How to: Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 3.0 - Windows PC redsn0w Edition


Disclaimer - Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing. This will NOT work with iPhone 3GS.

There has been a lot of buzz going on in the forums regarding jailbreaking the iPhone 3.0 software lately, and a lot of questions to go along with it!. Today we’re going to take a deeper look at the exact steps you have to take to get your iPhone 3G with the 3.0 software, jailbroken on your Windows PC machine. We used Windows XP in this example, but Windows Vista shoul

Let’s get started, after the jump!

Get the tools

First and foremost make sure your iPhone is updated to the 3.0 firmware. If you’re not yet running 3.0, update via iTunes.

All good? Okay, next make sure your iPhone is not connected to your PC. Next you will need to download the following files:

Jailbreak Process

Now double click on the redsn0w file you just download to open the redsn0w application. You will then be prompted to select the 3.0 IPSW file you downloaded. Do as instructed now. Once it is successfully identified press next to continue.


Now you will have to select whether you'd like Cydia, Icy, or both installed on your phone. You must install at least one of them. Make sure your choices are checked and press next.


Next you will be connecting your iPhone 3G to your PC. Once your device is connected, hold the power button until the "Slide to Power Off" appears - then slide to power it off. Press next.


Redsn0w will not put your iPhone 3G into DFU mode. Be sure to follow the onscreen instructions exactly. Start by holding down the power button for 3 seconds.


Hold down both both the power button as well as the home button for 10 seconds.


Finally release the power button while continuing to hold the home button down until redsn0w detects your iPhone 3G.


The device will now reboot once it is detected by redsn0w.


Redsn0w will now begin the process of uploading the new ramdisk. Once this is complete you will be notified that the jailbreak process is complete. Click the Finish button.

Even though redsn0w completed it's process your iPhone will still be finishing up. This can take up to 5 minutes. Be patient, when it's done you will have a jailbroken iPhone 3G with Cydia/Icy on the SpringBoard.

Unlocking Process

Now if you are looking to unlock your iPhone follow these steps below.

  • If you are unlocking for T-Mobile USA be sure to disable 3G.

  • Run Cydia or Icy

  • Add the repo to Cydia or Icy. That last “o” is actually the number zero “0”.

  • Search for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia or icy and install ultrasn0w.

  • Reboot your iPhone 3G.

Enjoy your freshly unlocked iPhone 3G running the 3.0 software!

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How to: Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 3.0 - Windows PC redsn0w Edition



Mine says its finished but when I unplug it, there is no differance from when I started jailbreaking

hey guys
this is the first time i got an iphone what does the jailbroken iphone do or have that the normal software doesnt.. and will i be able to still use itunes as i have many apps on my phone.. some information will be great thanx

do i need an att&t sim card do unlock my phone. i have a t-mobile sim and when i put in the unlock code in cydia's sources it says that the source can't be added. what do i do

I updated my iphone3g 3.0 to 3.0.1 from itune there got required to hack and upgrade did as per

When i get to the dhu bit i press all the buttons that all works but then i just get a white screen and it says waiting for reboot. i waited for twenty minutes reset it and tried again still the same problem any help would be greatly appreciated

i did everything now it say waiting for reboot long does it take to finished rebootin im in still supose to hold the button still plzzzzz hlep me

Im trying to unlock my 3G. When updating the Cydia package after the jailbreak I keep getting the following error
sub-process biz2 returned and error code (2)
Any idea why this is happening?

I also got the "sub-process biz2 returned and error code (2)", but clicked OK, and the process went ahead, and now it's at the bvery last stage "Updating Sources" and "downloading Packages", but it's not finishing!!! Alo most 95% done, but it;s just hanging!! Please, can someone tel me what to do??

to anyone getting stuck at the "waiting to reboot", check that you have the correct file... in my case, i have a first gen iphone... and the file that comes here is for the 3G.
Go to the How To section on this site and the link for the first gen is there.
and Dev Team... you are AWESOME!

omg! i did exactly as the steps said..then i went up to cydia part. now im so angry. to unlock, i couldnt figure out what the correct repo was. when i was trying it, i typed as without the . in between repo666 and all my packages are gone! what do i do for it? i have no sources. nth. what should i do?
please help ASAP!

