Unfortunately (or "fortunately", for my checkbook), the Google Droids' touchscreen functionality does not compare well at all with the iPhone, most noticeably when scrolling... very jerky and distracting, sometimes freezing slightly, vs the silky smooth scrolling of the iPhone.
Google obviously has some other advantages in it's favor, and I am sure they will be making rapid advancements but on these tests the iPhone is the clear winner.

moto says:

tres interessant un super post merci !

placebo137 says:

The moto droid screen makes the apple iphone screen resolution look like a gameboy from the early 90's. it's not even close. I use my wife's iphone and the moto droid i have and there's no noticible difference between the touch screens (although am i not a trained touchscreen user?). plus the moto droid has the 4 navigation buttons which affords you not using the touchscreen as much for simple functions. i'm sorry, i use both, its just a much better phone with a better screen and most importantly gets better service.

Deathcommand says:

The iPhone has years of experience.
Apple Made the first generations and i just tested it.
It looks Very slightly better than the Droid Eris but not to 3GS yet.
But its very close
Just to clarify
I am not an iPhone Fanboy
so dont troll
I am a Crackberry Addict