How to: Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 3.0 - Windows PC redsn0w Edition


Disclaimer - Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing. This will NOT work with iPhone 3GS.

There has been a lot of buzz going on in the forums regarding jailbreaking the iPhone 3.0 software lately, and a lot of questions to go along with it!. Today we’re going to take a deeper look at the exact steps you have to take to get your iPhone 3G with the 3.0 software, jailbroken on your Windows PC machine. We used Windows XP in this example, but Windows Vista shoul

Let’s get started, after the jump!

Get the tools

First and foremost make sure your iPhone is updated to the 3.0 firmware. If you’re not yet running 3.0, update via iTunes.

All good? Okay, next make sure your iPhone is not connected to your PC. Next you will need to download the following files:

Jailbreak Process

Now double click on the redsn0w file you just download to open the redsn0w application. You will then be prompted to select the 3.0 IPSW file you downloaded. Do as instructed now. Once it is successfully identified press next to continue.


Now you will have to select whether you'd like Cydia, Icy, or both installed on your phone. You must install at least one of them. Make sure your choices are checked and press next.


Next you will be connecting your iPhone 3G to your PC. Once your device is connected, hold the power button until the "Slide to Power Off" appears - then slide to power it off. Press next.


Redsn0w will not put your iPhone 3G into DFU mode. Be sure to follow the onscreen instructions exactly. Start by holding down the power button for 3 seconds.


Hold down both both the power button as well as the home button for 10 seconds.


Finally release the power button while continuing to hold the home button down until redsn0w detects your iPhone 3G.


The device will now reboot once it is detected by redsn0w.


Redsn0w will now begin the process of uploading the new ramdisk. Once this is complete you will be notified that the jailbreak process is complete. Click the Finish button.

Even though redsn0w completed it's process your iPhone will still be finishing up. This can take up to 5 minutes. Be patient, when it's done you will have a jailbroken iPhone 3G with Cydia/Icy on the SpringBoard.

Unlocking Process

Now if you are looking to unlock your iPhone follow these steps below.

  • If you are unlocking for T-Mobile USA be sure to disable 3G.

  • Run Cydia or Icy

  • Add the repo to Cydia or Icy. That last “o” is actually the number zero “0”.

  • Search for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia or icy and install ultrasn0w.

  • Reboot your iPhone 3G.

Enjoy your freshly unlocked iPhone 3G running the 3.0 software!

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How to: Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 3.0 - Windows PC redsn0w Edition



I download redsnow and jailbroke my ipod touch 2gen but all of the apps that i have will start to open and then and then they will just close...can someone help me out

Hi. I have the 3G Iphone unlocked and jailbroken. I had my sim card in there and have been using 3.0 for a few days on T-mobile. Yesterday my service crashes, I repeatedly get "no service" or "searching" signs. My phone hasn't worked and it's been unlocked and jail-broken again and I got a new sim from tmobile. Please hellllppp!!

I have tried this several times and evertime it gets stuck in dfn mode and will not reboot. and in the redsnow it just says waiting on reboot. Any sugestions?

Just a quick question -- what would happen if I restore my backup (applz, contacts, and others I had before) via iTunes after unlocking my iphone 3G? Will it be locked again?? Thank you for all your help in advance.

ok i got the jail break to work. I added ultranow and installed. I rebooted put in my t-mobile sim and it stayed on the emergency call only screen. any help?

Thanks! This worked great and only took a few minutes for me. I had no problems. I have a 3G 16g iPhone.

After I installed ultrasn0w I rebooted my iphone 3g. But the carrier bar still says searching. I took out my tmobile sim card and put it back in but still no luck. Any help?

I have a iphone 3g I currently have 2.2 with the 2.30 baseband, i bought the phone from airtel india i jailbreaked the phone with quickpwn and unlocked the phone with snegovik which works perfectly till now what I am wondering is if I upgrade to 3.0 will the Ultrasn0w work for me with sim cards from kenya will the internet and other facilities work also hope i can get a reply soon thankz

TY worked just fine without any trouble, havn't tested anything. installing bundles as i am writing.. ty again for EZ steps.

works exactly as advertised.
I did a Backup of my iPhone immediately prior to the procedure.
After the jailbreak and cydia ultrasn0w unlock it worked with my SFR SIM card in Paris and London. I again restored to my previous state and it was like my phone was never touched.
Windows XP Pro SP3
iPhone 3G (August '08)

I ran ultrasn0w restarted my phone and then put in my tmobile card. Now all it does is stay in emergency mode. The only thing i can think of is in cydia it still say setting up utrasnow when it is complete. PLEASE HELP I NEED TO USE MY PHONE.

I am Jailbreaking my iphone using redsnow, it is a 3g, 16Gb
now, it is the rebooting process, and i am waiting for about an hour and nothing happens
is there something wrong with my iphone?

Hey guys, could you please bail me and my family out!!! My kid brother almost committed suicide trying to jailbreak his iphone for the first time in ages. he has a 3g 8gb running 3.0.
When it gets to the “waiting for reboot” it just stays there … He left it for about an hour and still no change.
Is there something he should be doing … like pressing any of the buttons or could there be something else he missed out?

Francis, Could you be of any help to me? I caught my kid brother trying to hang himself in his room just because of this issue. According to him, he was trying to jailbreak his iphone for the first time in ages. he has a 3g 8gb running 3.0. When it gets to the “waiting for reboot” it just stays there … He left it for about an hour and still no change. Is there something he should be doing … like pressing any of the buttons or could there be something else he missed out?

Help!! After I jailbroke and unlocked my original iphone running 3.0, I inserted my tmobile sim card and it makes me connect to itunes. Itunes states sim card not supported.

@emaseji - if your kid brother really did try to commit suicide over a phone you have far more serious problems than a bricked phone... put down the phone and get your brother some help.... and you too, while you're at it, if you think a phone is more important than him...
people astonish me...

Is anyone currently using iTunes 8.2 on your jailbroken (w/RedSnow) 3G iPhone? My next question is: Is it safe to use iTunes 8.2 on your jailbroken 3G iPhone?

