iRingPro "Luxury" Ringtones for the iPhone

Confession: I have yet to find any impetus to change from the default iPhone ringtone, no special need to switch to "I like big butts" or any other sitcom-worthy wrong-tone, wrong-time humiliator. I rock Marimba.

But for those of you who want something different, something with that "premium" sound to match your -- tastefully -- gold plated MacBook Air and exotic monkey-picked tea, iRingPro has got your back, with more civilized intervals and stately sound.

If ringtones are your thang, check them out.

(Thanks to Joel Hladecek for sending this in!)

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Reader comments

iRingPro "Luxury" Ringtones for the iPhone


Additionally, most of them seem to use sounds like the railway station tunes from Japan, which are often available for free online. Are we honestly supposed to believe that a guy from Pixar couldn't figure out how to make his own ringtones?

Maybe I'm older than the bitter kids, but actually, I think those are pretty awesome. I have been looking for something like this for a long long time. i just bought them. and love it.

I too like the few samples they offer. Wish they were half the price.
Christomapher... Maybe if Obama wins you'll get those ringtones.

I make mine with being a UK PC user as I got fed up with waiting for ringtones in the UK iTunes store. It's free and there are plenty of good, free ringtones already on their site.

Hi, I'm Joel, I'm the founder of iRingPro. I wanted to thank Rene for the generous posting on TheiPhoneBlog, and also to answer some of the questions posed here if I can.
I see a number of comments concerning our pricing. And I sincerely understand how anyone who may be used to downloading or creating free ringtones must feel. I can tell you that we did a terrific amount of research in support of our product design, target clientele and pricing, and so far, the market is thankfully bearing it out very well. In fact if you break down iRingPro's cost to quantity of ringtones, you'll see that individually iRingPro Luxury Ringers are half what iTunes charges, and even less than that of subscription programs. The difference of course is that we have broken away from convention by offering our ringers only as a complete collection, as opposed to a la carte. We find that our target clients are unconcerned by our price point, and ultimately appreciate the ability to customize many other sounds on their iPhones and Macs, and for the MP3 purchasers, their PCs, in addition to ringers. Further, there has never been a collection of ringers on the market that has addressed all the subtle issues that iRingPro has, and our users consistently find having a wide selection of choices over a period of time is essential to understanding how this new kind of ringer is best used.
I should add that we are tremendous advocates of the many do-it-yourself ringtone creation tools. There are many excellent ones on the market. But we have found that a vast majority of our clientele, in fact, put a high value on their time, even if they do possess strong creative capabilities.
To wit, I would like to assure Jeanine that you're right, Patrick Lin, the obviously talented Director of Photography of PIXAR's The Incredibles (among other awesome PIXAR movies), is in fact, needless to say, rather exceptionally well-versed at creating his own ringtones! We spoke this morning and I mentioned the comment to him, and he politely laughed. If you reread his very generous endorsement of iRingPro, I'm sure you will see that his position was that we had developed an artful solution to the annoying ringtone problem.
Jeanine, you are also right that we named some of our ringers after our favorite Japanese subway lines, though I'm afraid the sounds themselves are not actually accurate representations of those lines. We were inspired by them, but never forgot that we were creating professional ringers - sounds that gracefully alert users to incoming calls - often in quiet settings. So while some share the name, they may have no relation whatsoever to any actual subway chimes.
Lastly, maybe most importantly, I would like to offer, Christomapher, the "picky ringtone fellow" who likes our Luxury Ringers, a sincere invitation to contact me so that I might do right by him, and hopefully change his mind about theft, if not of our product maybe the next developers'.
I sincerely hope I have fairly answered some of the questions here, if there are any other questions or comments resulting from this thread, you may also always feel free to contact me directly at
Thank you. And be unique. Joel Hladecek

Hi KramSFO,
That's a terribly fair question. And I'm sure you can appreciate that it's one of those we debated heavily before launching. I hope you agree with our answer.
There are a couple of factors that lead to our present stance on limited previewing. But I can tell you that overall we had to strike a balance between: ease of duplication and theft, with the communication of the product aesthetics.
Over the course of our debate we covered topics such as the :30-second preview of songs on iTunes, 2-minute movie previews, and single-chapter book excerpts. And we recognized that in none of those scenarios does the user receive the entirety of the content before purchasing. We make a leap of faith based on the promise of the sample.
Additionally, as I am sure you and most of the readers here will attest, it is painfully easy to record and duplicate any image or sound on the internet, no matter what form of copy protection may be employed. And I recognize that it will likely happen to the samples on our site.
At one point, members of my team felt we should consider providing no samples whatsoever, something I fought with respect to user expectations like yours.
Ultimately I decided which specific sounds we would allow to be previewed, and I did my best to select those that spanned the aesthetics of the collection. Buyers of the Zen Collection are not going to be surprised by some sound that is totally unlike anything heard in the preview. (with the possible exception of "Air"). All the sounds share a common aesthetic attitude.
These Ringers are meant for people who want to project a professional attitude. Calm, unintrusive, sophisticated sounds that can go off in an important meeting or quiet environment and not disrupt or cause stress. Something that - even after months of searching - we have not found elsewhere.
I am excited to reveal that we are hard at work on two new collections that will be released later this year. And they may appeal to a tougher crowd. But even then, we will be maintaining our commitment to a sense of luxury and professionalism.
KramSFO, I hope I have answered your question, let me know, if not, okay?

I can't believe the complaints about price. Those are professional ringtones. If you balk at only $9.95 you probably don't fit the image anyway. Finally, a ringtone that doesn't sound like an adolescent cry for attention. Thank you for the Zen Collection at iRingPro.

One way around theft would be to superimpose crowd noises or clapping or white noise over each ringtone. This way we can hear all the ringtones to preview them, without the risk of theft.
What do you think?

That's a good idea Craig. A variation of that idea is on our list. And we are preparing a significant update soon, so I think you'll be pleased with the improvement.
Otherwise, iRingPro has had some great reactions from various sources since this original posting.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog gave us an awesome review,
and we were just written up in February '09's Macworld Magazine as "Hot Stuff We're Raving About This Month."
We are also very happy to announce that starting this month a significant portion of every sale now goes to support the Children of Nepal, an amazing organization that educates, feeds and provides medical care to poverty-stricken children in the region. It's a big deal for us, and literally, every sale makes a profound difference for these kids. They will appreciate you helping to spread the word.
Now we are readying an upgrade to the Zen Collection, it'll be available soon, and free to previous buyers. It includes a selection of new ringtones, as well as other improvements. If you bought the original - you'll get an email announcement for the arrival of Version 2.0.
We appreciate all the attention this blog has provided, some of the changes we're making came from readers of this bog. And we remain open to any requests or recommendations.
Feel free to contact me anytime.

i love them, in the absence of a ring tone that didn't eventually annoy the hell out of me, I silenced my phone completely, but these tones are pleasant and not obtrusive. Love 'em 22 ring tones for 10 bucks is a smoking deal :-)