I’m stuck in the WAITING TO REBOOT area. I’ve tried to unplug the cable and plug it back in but it’s not working? Help Please!!!!! iphone got bricked. i could not use it at all. nothing, just blank page. used a vid called how to fix frozen apple boot logo on youtube. it worked. now theres no information in my iphone. am going to resync all over again. but the more pressing issue, what is the correct repo address? today morning, did not work. what to do i to make it work?

grrr.. i jailbreaked twice over these two days and my phone got bricked twice! im restoring it again now. is this version trustworthy? i couldnt download any cracked apps and i couldnt restart my iphone. help! i really want to jailbreak again..but if it bricks again im giving up.

I've used redsn0w to jailbreak my iphone many times before, but this time it's just NOT working I tried everything but it keeps getting stuck on the "downloading jailbreaking data" stage. I've tried like 40 times... please any suggestions?

I have done the jailbreak part of all this but now when I try to run Cydia it is saying I dont have the correct program to run it - I can't find it - can anyone help - it's my last step!!!

After I ran the jailbreak program. To unlock the iphone run Cydia. Its not on the phone. How do I run Cydia? Is it ran from the phone or from the pc while the phone is connected?

well ive try jailbreaking my phone three times now and nothing happens i get no cydia or icy on my phone so it doesnt make since whats wrong

I've Done every Thing But One jalibreak Finsh Dowanloading On My IPhone there's No cydia Or Icy On The Springboard ... Could Anyone help me plz ?!

I got everything to go smoothly. I downloaded everything, and it had the screen telling me it was being jailbroken. When it was finished, I looked for Cydia and it wasn't on there. Why is this so? I've done everything as follows.

Okay, so I downgraded to 3.0 and got everything installed, jailbroken, and unlocked. Now, it says "Searching..." where it should say T-Mobile. The 3g setting is off, I've rebooted, turned it off and on, and uninstalled and installed ultrasnow again. What do I do? Please reply as soon as possible please.

I'm having the same issue as jordan everything worked fine but now it just says searching where it should say tmobile anyone know why?

Well I was not looking or didnt read and just click yes, so it updated to the 3.1 and now im totally with a phone. Will there be help soon? i have a 3 g 8g iphone..carrier t

Using iphone 2G & it worked for me. Using Vista but no crashes for me. Thank you for this!!!! Now I can travel easily.

I have the same problem of some other. At the end of the procedure I see the message "Downloading Jailbreak Data..." and it keeps forever... and redsn0w says "Done!"
Does someone solved this situation?

i followed the directions from this page but cydia and icy never show up my springboard does anyone have an idea why?


Hi, just purchased an iphone from ebay on firmware 3.0 and is jailbroken which is also pre-installed with a few apps including the 'Tom Tom' application. When i sync this phone to my itunes will it erase the apps already stored on the phone and be replaced by any of my previously purchased apps? ideally i want to keep the apps already installed on the phone. so is there also a way to sync my back-up data to the phone without touching the apps at all? Thanks alot guys! Dan

After jailbreak my i phone 3G,I insert my SIM card.I Phone showing NO SIM.What can I do?I heard some people use Baseband Tuner software for this problem.Where can I get this software?Please help me!

Hi there,
I really enjoyed being able to unlock my phone and get everything up and running.
Just one question though. My mate sent me a couple of games to try - they are in ipa format which means that ITunes then tries to install them. But this fails all the time.
Have I missed a trick in jailbreaking my phone?

One question. The beginning of tuttorial states
First and foremost make sure your iPhone is updated to the 3.0 firmware. If you’re not yet running 3.0, update via iTunes.
I have a iPhone 3G still on 2.2.1. I want to skip this step right? Just when I hit restore/update and point to the ipsw file. I don't want to update now cause it will take me to 3.1.2 correct.

whether this has been answered or not. I jailbroke my iphone 3 months ago with the 3.0 redsnow jailbreak and it worked but it crashed and i re did the jailbreak 1 month ago. since then after the second jailbreak my iphone won't turn on, won't charge, won't connect to itunes or computer, won't go into DFU mode, and finally the warranty is expired. SO AM I SWREWED OR WHAT THE HELL CAN I DO TO FIX THE PROBLEM!!!