Thanks a loads man. After reading some of the comments I was unsure whether I will be able to do it or not. I am a first timer and had no idea about unlocking.
Instructions are straight forward and work like a charm.

Alright this is somewhat stressing me. I'm doing lots of research and many people have my problem but a solution is never quite stated. I have a 2 g iphone. there is NO sim card inside. I have downloaded redsn0w 0.72 and extracted it opened it, browsed for the iPhone1,23.07A341Restore and then clicked next, I then followed the instructions regarding the buttons being held. then it did some zippy loading and is stuck on "Please wait while your device is being jailbroken" then below it I see a "waiting for reboot" Mind you this is still an AT&T iphone (maybe not now that i have done this to it) I have tried multiple times. One time I even unplugged the iphone deleted redsn0w and iPhone1,23.07A341Restore then I re downloaded them and did the process over. Everytime I get the same result. I was patient and gav it ten minutes, then twenty then I said hey maybe it's just slow so I let it be and wen to sleep thinkin it would be done when i woke the following morning. It was still on the same window being a pain in my rear. My head hurts, I'm stumped. Oh yeah and I'm on Vista if that makes a difference and I only downloaded Cydia not Icy. Please help. . . .like now.

oh yeah and i downloaded iPhone1,23.07A341_Restore with firefox so it would work. and its a 2g i phone with the 3.0 version already on it and my itunes is up to date. let me know if u need more info i will happily give it to you

After i jailbroke my iphone 3g i lost att service..i dont kno how to get it back or how this happened. If someone who knows can help me please write back.

Travis (above-264) has the same issue i do...i need to use my phone and im in emergency to fix???

People with NO WIFI after jailbreaking can try this.
Settings->Wi-Fi and put WIFI OFF (de slider from I to 0.)
Then put your Iphone On again and put WIFI ON. You must see a bunch of new SSIDS.
If this not works, try the same WIFI setting from Settings->Common->Network->Wifi
And put the slider to OFF.
After that put you iphone off and On again.
Put the slider to On again.
The networks must show.
It worked here. At the beginning I had also no networks.

Take this version. (iphone on and off was nog correct mensioned)
People with NO WIFI after jailbreaking can try this.
Settings->Wi-Fi and put WIFI OFF (de slider from I to 0.) Then put your Iphone OFF and then ON again and put WIFI ON (WIFI slider to I). You must see a bunch of new SSIDS.
If this not works, try the same WIFI setting from Settings->Common->Network->Wifi And put the slider to OFF. After that put you iphone off and On again. Put the slider to On again. The networks must show.
It worked here. At the beginning I had also no networks.

bassically, i jailbroke my Iphone with the 2.2.1 firmware before this, and i had cydia and the app "catergories" which put apps in folders.
when i updated to 3.0 firmwarre, it deleted all of the folders and everything in them, and it is not letting me access any of the apps in there, even when i update them via my iphone or sync them directly from the computer.
I also put my "settings" app in a folder, and can no longer access it. i tried resetting it to factory settings, but all it did was delte everything but the main apps(i.e safari, youtube etc) but it still hasnt given me my "settings" back, and has now deleted my passcode.

My iPhone 3g is not yet activated. Can I still Jailbrake before activation? I tried this method here and everything went fine (or appeared to) Phone went into DFU mode, Renswn0w said it finished, but when the phone starts, it goes to the same page where you must insert a valid sim...Please help

i jailbroke my iphone2g 3.0 and everything is working except the ipod icon and all keys such as playlist, artists, songs, videos, and more don't work. also unable to sync from itunes8 and no error message. please someone help. Thanks

Spidermang88 you want iPhone1,13.07A341Restore, iPhone1,23.07A341Restore is for the 3g. Im pretty sure thats what your problem is. I was helping someone jb a 2g and we made the same mistake for about an hour straight. We tried and tried until i finally caught the mistake.

I unlocked my iphone and on the upper left hand corner where the service bars are suppsed to be, it says "No Service" and will not change. How do you fix this?

im getting an error note saying is in red letters---your copy of cydia does not know what version it is,its self,running
thisissuenormally caused by a corrupted var,lib,dpkg,status file this seems to be caused by asking redsn0w 0.7.x to install both cydia ans icy during jailbrake.thissituationis not readily fixable after the fact,so it is recomended that you restore when you can the icy package in redsn0w 0.8 may fix this as yet not fully understood bug a symple fix is to delay installing icy,,,,,,so what would be the best solution for this,does anyone know ...thanks

i search for in cydia and it says, "Did not find Repository" and has a whole messege. Why is this happening?

Iv downloaded redsn0w from above a couple times, when i try to open it, it says i cant cause it is compressed, so i try to extract the files from it and it says the file is empty, any ideas?

I fully jailbroke my phone, but when I try to for “” it says, “Did not find Repository” and has a long messege, what do i do?

Hi stclea (Spidermang88), Thanks for reply back. However, I did downloaded the iPhone1,13.07A341Restore.ipsw. Any other suggestions? Please help. Thank so much.

I was having difficulty getting my 8gig 3g working and I decided to erase the iphone to erase the iphone completely via the general erase all data on the iphone option, and it erased it... But now I get an apple icon with a loading sign frozen on my screen. Itunes does not see my phone, and when I tried using redsnow, it looks like its working but then after it boots down to the apple logo with the frozen loading sign again. Also the battery meter stays at red and the phone will not charge... Did I just brick my phone?! Can someone shed some light on this for me? Thanks in advance...

I have an iPhone 3G with 3.0 and i have been trying for a few hours now and can not get the phone in to DFU mode i have tried everything, i have followed the instructions to a T. I am running XP and i turn it off get redsnow, ready and then hold the power for 3 seconds and then i press the home button while still holding the power. Then i wait 10 seconds and release the power button just holding the home button, and nothing happens with the iPhone 3G, and redsnow tells me there is no devices in DFU mode, any help would be greatly appreciated!

after trying to jail break iphone 3g it reboots at last step and still asks to be restored in itunes can someone please help asap

Folks, please help me I am in big troublle, I jailbraked using the steps mentioned above. My phone went on recovery mode and hence did a Shift + restore and selected the 3.0 IPSW. Once I did that it seems my phone is blocked. I can only see emergency calls page. Please help..

folks I have managed to do it. Fantastic post. Thanks a million to all. Let me tell you this thing works, just follow the steps as mentioned and I would suggest everybody to use Windows XP for using redsn0w as Vista wasted a couple of hours.
Thanks again and enjoy the 3-0 experince. iTunes, applications app store everything working smoothly.

