iProd 1,1 Once Again Seen in iPhone Firmware


Ars Technica has once again found references to an iProd 1,1 in Apple firmware, this time iPhone 3.1 Beta 3. iProd was last seen back in May in the iPhone 3.0 betas under the prototype designation iProd 0,1.

For those unfamiliar with Apple versioning, 0,1 is thought to be used for pre-release prototype hardware. 1,1 was used for both the first iPhone (original 2G) and iPod touch. iPhone 3G was 1,2 (minor revision) while the second gen iPod touch was 2,1 (major revision). iPhone 3GS is 2,1 as well, and it's widely expected that Apple will introduce an iPod touch 3,1 in September.

Says Ars about the new, as yet unnamed iProd(uct):

While it's easy to speculate that this may be the rumored Apple tablet we keep hearing so much about lately, we have yet to find any evidence that iPhone OS 3.1 is capable of running on a device with a tablet-sized screen. It's just as possible it may refer to the camera-equipped iPod nano, though we doubt such a device would run iPhone OS. Hell, it might even be an iPhone nano.

To the list of iTablet and iPhone nano, we add iNetbook. Let the speculation increase!

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iProd 1,1 Once Again Seen in iPhone Firmware


iPhone OS is great! But I'm not sure it's ideal for a 10" screen, maybe if it has multi-tasking, dunno. It would need to be able to run iTunes, and similar - or it's just an oversized iPhone, which isn't something I see many people demanding - the iPhones most important asset, is that it's in your pocket and with you 24/7

Anybody think the iPod gets a new OS.?? Maybe like the ones we see on iPhone and iPod touch

I kinda agree with daje. It's about time for a new OS for iPod. And maybe they'll add a new line of iPods to the collection, though I can't think what... I can picture a super thin OLED itouch or nano. And I thinks they'll all get camerad

maybe the iphone nano we keep hearing about is the new ipod touch nano with a new OS for the ipod family. that should explain the iprod 0,1 thing right??? they said they didnt want tablets so hear you go new ipod line and the ipods are fading they said and ipod touch and iphone sales are going up. ehy not discontinue the ipod line for the new touch ipod lines.. makes sense to me..but thats my opinion

Tipb, is it possible to integrate spellingauto-correct? My iPhone does it automatically but some of the other users here are just unreadable!

Not to mention and occasional period, coherent sentences, and perhaps a paragraph break now and then would be nice.
Maybe even throw in a capital letter or two.