OK this is a little list every1 should know; 1) if using vista 64-bit put it into safe mode hen run redsnow(restart your comp and press F8 until u can choose safe mode) 2) at this point 3.1 can not be unlocked 3)if u need to upgrade to 3.0 from a lower version hold shift and click restore in itunes, then select ur IPSW file. 4)if u cant get into DFU mode its probably because ur iphone is not connected properly. make sure it is before u turn ur iphone off and try not to tangle the cord 5)if redsnow freezes (which it wont in safemode) and ur iphone is stuck at a black screen then Shift+Restore it with itunes again

I did all of these steps and it didnt work.. someone please help!! I have done all of these steps before and it has worked with my other iphone but now it doesnt want to work for this phone.

my iphone keeps saying searching for network and it doesnt find the network.does anyone know what i did wrong?

I am facing the same problem as gesmi, I have jailbreak my iPhone 3G 16GB to 3.0 and everything is working (like youtube, stocks, weather) I even added the resource on cydia and it installed, however, I keep getting the No Service and I can't make or receive calls!!!!
Any idea guys?

Hi, I have been using my unlocked, jail broken IPhone 3G for about 3 months now. I have a T-mobile SIM card in it. However, the home button stops working from time to time. I’ve tried the system reset by pressing down the ON/OFF button and the home button at the same time but it works once in a while. Sometimes the home button works and sometimes it does not. I took the phone to apple retail store but they are not responsible when the Iphone has been modified. Has anyone had this problem yet? Did you find a solution for it? Thanks in advance.

hi.. im in abu dhabi, UAE.. i just unlocked my i phone almost perfect but my problem is.. i cant make an outgoing call and send text messages... but there is a full signal... if i want to make a call, i have to turn on and off airplane mode, go immediatelly to call screen then just before the signal comes back you have to dial whom u want to call... but after that one call, u cant make another call.. anybody can help me? thanks...

I did all the steps above but when I use the phone it shows no service I have bootloader v5.9 is there any way that I could downgrade my baseband? Please keep me update

Did as explained here.Very easy.The only problem I had was with the sequence needed to press the phone keys....
I have Windows 7 ultimate...64bit...and VMware with XP 32 bit.I unlocked the iphone 3G with VM,it took approx 15 min.It was locked with Airtel...India and after a reboot I tested it with Idea cellular.Network name,signal were displayed correctly,SMS sent and received without any problems.Thanks.

umm...i can't get past step one...
i downloaded the redsn0w and the iphone 1,2_3.0 but when i open redsn0w...i can't find my iphone folder the .ipsw! HELPPP!!

it wont let me get past the part when i have to browse,,, its like on of the first parts what iam i doing wrong???

I jailbreak my iphone 3g 3.0 with redsnow. But i have No Service on it can somebudy help me about this i try to cydia with ultrasnow 0.9 but it`s not working ( and i Need SIM card which come with iphone i have an another is this the problem maybe :$ HELP ME PLEASE .

Alright... Here's my problem... I seem to have jbroken my iphone, but I'm not entirely sure... I bought the phone from my brother's friend and the only thing I can do is charge it. The only screens that even come up are the apple logo and then a screen with the itunes logo and an arrow pointing to it coming from an Ipod/Iphone charger usb plug... the ONLY other thing that I can bring up is the emergency calls screen... and the "shut down" and "slide for emergency calls" are the only things that seem to do anything.
If ANYONE could help, I'd REALLY appreciate itand it'd save me a lot of time and aggrevation... Thanks to anyone that can help.

i did everything right, but at the end all my contacts got deleted!!!
did that happen to anyone? If not, tell me how to prevent.