Here is the solution
- Press Shift + restore in itunes 8.2 beta. Browse to the downloaded ipsw file for 3.0 and restore. Once the system starts you iphone will be locked.
- Run redsn0w again which will jailbrake the iphone.
- After that run ultrasn0w from Cydia to unlock it.
It works super smooth...

i tried to unlock iphone 3g version 3.0. i have done all the steps as guided but when i changed the sim card to t-mobile it did not work. it says 'sim invalid'. please guide. thanks

hey whats up guys
hey i just jailbroke my 8 gb iphone 3g
2 things are happening weird

  1. my cellular data network is not shwing up in the network page
  2. when i put my t mobile sim in my iphone it first shows no signal then says no service

ive tried everything please help

Rama, try this;
Here is the solution - Press Shift + restore in itunes 8.2 beta. Browse to the downloaded ipsw file for 3.0 and restore. Once the system starts you iphone will be locked. - Run redsn0w again which will jailbrake the iphone. - After that run ultrasn0w from Cydia to unlock it.

i erased the jailbroke iphone 2g 3.0 completely via the 'Reset all data and settings'. after iphone rebooted… I get an apple logo with a loading cycle logo on the screen. so I tried using redsnow, it looks like its working but then after it boots up it got stuck with the same apple logo again. please someone help. Thanks

When iphone is jail broken using redsn0w it may not show the Mobile Network. To get the Mobile Network working you need to Unlock the iphone. To unlock the Iphone you need to install ultrasnow - following are the steps.
** I had the same issue which was resolved once I installed ultrasn0w
( For Newbies - details of step 4 - after launching Cydia application go to Manage Tab and click on Sources - select Edit and then Add. prompt with "http://" will appear - add the url( given below in step 4 and continue )

  1. Ensure you have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0
  2. Jailbreak your iPhone 3G using redsn0w or PwnageTool (this will also install Cydia/Icy)
  3. Run Cydia or Icy
  4. Please add the repo to Cydia or Icy. That last “o” is actually the number zero “0”! If you use the letter “o” you’ll get an error.
  5. Search for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia or icy and install ultrasn0w
  6. Reboot your iPhone 3G
  7. T-Mobile USA users should disable 3G before using ultrasn0w
  8. Enjoy

i reset the jailbroke iphone 2g 3.0 completely via the ‘Reset all data and settings’ from inside the iphone. after iphone rebooted… I get an apple logo with a loading cycle logo on the screen. so I tried using redsnow, it looks like its working but then after rebooted it got stuck with the same apple logo again. please someone help. Thanks

try entering the phone DFU mode and then run redsn0w. if it's not working then restore in iTunes and try again.

Hi pijush, I already tried DFU mode and ran redsn0W twice, unable to do it in iTunes because its not recognized. Thank you so much for your help.

Im having a hard time finding the 3.0 IPSW file. For some reason when I download the file is not working properly :( can someone help me ?

i did all the jailbreaking part then i go to do the repo and am stuck. it couldnt find it. thanks

i followed the instructions. but when i want to enter the . iget did not find repository.
what did i wrong and how i can solve it

Great manual, but what it lacks is the info on how to add the repo666. it took me some simple googling to find out, anyhow;
Under cydia->manage->sources->edit->add. type in the address and you might wanna add a " / " in the end of the address just in case.
Hope that helped

I do all the steps. After jail breaking itunes logo and usb icon showing in my iphone 3G. when i install itunes its says your iphone detected on recovery mode you have to restore your iphone before using itunes so please tell me should i restore my iphone???? Please help me out

i ve tryed with the / at the end .it didn t work.
i still have the following text:
did not find repository
the indicated repository could not be found. this could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer repository(these are not supported). also, this interface is only caable of working with exact repository url s. if you host a repository and are having issues please contact the author of cydia with any questions you have.
what i m doiing wrong, help so ican use my iphone again

i opened up redsn0w, browse for the restore, next click cydia i have the option to do both, next i turned my iphone off, put it in DFU mode, next it stopped at rebooting another time it stayed there. tried it 4 times. wat should i do? i have a Iphone 3.0 firmware.

When I try to use Cydia to download the updates or any other item I can an error... Does anyone know why this is happening? I had my iPhone jailbroken before. The last time I did it I only put Cydia on it but this time I put both Icy and Cydia, could that be the problem? Thanks!

Never mind Cytia just told me that it is a bug when telling redsnow to install both Icy and Cydia. Thanks though

Now I have another question. How to i rest my phone to no be jailbroken? If I do a reset in the phone options its still jailbroken. iTunes does not see the phone so I can't use that... I just got my iPhone 3g about 2 days ago.

To all that are getting the "did not find repository" messege:
What worked for me is i put my friend's att&t sim card in my iphone, connected to wifi and followed the instructed directions and it worked.
Good luck

My 1st Gen 3G is now running 3.0 but my Cydia will not upgrade. I have been trying for the last day or so. It keeps giving cache errors etc

Just adding to what samf said. You don't have to have att sim, you just need to have wifi connection. I connected to my wireless at home with no sim card.

OMG!!! I have been hesitant on jailbraking my phone....It worked perfectly and took less than 10. min....Thanks so much

my iphone is connected to my wifi at home when i start cydia al goes well till the moment cydia hass to find i still have the same message did not find the repository.
i resteted my iphone with i tunes and jailbreaked it cydia is on it

I want to upgrade my iphone to the 3.0 OS. However all i`ve found is the jailbreak for the iphone 3G. Will the hack for the iphone 3G work for the iphone 2G?

