Is That a Zoom-Lens On Your iPhone...

...Or is it just happy to see Brando's new iPhone 3G Telescope case?


While it won't earn any marks for stealthy good looks, this 6x zoom, which comes integrated into a clear case (for support, no doubt) may just get the conversation going... if not the lawsuits, arrest warrants, Gitmo, etc...

Want it? Brando HK has it for $19.

(via Gizmodo)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Is That a Zoom-Lens On Your iPhone...


I already bought mine 3 days ago! can't wait till it arrives! =)
I don't plan on just walking around everyday with this thing, it's for like events... baseball game.. hiking. whatever you may want to get a good zoom in with your iPhone.
for 19$? sure.

I agree with iPhoneMilk. For $19 it's a good deal, and you can just keep it in your car or whatnot for whenever you need it.

It does look like a pretty good deal for a zoom-lens, I'm just curious if the picture will still be as clear. The case looks about the same as the $35.00 cases sold at the apple a lens, that does look like a good deal.