Hi guys, my iphone is working fine and i'm using international sim, but everytime i conect the iphone to my pc itunes says no sim found and i can not do anythings can some body help me.

It just took some persistence.
It crashed like 10 times, rebooted like 15, but in the end, the phone is unlocked and jailbroken.
I am happy. Thank you guys!!

will this work even if I had already updated my firmware to 3.1-? right now redsn0w says "Please wait while your device is being jailbroken. Waiting for reboot."
but it doesn't look like my phone or redsn0w are doing anything.

I have iphone 3G. I followed the path above and it finished all the steps. After finishing jailbreaking process, it automatically rebooted my iphone and I logged in using my password. But I cannot find Cydia.
Can someone help - am I not looking at right place?
Thanks for your help in advance

I'm wanting to get jailbreaking I think. I have wildblue net service and iphone. The cost of another net service is killing me. Can I make this work with my laptop? Help

i am stuck on the "WAITING FOR REBOOT" section.. its been well over 30 min.. and nothing.. im not sure if i did anything wrong.
pls help.

Everything went smoothly, except when it reboots all i get is "No SIM card installed". how do i get to cydia to unlock if i am already locked out? :)

I followed all instructions for 3g....i did steps 1,2 and 3 with shutting down, rebooting, the phone is completely dead!!! HELP

do you download iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone 3G (IPSW) with iTunes or an unzipping program??

I downloaded followed all the steps and downloaded cydia, after it finished I waited, when I turned my phone back on it was not on the springboard, can anyone help??

after I did this whole process I wasn't able to find the Cydia icon in my phone! help what did I do wrong!?!

guys i can't jailbreak my phone. i did everything but it still won't read my t-mobile sim card anyone has any clue. second question my wifi isn't working i tried to reset everything anyone has any clue why.

I got an Iphone off a friend as he got a new 3gs, but he has the original sim, and so do not have any compatable with my Iphone. Is it possible to unlock without a sim installed. the phone is currently just an expensive ipod touch

i followed all the instructions n still its like taking more than 3 hrs n yet it dint start

do i have to wait for it to reboot bc it finishses the downloading jailbreak data and then it flases and then the apple logo comes up i tried unplugging it and turnign it on and i had nothign new on my springboard... what do i do when it gets to the screen with just the apple logo?

nvm i got it it automatically restarts but with no new icons??? any ideas? everythign else says its working

I just jailbroken my iphone. but it doesnt work te way it should. everything was find i followed the instructions and at the end it said finish-i clicked and it took about 5 min to restore my phone.
but t doesnt have the Cydia software on the phone.
What am i doing now

i have followed all the steps to download cydia however after it says its complete and my phone reboots itself i cant find cyndia anywhere on the phone. what am i doing wrong?????

I jailbroke my phone for the 4th time and I only installed Cydia and it still says "Sub-process.bzip2 returned an error code(2)". Please help.

I just jailbroke my iphone 3g with AT&T and i cannot make any calls and i constantly have no service... please help :[

I have a 3G iPhone; I’m trying to jailbreak/unlock it for T-mobile. I get to the "downloading jailbreak data" and the Jailbreak is “finished“; However, The phone restarts then it goes back to the "Emergency calls only". Any suggestions?

i have a newer iphone that i jailbroke and unlocked with this program and then it tryed up dating and it completely locked me out how do i fix it?

after jalbreaking my install ultrasnow from cydia would i need 3g or wifi network????
please answer

I just got done jailbreaking my i phone, but there is nothing differnt about my phone. no icy or cydia...

Hi! I just bought a jailbroken 3g, everything works ok but when i try to go to safari, its giving me a message " COULD NOT ACTIVATE CELLULAR DATA NETWORK, you are not subscribed to a cellular data service " My provider is tmobile and I do have the web plan with them. Am I missing something? Please help!