I downloaded RS and the firmware..having the problem of RS not recognizing the firmware. I renamed the extracted file to end in ipsw and still nothing. Using Vista; open the extracted file and clicked on all the files inside and they state nothing with a ipsw is there. Any help?

hey....last night i updated my i-phone to version 2.2 to 3.0 but when it completed i found msg shwoing tht carrier is not supported or like tht so what to do??? plz help....thanxx in advance...

I have a iphone 3g that i was using for a while without the internet plan and everything was working fine then I updated to 3.0 and now dont have internet. just did the jailbreak everything worked great but still have no internet. what can I do to get the internet back?

I must be doing something wrong. I have tried 15 times.
I have restored using iTubnes. Using rednsn0w I select the same .ipsw file. I power off get into DFU mode and then get waiting for reboot. I force reboot but just get blank screen. I have 3g, windows xp, and almost given up ! Any ideas/ help ?

I just updated my phone to 3.0 from 2.2.1... I can't find the 3.0 IPSW file to continue the jailbreak process... I'm running Windows Vista which I'm not familiar with at all :(

Jules, same thing happened to me a couple of times. Started over, when it stuck at "waiting for reboot", took the cable out of the iphone and back again in 2 secs, then it worked like a charm.
Sam, have the same problem. Everything works fine, 3G doesn't connect....

i jailbroke my iphone but is there anyohter way to get ultrasn0w without using wi-fi? i dont have wi-fi. help please

100% Working iPhone 3G.
Other worries: After updating, my phone doesn't have a 3g sign on it! HELP PLEASE. No worries, wait till your phone is activated (under 1 minute)

done everything like instructed, while i was trying to download the msm my phone shut off, and restarted. The phone never boots to the home screen, it's just frozen by the apple sign. I've tried shutting and opening it again, nothing happens. I've seen that question asked couple of times, but no one answered!!

have downloaded both files but the second file that is ipsw file is a zip file with no ipsw file inside?? extracted to a folder then run redsn0w and browsed for the ipsw file but not found??

For those of you who got stuck in "waiting for reboot" during redsn0w:
I had the same problem yesterday but i finally figured it out.
It is because you are using the wrong RECOVERY FILE (huge file that redsn0w asks you to browse in the first page).
If you have Iphone 3G your recovery file should be "iPhone1,23.07A341_Restore" and its size should be 235.576KB or 230MB
If you have Iphone first gen, then your recovery file should be
"iPhone1,13.07A341_Restore" and its size should be 234.760KB or 229MB
when restore file is wrong iphone has problems rebooting the device.
I hope this helps... It worked for me, its a hassle downloading a 230mb file twice... :P

Hello guys, I succesfully jailbreak my iphone 3g and I did install cydia but Im having a problem for installing IPA aplications that I downloaded in the past. Can any one help me

my phone doesn't boot!!!! i jail broke it and done everything as instructed!!!! I used cydia, and while installing and app through cydia my phone restarted and now it doesn't get passed the white apple sign!!!! any ideas guys!!!!!! where is the contact info for the tech team that created redsn0w !!!!!

Mashad: your phone may have gone into recovery mode.
- Go to itunes and see how it reads your iphone.
- If it is in recovery mode, please shift and click restore. Browse to the downloaded IPSW file and then click next. let the complete process happen. Once it's done run redsn0w and jailbreak. you problem should solve
Make sure you go step by step or the phone will be locked and the process will have to be repeated.
Run restore on itunes 8.2 only

Neil: rename the zip file to IPSW file & it should work. This was somehow missed in the thread above.

Hi :) I was finally able to re-jailbreak my phone with redsn0w last night.. I was downloading the same stuff I previously downloaded thru Cydia on my 2.2.1 software and when I downloaded Snapture, it froze and restarted, now when I try to access Cydia, it tries to open, but closes right away. Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on?? I hope i don't have to jailbreak it again and start over!!

i jail broke my 3G iphone, with the 3.0 firmware, installed ultrasn0w. but when i put a tmobile sim card i keep getting no service, or no bars. and i can't make any calls. any ideas???
i need it to use it over seas with vodafone!!!

Mashad, you'll have to run redsn0w now to jailbreak it and later unlock with ultrasn0w in Cydia.

my Iphone few days ago wasn't syncing with the PC then i tried to restore it but i don't know why its not opening now, please help me, when i try to open it its still giving me black screen,,,,,,,
Please any one help me

Hi guys please help, ive jailbroken with redsn0w my 3g on 3.0 firmware and it worked fine,
i then want to unlock with cydia so i follow the steps type everything in correct and it says this:
"Did not find repository"
"The indicated repository could not be found this could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer repository(these are not supported) also this interface is on capable of working with exact repository URLS"
PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASE help!!! any help!! :D

Hi i jailbroke my iphone but i dont get all the apps for free.
I thought when you jailbreak all the apps are for free.
There's only a selection of apps that are for free

I had this same problem for a couple minutes, and I've seen it asked countless times...
all I did was right click on the firmware file and copy and paste it to my desktop, and then again, (you should have like 3 by now)
then when I browsed I seen the third one I copied...worked fine.

I overcame two problems mentioned above:
1) redsn0w was not putting the iPhone 3G into DFU mode and it was because I was using redsn0w version .8 for the 3GS not .72 for the 3G
2) after jailbreaking I "reset All Settings" (to give it to my sister) and I got hung on the Apple Logo with 'loading cycle' as Tim did. I had to put the iPhone in recovery mode by pressing the power and home buttons for 30 seconds which reloaded the 3.0 OS and it lived again.

hi thank u sooooooooo much for a right guidenes for unlocking iphone it really amazing unlocking iphone ourself with only a simple guide 1nc again thanking u

Hi :) to all,
I just jailbroke my Iphoneq/ 3.0 OS 3g 16 gb by using redsnow v.8 and works all okay....... But when I add the repo666.ultrasnow in cydia .... got messege the urtl is not foud. Every things work in cydia can get some new apps only not ultrasnow ... So now I can't unlocked my iphone.. It seems ultrasn0w is broken.... Please help maybe some body have solution what to doo
thanks alot

hi i have the 2g iphone and i upgraded to 3.0 firmware ( i used redsn0w to jialbreak and unlock) and now i cant receive any calls, i can send and receive sms and i can make phone calls, can someone help me with this problem,.thanks

