iPod Touch (2nd Gen) DOES Have Bluetooth, Gets iPhone 3.0 for $10

So much iPhone news came today that it's tough to keep track of it all. One thing we wanted to make sure didn't get lost in the shuffle was the iPod Touch news that came out today. Specifically, the iPhone 3.0 software will come to the iPod Touch for a $10 upgrade fee and will include an "unlock" to give the iPod Touch the Bluetooth functionality that's being added in iPhone 3.0.

Wait, what? Yes, the iPod Touch (at least the 2nd gen version) does indeed have a Bluetooth chip in it. We don't know exactly where or how the thing is hidden away inside, but Apple came clean today and said they could 'unlock' it. Longtime readers may remember that back in September this very issue raised its head and the verdict was that, well, we didn't think it was there. The deal is that modern devices like Smartphone and the iPod Touch often cram multiple radios and other functionality into a single chip. Back in September it looked as though the chip on the iPod Touch could support Bluetooth but that, well, it was more likely that it was there for Nike+'s "proprietary 802.11 protocol." So rumor smashed -- incorrectly.

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iPod Touch (2nd Gen) DOES Have Bluetooth, Gets iPhone 3.0 for $10


I wish the bluetooth stuff would work in 1st Gen iPod Touch. Oh well. I don't think it has that feature.

What about the people who have purchased the Ipod Touch 1st generation users....We believed in Apple to take a chance on the 1st generation...If they would have let me know I would have just only bought the 2nd Gen.
Do we know for sure that 1st gen adopter won't be let out to dry and have to purchase the 2nd Gen version?

Men. Not allowing mms for 1st ten iPhones reeks of ATT (data on EDGE) and Apple (wanting us to buy new phones).

hey guy , i have 3.0 on my ipod touch 2nd gen and it GOOD, but i got my mates ipod touch which also runs on 3.0 and my bluetooth doesnt pick up his bluetooth and his bluetooth doesnt pick up my bluetooth, we cant use bluetooth!, its there but not there kinda thing, i think its like that cuz its a beta, but im not sure
dont ask me how i got it (all i can say is "google it")

Yeah I got 3.0 too. Its good. But Youtube doesn't work. And the bluetooth doesn't pick up anything but phones can pick it up. But u can't connect to it.

yeah I can't seem to get my jabra BT150 to connect to the ipod, works with my phone and my computer, but not the ipod.

I was able to get it connected to my Jabra BT3030 but not to my BB Storm. They can see each other and prompt for the PIN but won't connect.

Plantronics Voyager 855 works well for stereo but mic is not detected by Skype or Voice Memo app that ships with 3.0. Didn't need PIN to connect.

I now have the Ipod touch upgraded with the 3.0 O.S. The bluetooth on the ipod touch and on my blackberry curve 8900 both find each other and connect. However, for some strange reason, they do not STAY connected. I connect and then I get disconnected. Maybe they only allow certain devices to connect to the touch via bluetooth? I'm frustrated because the only reason I bought this upgrade was to be able to connect my blackberry to my touch via bluetooth. I cannot and will not switch my phone service to AT&T just to use the iPhone.

If you have a 1st gen ipod touch, there is a nice bluetooth adapter you can get on Amazon for about $30 by Sony (was using one on my 2nd gen til this update).
As far as bluetooth disconnecting, if it works at all like this adapter does, if I'm not playing music on my headphones i'll often lose the connection within a few minutes of not using the ipod. Most likely the ipod goes into a full-on standby mode if no music is playing after a certain period of time to save battery.

Guys/Gals.. in the itunes install it says in the top right this update is for ipod touch and ipod touch 2nd gen... pluging in both my pods (sepratly) they both say the bluetooth will be on there.. so what the hell is apple doing.. one day they will make up there minds..

I bought Bluetooth headphones today, but it askes me for some pin, but the instructions say that it would connect automatically! Please Help!

in response to james, get over it..
1 apple does not care about any one individual,,
and 2nd every apple ipod is designed to become obselete,, they make money that way.. neer buy the first of anything

i have the 2nd generation ipod touch and i tried connecting it to my macbook but yeah, the ipod doesn't pick up my macbook! whats up with that?

Just tried it with my phone. It connects as in I can get the PINS and all that is fine but they won't properly connect. I thought it was just me but this must be a bug!

Hey guys, where do you find the Bluetooth? I have a 3.0 1st gen touch but I can't find the bluetooth. Please help!

for you out there that need pin to connect bt to ipod, most pin # is 0000, some have it where you can change it. so if you bought a bt headset and dont know pin try 0000. geek_squad

i got an ipod touch 2 days before the 3.0 update came out and everything works perfectly... only thing is the blue tooth hasnt and wont pick up anything at all!
wth is with that?

Blue tooth does not pick up, it broadcasts, kind of. I updated my 2G touch last week and can now broadcast wireless to my alpine head unit in my car. Mates perfect and I have no problems. Can put the ipod in my glove compartment and works fine. If I get a call my phone will over ride it, as I've got hands free with my stereo, when I hange up my phone, which runs bluetooth, my unit will kick back over the the ipod and start playing. Works slick. I'm also near 50 years old and can figure this stuff out.

Thanks geek_squad for the pin number!!! worked like a champ. now my chatterbox connects to my i-pod

The bluetooth update is shite, I liked it better when I didn't know it was there.. Now I'm wasting 2 much tome trying to work out which headphones will work and which ones won't, what devices connect and what don't.. I just think it's shite and they should release more information on it. Or update the firmware again to atleast transfer photos from a mobile device

I got my iPod touch to pair with my JayBird headphones. The headphones were connecting with my iPhone automatically and I couldn't get the Touch to connect until I turned the JayBird connection off from the iPhone.

Dumbasses the Bluetooth is for the apps and games. To play locally; not to send music and shit and connect with phones. Even then, yu don't need to manually look for the other iPod, it'll look for it within whatever app yur using. And to all yu grammar Nazis, I am aware I have typos; I just don't care; get over it bitches

If U want 2 transfer photos there is non-jailbreak app available on iTunes app store for free. Called Bluetooth photoshare.