I followed steps,
my iphone is jailbroken.
I managed to unlock it with repo666, worked fine.
Problem is, now my iphone will be searching for network forever. I tried 3 sim cards from 3 different providers (telus, rogers, fido) and it will never find a network.
Also, I put a new card in to configure, and itunes dont even see it.
Can anybody help?

i downloaded both the programes when i open redsn0w wat file should i browse plz plz someone tell me the steps correctl plz thx

plllllllz help me i live in Lebanon i have an iphone 3g 3.0 frimware it was working great but after i sync it with my friends itunes and he was openig his itunes account when try to sync with itunes on my com error occurs the sim card installed in this iphone is not supported i dont have neither at&t sim not t-mobile one to fix that
Note my iphone is jialbroken with redsnow 3.0 and unlock with ulrtrasn0w soooooooo plz any solution Thanks a lot

Yo. Tell me should i restore my already jailbroken iphone 3gs before updating it to 3.1.2 firmware and i will jailbrake 3.1.2fm

plllllllz help me i live in Lebanon i have an iphone 3g 3.0 frimware it was working great but after i sync it with my friends itunes and he was openig his itunes account when try to sync with itunes on my com error occurs the sim card installed in this iphone is not supported i dont have neither at&t sim not t-mobile one to fix that Note my iphone is jialbroken with redsnow 3.0 and unlock with ulrtrasn0w soooooooo plz any solution Thanks a lot anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz am soooooooooooo depressed

i isntall everything but the iphone is still searching for the signal.....i can't make calls and staff
please help me

when trying to jailbreak my iphone it just stays on the waiting to reboot screen and it doesnt go any futher...

Hi, I have an iphone 16gb 3G. It use to run off of yellowsnow perfectly until a couple months ago when I decided to update my phone determined to unlock it again. Firstly, I updated it (I had 2.1, and im not sure what it updated it to).. and after updating it I decided to restored it to its factory settings because I decided I wanted it like brand new again. Now the phone is locked obviously. Itunes recognizes it but says the sim card is not supported. So I tried to follow the same process as I did the first time I unlocked it using quickpwn. NOTHING works. Ive tried quickpwn, redsnow, blackrain, winpwn. Everything tells me that the ipsw’s im putting are either corrupt or not supported.. the issue is that im not sure which ipsw to use because I don’t remember what I updated to, and also im not sure if when I restored it back to factory settings, I need to use old ipsw files. So I downloaded every single ipsw for 3G iphones from this site: None worked for me. Does anyone know what to do? Ive even tried using old versions of quickpwn and so on, again no luck

hello… whenever i try to unlock for t-mobile and put my sim card all i get is like 5 dots where the service bars should be.. can anyone help please? I have disabled 3g but still is not working

how long does this jailbreaking process in the phone take?
i've been waiting for about 20 min now

From India: Worked like a breeze!!!
Tried with redsn0w0.8 - this crashed on Windows Vista,
but redsn0w-win_0.7.2 worked!!
Thanks a lot. God bless!!

Hello everyone please help me Im in the beginning of the process, on step 2 it says I must browse and find the "ipsw" file but I dont know which one is it please tell me because what I downloaded is a .zip file and I serieously dont know what to do PLEASE!!! tell me qhich one is the ipsw file or what should I do

I do everything .. & it's ok , but cydia app. didn't appear on my iphone, please anyone help

i went up to the last step, but i cant open itunes for some reason
not that theres an error
it just doesnt pop up and the hour glass and the blue highlight just disappears please help!!!

I went to through the jailbreak process. However, when it was complete, and I clicked 'finished', the Cydia program was not on my screen.
What should I do?

I just would like to thank you very much, this worked to perfection for me. My first jailbreak with 3.0, windows 7 and itunes 9.0. My advice for any first timers read all the comments prior to attempting you can learn a lot.

So I jailbroke and unlocked my phone. Then for some reason the sim card stopped recognizing on iTunes. The phone still worked so I left it alone. I need an update on the music, so I recently tried to re-jailbreak and unlock the iphone. Everything went smoothly, but the sim card is still unrecognizable. Ultrasn0w is installed I've checked Cydia. Please help, this year old music is killing me. Also it is a 3G and up-to-date.