Folks, I can still see ultrasn0w in Cydia. I used the same steps mentioned above. Make sure youtype ultrasn0w. it's a zero and not 0
I have the link added in Cydia. here it is:
again just ensure it's a zero and not "o"

I have a question...i don't know if i should wait this long or not...
I have come to the spot where the box says "Pleas wait while your devices is being jailbroken" "Waiting for Reboot" I have been on this screen forever and a day without anything coming up and saying finish!!!
What have I done wrong? This is really starting to get on my nerves.. I have canceled it and restarted the process 5 times now.

also, i have tmobile and i received this phone yesterday for my birthday and, i have never had AT&T. I have an iPod Touch (new-not older generation) and when i connect to iTunes it asks for a SIM card. I updated to 3.0 and before I did that I could access stuff like Apps and WIFI Internet and now I can't even get on iTunes to connect it. I am trying to jailbreak it for that reason I guess and to use on Tmobile.

I followed all the steps untill i reached the "waiting for reboot" step... After tht nothings happening.. m tryin to jailbreak the iphone 2g 3.0... Please help!!!!!!!
is there anything else i am supposed to do to get this thing working????

I restored my iphone with v3 and then when it restarted it asks for a SIM to be inserted before it can be activated, does it have to be the original SIM or can it be any SIM?

hi friends iam frm india n i hve jailbroken my iphone in the way its mentioned here but while jailbroking i was having a airtel sim card in the phone n jailbroken but when iam inserting a different sim it is asking me to connect to itunes i dont know hwy plz any 1 help me

earliere i had problems with the installation of ultrasn0w in cydia. i solved it. whenb you have i did not find the repositoru.
you got to find a good wifi connection and try again and t should work fine. most important is to have agood wifi connection

It works EXCELLENT!!! I unlock my 3G phone in Panama, Republic of Panama, no information losses, After finish I can access all my itunes downloaded aplications and it is working fine after 3 days . My phone was locked to my service provider here (Movistar) and now it is unlocked and I can change of SIM cards while I am travelling. IThanks, Thanks, Thanks

Hey guys.... I just got an iPhone from a 16gb white 3g for about $360.00. I updated it to 3.0 firmware, downloaded the two programs aboved and ran Cydia on the iPhone... however... it is not adding the source into Cydia... Is this because I need to have an AT&T sim card? I have tmobile. I am stuck here haha somebody help me out?? Thanks in advance... I'll check back here to see responses. I was surprised at how easy it was to get this far... just need to unlock it now for tmobile!

  • Anthony

"I restored my iphone with v3 and then when it restarted it asks for a SIM to be inserted before it can be activated, does it have to be the original SIM or can it be any SIM?"
To answer my own question it does need to be the original SIM, bugger..........

I just finished jailbreak my new 3GS and click cydia, I hit "complete upgrade" and it has been reloading my sprindboard for 20 mins now. What should I do? ASAP

im a soldier in iraq and i had my 3gs mailed out here to try to get it to work on iraqna cell services and i jailbroke my phone but do i need a active internet service or cell services to add ultrasn0w because its not letting find

Hello, I did this and it worked great. I want to thank you for all your help. But Im planning on selling my phone on Ebay now and I was wondering how do you know if your phone really got unlocked. I want to make sure someone can use it before I sell it and have to deal with refunds and mailing returns.

hi could u help me i keep geting errors when im trying to sync apps on to my i phone ERROR CODE OXE8000050 anybody had this problem before please help

i'm thinking about jailbreaking my iphon 3g 2nd gen. I am a little scared I read that you can't go back to the original version? Is that true? Also, what are the advantages of having a jailbroken iphone? I have ATT, so will everything still work fine? I need some information please. I have looked online and have found that this forum has quite a few repliers so please help.
you can email me also, which i prefer.
thanks for your time!

I have 2nd gen iPhone. When I get to the part where u hold power button in then home button I can't seem to get it in fdu mode. When I try it turns my phone on for a sec or 2 then shuts off and doesn't enter fdu mode. I tried over n over just does the samething. After I try I gotta hold my power and home for bout 10sec to get it to turn on.

i have a 1st gen ipod touch and i've jailbroken my ipod many times and it worked. then the 3.0 software came out and so did the jailbreak so i decided to jailbreak it. it does all the steps but once it starts the jailbreak process it just says done ??? someone help!!

I got the original att sim card can be done with that one or do i have to buy another one thanks

Great advice from all involved here.. I have a basic question though. All I have is my T-Mobile SIM. Can I do this whole process with only that, and at what point do I insert it? Also, do I need a wifi connection for the Iphone to JB/UL? Many thanks!

Using XP or Vista. you need to open "My Computer"
XP - go to the top menu and slect options > Folder Options
Vista - Top left button that says Organize > Folder and Search Options
In that window you need to click the " VIEW " tab on top.
Then unclick the option to " hide protected operating system files "
Once that's done click "apply" then ok and exit out of the window.
then go to this dir
users > "USERNAME" > appdata > roaming > apple computer > itunes >
and the folder holding the downloaded file will be there.

To all you can do it with your current simcard no need at&t I just did it on my 2 g iphone with Optus simcard.

Hey after i jailbreak using the steps my cydia won't open so i did the repo thing using icy but my won't keep saying invalid simcard when i put in a tmobile sim card and i tried to rejailbreak it and my cydia still won't open can someone show how to unlock it?!?! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

After I download the 3.0 Firmware and i open redn0w and try to select it i cant find it, it doesnt appear as a option and how do i save it as or open it with i have it with WinRAR archivar please help me with this step.......

Used redsn0w when first came out and ran sweet. but i have just noticed that mms is not working. i am on o2 uk and have sent the text mms to 1010 and received the text back saying that they will let me know when it is working, that was 2 hours ago. I have read the post by JFSakora saying that email needs to be used. does this mean that after the jailbreak mms does not work no matter what? Any advice would be much appreciated, I just want to know if there is a fix or I have to live without. Thanks in advance

my phone gets stuck on the downloading jailbreak data for ever idk what to do can someone please help me>???

I can't thank you enough! I'm living in Germany and previously unlocked my 2G 1.1.4 OS iPhone using iLiberty (a year ago?) and inserted a T-Mobile/Germany SIM card which worked but didn't give me all of the iphone functionality (i.e. no Edge network, only wifi for data). I accidentally updated to the 3.0 OS this week which put my phone back into an un-jailbroken/locked status. I followed your instructions to jailbreak and unlock the 2G (now) 3.0 OS iphone using Windows and after much searching for the correct .ipsw file and 3.9/4.6 bootloader binary codes finally got it working! (I used for a link to the binary codes and for the ipsw file.) By the way, I used Cydia, not Icy. I originally installed both but there seemed to be a compatability issue so I reinstalled using only Cydia. Thank you, thank you, thank you again from a technologically challenged American mom!!

Cydia will not open up at all after running fine for 3 weeks. How do I uninstall all of this to reupload it and try again?

after i jailbreak my iphone 3g, it crashed and it wont start...its getting stuck with the apple sign then it goes black and it goes back to the apple sign...any help pls...

Hello ,
Please i want to know how to jailbreak and unlock,
my iPhone2G after updating to firmware 3.0 on windows.
Please somebody help.. i have the 3.0 software downloaded,
but i want to have the step by step procedure on how to
go about the jailbreaking, and unlocking..
Please someone help me out.

I have Vista and I updated to Itunes 8.2. At first redsnow would keep crashing. I did it without selecting Icy and it did it without any problems. Hope this helps!

hello all!! i resolved the problem with no reboot!!!!!!! the trik is in the usb dok, try to use another PC and all will be great!!!!!

Ive just jail broken my iphone 3G on the 3.0 os and it worked fine but i found that i lost all my music from my iphone and when i go to re-sync my music onto my iphone it doesnt work?!?!?!? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

For anyone experiencing RedSn0w reboot problems, use version 0.7.2 rather than 0.8. I tried everything possible with 0.8 with joy but 0.7.2 worked straight away.
You will notice the Unlock checkbox is not present on 0.7.2 but it doesn't matter, just download Ultrasn0w in Cydia and this will unlock the Iphone.

ive been sitting here for over an hour and nothing has popped up saying that my device has been jailbroken is it supposed to take this long?

I've been trying to open redsn0w but it says compressed folder blah blah blah is invalid... i did download it from fire fox ... can some one help me?

I dwnloaded both redsnow and ispw but when I ran the redsnow and browse the ispw, I could not locate the ispw, it said no match. hopefully someone can walk me through

were you able to locate the redsnow.. if so, how cause i cannot open mine for some reason

i did the jail break. okay and then it said waiting to reboot but will not and my iphone is black... i then went to itunes to restore it but it is still not working it went through the restore but is still black please help me!!

does anybody know why the 1st gen iphone will not reboot during jailbreak? my 3g worked just fine.

My problem is the I am installing this jailbreak properly - and ticking the box to add cydia to the installation - but no matter how many times I try and the end of the installation there is no cydia installed.
I get no error messages or anything when I do this.

I still have a message saying no service and I cannot make phonecalls or send text messages or anything like that :S What can I do about this? Please I need help like really really fast. I am on the iPhone 3g with 3.0 software and I have iTunes 8.2 and are on a PC, WHAT SHALL I DO PLEASE HELP ME HERE! :) I jailbreaked and unlocked it..

Have you tried to drag your icons to the side, you know how I mean? like put your finger on your iPhone and drag <--- and you will come to like a "page 2"

hey guy I needed help!! plz with my iphone 3g is not unlock I mean is not working please help me with this

Yep I checked to see if it was on the second page but nothing.
The process seemed to run smoothly and I received all the correct responses from Redsn0w through each stage.
I have tried with 7.1 redsn0w with no luck and no cydia - with 7.2 I get no cydia and when I try to install icy redsn0w crashes - same goes for redsn0w 8.0
My iphone 3g was successfully jailbroken on 2.2.1 (using pwnage) but I just cannot get it to work on 3.0!
I am at a total loss to understand this - I have run the process 4 or 5 times now with no luck each time.

Is anyone else having problems opening App Store Apps? I tried deleting all and reinstalling them but I can't get them to work. HELP?

To those who got message "did not find
repository," I had the same problem and
tried several ways to fix this. Finally, I found
the solution that worked for me. What you
have to do is just update your Cydia ( Full
update ). First,I just update only essential
component and had problem when trying to
add source "" or
""( with "/"). Hope
this help !

I ran the process on Windows Vista, and a 3G iPhone w/3.0 firmware. I held the buttons for the full amount of time prescribed by redsn0w, and Cydia installed flawlessly. I did need to have wifi available to complete the unlock with Cydia, but I have no problems now using T-Mobile. Still a shame that we cannot be on a 3G network with T-Mo.

@max... do you have a sim unlock underneath your original simcard? if so remove it, the same thing happened to me and i removed my second sim and am only using the tmobile sim...

@All those having a reboot issue:
When you get stuck on the waiting to reboot part, just unplug the usb cable and plug it back in. Worked good for me.
Good Luck

Help..just jailbreak 3g but now i'm stuck on apple logo won't reboot..what to do.. please help

Hi after i jail broke my phone, now it does not want to recharge battery. It shows that it is recharging on screen, iphone gets hot but it does not charge more than 20%. Any ideas?

Well when i was jail breaking iphone it took me more than hours to complete that process after that my iphone is dead, battery can't recharge and itunes can't detect it can anybody help me.....

windows 7 and vista users...
any time you have a program not function properly, RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR.
it bypasses the built in security to vista and 7.