I went through the whole process. It rebooted after showing "Downloading Jailbreak Software". Now it's on but I don't see anything new. I don't see Cydia on any of the screen. What did I do wrong?

great thanks it works
now i did it because i installed from cydia a source called which shows soo many yummy cracked ...softwares ... i installed iblacklist and there u go , my iphone hangs and i have to restore everything looosing all ....
so guys what i did wrong here ....
please help me

I forgot my phone unlocking code and i mistakenly locked it and iphone was disabled..I jailbreak it and unlock it...Now,i upgraded my iphone 3G 3.0 with itunes 9 and now it says,activate with original sim without pin...Please,what do i do?tell me...

Hi - Wondering if the original instuctions hold true today (1/6/2010) or any updates to instructions or software. Anyone recently unlocked their 3G with these instuctions? please leave response. Thanks

i can't find any IPSW file anywhere! i download that file and everything and there is now filw of that kind! do i download something else?

If your Iphone wireless network (WI-FI) not working how you wants to unlock via cydia?
Can someone help me out. Thanks

Hi There
I'm new to the jaibreaking Iphone scene. I purchased a new iphone yesterday and not happy that it doesn't have bluetooth transfer and other cool 3rd party apps, etc. I read jailbreaking was the way to go. My Iphone is 3.1.2 and updated to newest firmaware on 05.07.11 baseband. I've downloaded RC3 blackra1n and followed instructions and all gone smoothly so far. When I click snow and install it, it still says wrong sim when I change carriers and itunes dont recognise the vodafone sim. Have i done somit wrong. Also Ibluetooth doesnt work. It says erro cant stack files, try rebooting. Thats fails also, any help would be appreciated. I've managed to install loads of other cool apps on cydia but not the main ones i mainly jailbreaked for.

Hi. I can't go through the first step. Where is that IPSW file? i downloaded both already but the folders doesn't contain any file that matches the browse. Help please. Thanks.

Having problems unlocking or jailbreak your iphone because you can not put your WIFI on ??? We have the solution !!!! Unlocking without WIFI !!!!

I have done all these steps. Watched videos on how it should be done. I get to the part where my screen on my iPhone is downloading the jailbreaking. Then on the videos I saw a bunch of words should show up, then a picture to follow that. Mine just reboted and there was no Cydia icon/app. Please help.

I'm having the same problam as Natalie... no Cydia to run...?? I have run redsn0w about a dozen times with cydia and or icy checked, but neither will install!
I don NOT have an option to "unlock" on the 2nd screen, either. Why is that?
Please help.

Never mind my previous post - I used blacksn0w - twice as fast and twice as easy, lol

err ok......i have a problem:
i have installed cydia but cant find it on the
(i tried doing it again but still couldnt find it)(wtf)

Someone please help me as i am close to throwing my phone against the wall
Cracked my i phone and my 1st download (ringtone)worked, after i download a theme it asked to be rebooted then bombed out saying connect to itunes. then when i did it makes me reload my entire i phone and start from scratch.

I have a iPhone 3g, and I use it JUST as an iPod, which means no ATT. Is there a way to get on the 3G network, so I can like check my E-mail while i'm out and about instead of looking for Wi-Fi?

I currently have iphone 3g and am running version 2.2 on it. I bought it in canada so it was originally locked to rogers but then I jailbroke it and unlocked it. However now I want to upgrade it to 3.0 or the latest but I am wondering if after I upgrade using itunes will I need to insert my original rogers sim? I study in europe so its working fine with my orange sim so I only want to upgrade and unlock it if it wont ask me for the original rogers sim because I dont have it on me right now. please let me know if upgrading needs to verify the sim or not. thanks!

hey guys, i did everything i was supposed to, now my iphone says "Searching..." at the top. what's up with that?

I have a 3g iphone unlocked and jailbroken, I have absoulutely no wifi.I think after using blackrain. I have tried to reset the settings and even tried to download push fix and nothing seems to be working. Does anyone know how to fix wifi after an unlock??? Please help

wifi should always be working? maybe it's turned off in the settings. Or download bossprefs on cydia and turn it on with that.