Hey, I just wanted to thank you. I'm on a bit of a learning curve with this all, and frustrated as h%%% after about 6 hours of trying to figure out the jail breaking process. The thing that was holding me back was the absence of a 3.0 iTunes update link - which you thoughtfully provided. Anyone who had already updated to 3.0 before trying this out would have had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to put the 3.0 update into an accessible folder. SO....THANK YOU. Much appreciated.

I was also getting stuck on the "waiting to reboot"
Try holding down the home button throughout the DFU/Install rebooting process

I've followed every step here but I the whole process just keeps getting stuck. In the window it says "Please wait while your device is being jailbroken." and on the bottom it says "waiting for reboot." Well I've been waiting ..... I let it sit there all night! And still nothing what do I do or what did I do wrong? Help please?!?!?!? Oh and I have a 1st gen iphone :(

heey ! i really need help
when i tried brwosing IPSW it gave me this message "unable to recognize specified IPSW" i don;t know what to do .

hello guys I need help with my iphone 3g I try to unlock it and is not working I try but is not working I have on my iphone and when I install it say's reboot device and the iphone restar and I but in the t-mobile sim and is not working so plz guy I need help with this it keep saying no sim card installed ..
so who ever know how to do this I needed his help plz guys I cant waite to unlock my iphone by my self.....I want to know how to unlock my iphone's ...

@JohnnyB Did You Get Solution To This Im Having The Same Problem Or Can Some One Else Solve This

redsn0w stucks in please wait while ur device is being jail broken...........
m using windows vista 32 bit OEM

Hey I Jail broke, and unlocked my Iphone 3g white 16G, downloaded and did everything, however, all I get when I put my T-mobile sim card in is a signal bar in the corner with no carrier. I also have Icy on this phone. What am I doing wrong? Or what am I not doing? Please help. Thanks in advance.

hi all, ive got a jailbroken 3gs 16gig unlocked to any network (done with purplera1n), and all works ok, hundreds of apps etc etc and have no problems, but ive just bought a 3g 16gig and jailbroke it with red snow, and unlocked it with ultrasnow, with 3g turned off and still get the error 0xe8008001 while trying to sync my apps, also ive got a t-mobile sim in it and whill im able to browse the web on it, cant make any calls or texts and will not receive calls, yet if i put the sim in my 3gs it all works perfectly, any ideas??

hey guys, just got my friends 3g iphone and downloaded all the software and stuff and then i go to put my tmobile sim in it and it wont work, says its searching forever then it will say no service, tried it in my other friends exact same iphone and it worked with no problems, any ideas to why it wont work in mine? thanks

Guys the same thing is happening with me. I got my phone from USA, I am in India currently. I jailbroke my phone through cydia. I used wifi to install ultrasn0w. I switched off my phone, inserted the sim from India and restarted the phone. Still the same problem searching and then no service. Can anyone please help?

I can't seem to extract the redsn0w or firmware programs.
I'm running Vista, have the latest 3.0 firmware installed.
What am I doing wrong???

Guys i got a problem,
i jailbreaked my iphone and it says no service on the top left. I went to settings>Carriers and then found my carrier but it wont let me access my carrier, it keeps on saying "Network Lost
Your Selected cellular network is no longer available. You can choose a different network in Settings"
How to i Fix this?

@ tGo2g0. Nope I haven't been able to get any apps from the app store. I tried uploading ultrasnow using repo666 through cydia and now I can't get into winterboard. Someone needs to fix all these bugs quick. If they don't I'm going to try going back to 2.2.1

I'm having the same problem as many users. I Jailbroke and unlocked my 3G iphone running OS 3.0 inserted my tmobile sim card, and suddenly instead of all bars i'm getting 1 or 2, then the calls are being dropped followed by "searching".....then "no service". Every now and then i might get service but for the most part i'm getting no signal. Plz help us. I've re-jailbroken and unlocked twice.

I followed these instructions to a t, but when redsn0w tried to reboot my iphone it just froze up and was stuck in the waiting for reboot stage. If this is doing this for you just unplug the iphone from your computer and then plug it in again while that redsn0w waiting for reboot screen is open. it should start to reboot then. Worked for me!

Cheers!! Thanks a lot... Jailbreak succesfully Done!
I can also put free apps. from apple store. YM and skype too.
but i didnt try the Icy Installer.. bcoz i get some trouble when loading the Red Snow in my Vista PC.
More power!!

I have the ipod touch 2nd gen with the 3.0 firmware and redsn0w is stuck on waiting for a reboot and I can't turn my iPod Touch won't turn on

a big thanks for all of you now my iphone 3g working very fine after updating 3.0 firm ware... keep it up guys...

I bought a iphone 8gb on at&t and tried to jailbreak it and everything went smoothly except i installed both cydia and icy and when try to unlock it it would ask for upgrade and says does not recognize the version it was running so i did research and found that i should have installed cydia only but rather then doing it again I tried to clear off setting and packages adn it did and now my iphone does not go forward then apple logo. I have tried to use redsnow again to restore my firmware it does not go forward from downloading your jailbreak data and then after 20 min or so restart and get stuck at apple logo.. need desperate help

Is it possible by mistake i have you removed my firmware completely? if thats the case can you tell how would i restore it?

Hi guys, my iPhone is 1st generation (2G) 1.1.4. Will this work on my iPhone? And also I'm using Win 7. Thanks.

Um Im in need of some help. Redsn0w doesnt open on my vista! All I get when I try and open it is a a black box with writing in it which appears for about half a secound then disappears. HELP!

Dear everyone,
Please advise me how to jailbreak my current 1st generation iphone which has been upgraded to version 3.0 firmware ?

i have the iphone 3g black i jailbroke using the redsnow7.2 and firmware 3.0 i have cydia on my springboard but i have no service whats so ever cant call download anything could some please help??? when i go to itunes do i set it up as new phone or should it just come right on with service and all?

i believe i done everything right but it just gets stuck in the the " wating to reboot " screen and the phone never turns its self back on and how do u enter in safe mode on the phone itself

Would someone please check cydia for the new google voice app, i want to jailbreak but thats the only reason I want to do it right now.. any help would be appreciated! I checked the Cydia apps and did it see it listed anywhere..

Chek this out. I dwnloaded er'thing and got it to jailbreak, but once I Tap'd on Cydia(wait for it to stop loading), then Tap'd on Manage, and then Sources, IT KICKS ME OUT OF IT AND BACK TO THE MAIN MENU!. Y IS THAT? HELP ME PLEZ PPL.

worked as a charm. I am new to these things, so I did not know that I had to install the package in Cydia after adding the repository.
Thanks to the iphone dev-team and theiphoneblog for such a great job and clear instructions. Even tethering seems to be enabled but I am roaming internationally so I do not want to try it now!

this is a great site and i thank u for makeing it all so easy to use. it took about 15 mins and my iphone was jailbroke thanx


for all people having trouble with the cydia install try this link works a charm i tried every other link possible but this worked a1 no spam or crap by the way hope it helps all that need the help ;)

I'm stuck in the WAITING TO REBOOT area. I've tried to unplug the cable and plug it back in but it's not working? Help Please

HELP! I jailbroke and now I have no signal (I am on ATT) do I need to unlock also? is there something else I should do to get it to pick up my network?!

hello i made the jailbreak on my iphone 3.0 , he works very well, and now i cant receive calls just made....i need help pls

I am purchase unloack/jailbreack. last 20 days back when
softwere open erirr showing I am several time requested
My money return still not given any reply. I need help

help please. i've jailbroken twice using redsn0w, the first time I installed both Cydia and Icy and had problems with Cydia not knowing what version it was. So I restored my iPhone and jailbroke again, this time only installung Cydia. When I go into Cydia, it says I need to installed updates/upgrades, however when I do this I get a "Cached error", "bad url saurik". I can add the source for ultrasn0w, but when I try to install I keep getting an error right at the end.
Any ideas?

Just Jailbroke my iPhone 3G, 16GB, ver3.00, for the first time using Redsn0w8-win_.08, only ticked Cydia, using Windows 7. Install was smooth and problem free, about 15 mins.
Works brilliantly. Love all the extra options that are now possible.
Just a work around for a problem I encountered.
Problem: Whenever i would use 3G internet (not WiFi) and try to use an app that requres internet (Safari, weather, etc) it would error saying 'no internet connection' or similar depending on the app running.
Fix: enable (make green) BOTH 3G AND edge. I had edge turned off, 3G on, and the internet connection did not work.
If its your first time jailbreaking, just do it. It is definately soooo worth it.
All that happens is the iPhone's OS is updated & changed. When that has been done you just 'restore' your latest backup and all you sms's, emails, apps, including the stuff saved within apps will be restored. Cant quite remember if songs are restored, but the play lists are still in iTunes, another sync + time & theyre back.
Just do it.

Hey guys,
I just jailbroken/unlocked my iphone 3g using redsnow 0.8... Everything works fine exept for the fact that I loose internet connection using Wi-Fi...
Sometimes il also doesnt allow me to connect to my wifi either...Sometimes it doesnt even show the network under choose a Network.
If anyone could help i would really appreciate it.
Thank you

That, surprisingly, helped!

Hey, I was just wondering do you lose ANY data while jailbreaking? Like Apps, music, and photos and stuff. Because for some reason my gay phone cannot back up.. and i really don't feel like getting all my apps back and stuff.
Thanks in advance.

So I did all the jailbreaking and unlocking great, and I can make calls and all that, but now I don't have any contacts. What do I do?!

hey i just jailbreaked and unlocked my Iphone 3g 16 gb on OS 3.0 (unlocked by ultrasnOw) and it works with all simcards except ATT. it just says no service, pls help me what should i do? I really need some service xD
THX a lot

hi..... im a first timer trying to jailbreak and unlock my 8gb iphone 3g i followed all instructions but its stuck on waiting to reboot i tried unplugging the cable too but it didnt work please help

when i start installing i have to find "binary code for 3.9 and 4.6 baseband bootloader "??????

When I did this it said it would upgrade my software to 3.0, it did nothing stayed my same software version:2.2.1 (5H11a)... this frustrates me...

sir hi i update my iphone 16 gb from 1.13 to 3.0.1 but after update there is a messege in iphone that sim card invalid so what i have to do with my iphone plz helpp thanks

I tried it, it only took me 15minutes and it worked!!!! I am now able to use my iphone on t-mobile....... yes

I have downloaded both lnks above and tried running the reds0w 0.7.2. The propgramm however says it can not recorgnise any IPSW. What must I do? can any body hlep?

every time i get to the DFU stage and start the process it says redsn0w.exe has stopped working and it closes. what is going on?

Will this do the trick even on the 3.0.1 firmware?
If not how do i update my iPhone 2G to 3.0 instead of 3.0.1 as iTunes suggests?

Can anyone help me plz?
Yesterday I refresh my iphone through jailbreak and it's done but after that my Card is still not accepting it shows "NO SERVICE" does anyone has idea about this?
I have done all the steps as mentioned above except below two:
1. Add the repo to Cydia or Icy. That last “o” is actually the number zero “0”.
2. Search for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia or icy and install ultrasn0w.
Does it require ?

Hi guys i really need your advice:
i recently borrowed my girlfriends iphone 2G. it was unlocked and jailbroken and running on frameware 2.2. however while using it the screen froze on me, so being a smart ass i decided to restore the phone thinking that might fix the issue.
now after restore the phone gives a message saying "NO SIM CARD INSTALLED, Insert a valid SIM with no pinlock to activate IPHONE" now i dont know how to get it working?
any advice would be greatly appreciated.
initially the phone was jailbroken using Quickfreedom.

I done the following steps but after the jailbroken stuff my iphone is showing usb port to itunes and after i open itunes its saying to restore and update again...
my phone was jailbroken before from cydia and it was 2.2 version...
please help

Now i updated it with itunes and it is asking for at&t sim card..........please help me as soon as possible....

Hi all, I am having the same prob as a lot of people here and yes I unpluged the cable and still nothing. does anyone has the answer for the question on what do we do next when the system says waiting to reboot and itunes tells you that file is not copatible.....please help.
Thank you