I just jailbroke my iphone 3g. Firmware is 3.1.2 and baseband is 5.11.07. I tried to use blacksn0w to unlock but I keep getting no service. Sometimes the T-mobile carrier would show up at the top left, but there is no signal. If I try to make a call it goes back to saying no service.

Thinking about buying IPhone but I have a TMobile account. What are the drawbacks about using a IPhone with Tmobile service?

I love my Iphone 3g for Tmobile but I still am yet to get the wifi running at all. I have read and tried everything online and I still have no luck, I havnt tried downloading bossprefs yet like Ty said. But I will try that. If anyone else has any suggestions how to fix wifi after downloading blackrain please let me know???

when i open up cydia to add "repo666,etc." and i push manage, cydia completely closes. what do i need to do??

i got to the part where i need to add repo666.ultrasn0w...., but when i push add it says " DID NOT FIND REPOSITORY" the indicated repository could not be found etc...
qhat do i do? PLEASE HELP

Okay - install the software went through the REDSNOW process than phone install apps it needed too...Now it reboot into apple logo stays there for a while you see the loading icon than after it while it boots down and go back to the apple logo with the - loading icon...
Is this normal or should i be doing something else.

if i dont have an at&t simcard in the phone, and all i have is a t mobile one, can i still do the jail break?

If you're one of the million people that have purchased an iPhone, you probably signed up with Apple's exclusive carrier in the U.S., AT&T, when you activated your phone. That means your iPhone identifies itself to AT&T's network using an AT&T SIM card, a smart card that's located in a small tray between your iPhone's sleep/wake button and its recessed headphone jack.
But what if you want to use T-Mobile or another network or maybe you’re planning a trip to Europe and rather than paying AT&T to use the networks of its European partners, you want to take advantage of the favorable rates and local phone numbers offered by replacing your AT&T SIM card with a pre-paid European card?
In the past months several groups have announced that they've found a way to "unlock" the iPhone, allowing it to use a SIM card from any provider. (Keep in mind that this is only half the story: the iPhone uses the GSM radio band for its communications, meaning that it'll only work with providers that use the GSM network. In the U.S., that means T-Mobile and AT&T.)
In August, a group of hackers demonstrated a method for unlocking SIM cards and sold its software to resellers, who in turn began selling it to the public for as much as $100 last week.
But another group has come up with a Better, Safer, and more Affordable way that lets you unlock your iPhone in about 15 minutes for only $9.95. It does work, because I've used this technique to unlock my own iphone. This program is available at Berry Smartphones and another great thing is it allows you to get tons of free apps.
Copyright 2010 Tony Decapreo

Followed the steps down to the letter, and it gets stuck on the "Waiting to reboot" screen. What do I do, and did I do something wrong? I know it wasn't activated before I started, but does that matter?

Just an important question:
I would like to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone, but I'm not sure, if I need the original SIM Card to do that. Is it required that the SIM card is plugged into the phone,or can anything be done without it ? Phone has been locked by an AT.. card,but I would like to jailbreak with an telefonica sim, is that possible ?

my computer says wait for reboot and its been doing it for over 15 min what should i do at this point

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Awesome, I finally discovered a blog about this! I was daydreaming about it yesterday (well technically night time dreaming because it was night time lol) and now I discover this post. Coincidence alright. Might be checking back again!

This is funny, I was just thinking about this yesterday. For some weirdmotive I stumbled to this article lol. I'll be coming back here. This really is a good discovery....rare for me to stumble on new websites :)

well i have done the jailbreak no prob, but cannot unlock? i dont have an at&t sim do i need one? i keep getting the screen for emergency calls only, no apps no cyndia nothing but the slider for emergency calls
. why is this?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for these kinds of website and for the people who know how to use technology and are willing to share it and offer advice. I managed to Jailbreak my old 2G phone, which i had ungraded to the new 3.1.2 software, during this process i had re-locked my unlocked iphone.
I jailbroke it with Cydia, then unlocked my iphone by following the addition of the http://.. address given at the top of this page. And then the applications i had downloaded onto my iphone, facebook etc. now work!
Thank you, thank you! I just hope they stay on and i have no more problems!

Hi I just manage to jailbreak my iphone with redsonow (the above version) now I am not able to unlock as when i try to get into cyida and do anything the fone chucks me out to the homescreen. Can u guy help me out with this one please

hey i m getting the same message when i type did not find repository..what if i dont have a wifi which i really dont. There must be some other way. my iphone version is 3.0 and i used redsn0w 0.7.2. plz help me out guys

guys when i click browse i see only folder no files why? i dont see restore and i have it in my computer

I ran this process 3 times as the end result was not as documented. All step ran ok as per the process yet neither icy or cyda are intstalled and whether my phone jail break has been successful is still not obvious.

I gonna do this to my iTouch but havn't yet. But I was reading somewhere else that waiting for reboot is actually the end and its safe to unplug there. Just want to mention it - not sure.

Ok I am Having a huge Problem.
I know how to unlock and Jailbreak my iphone 3g running 3.1.2 (7d11)
I have Jailbroken it with Black Ra1n, I did not unlock it with the Ra1n option.
Now the problem I did all the Jailbreaking in Mexico (Where I live) and Now am in Vancouver Canada.
I have bought a new Sim Card but it wont read untill it is unlocked.
The problem is that I can not get Any Internet access on it at all. No 3g (No Carrier) and NO WIFI?????? I cannot connect to wifi at all to install the Ra1n Package.
It does not even show any avaliable when there is one.
Catch 22, No Carrier to get internet and A new sim Card that I need Internet To unlock and Use the Phone, ARGGGGG!!!
Please anyone with any idea please let me know.

Hi, My son age 18 took my iphone to work and had a friend jailbraek it!! I am impressed with what Jailbreaking can do ( I saw two movies and have a great desktp now) but I have no service now and wonder if I sync it with itunes will it loose the jailbreak? I have no clue and my son had a coworker do it as we are both clueless. My husband is upset that my phone doesnt work and is giving my son a hard time each day! please help!

My iphone is bricked and when I run redsnow my phone just gets stuck on the jailbreaking download data and then it goes back to the the slide for emergency screen

i am trying to unlock my 3gs. do i use the at&t sim that came with or do i insert my t-mobile while unlocking it.

this doesnt work i successfully did everything and it said it finished then i let it finish doing what it was doing then it restarted and its the exact same as it was before i tried to jail break it. i have a brand new 8gb iphone with fido. not even a week old. i have 3.1.3 on it any ideas what im doing wrong?

im tryin to jailbreak my ipod w. redsn0w 0.9.2 and it says waiting to reboot and has sed tht for a couple of long does it usually take/is sumthing wrong?

Tristan: - Version 3.1.3 is not yet an easy support. I have read some stuff about ways to get around it - but it doesn't look promising for you right now. Keep searching, i'm sure the jailbreak for 3.1.3 will be out any day now, these guys are always working it. be sure to include your version in your search or you'll wind up with stuff that's not for you.

i have got an iphone 3rd generation, that my friend gave to me.
its locked with attnt. i try to unlock at store for tmobile but it wont.
how can i unlock it?
please help!

Hello, i jailbroke my iPhone with redsnow and wifi stoped working. It just simply shows in settings : no wifi. WTF? So I reset network setting, all settings and finaly I tried to restore whole iPhone as a new phone and the problem still persists. Any idea how to fix ???
Thanks in

I jailbroke my iphone and now all i have is the apple on it what did i do wrong help!!!!!!!

I updated my phone on itunes and it locked it, it was working great until i updated it on itunes and then it couldnt read the sim card anymore, so now i have been trying to jailbreak it and following all the instructions ur giving but it still cant work, after it finishes downloading jailbreaking data it doesnt show cydia icon on home screen, been doing it about 5 times now and it has refused to download cydia, i really need your help, what am i doing wrong?

i already do it...but it only shows an ITUNES icon and USB icon and it says that i need a valid SIM to activate my iphone...what will i do??? PLEASE HELP....

my computer says wait for reboot and its been doing it for over 15 min what should i do at this point

I did all the steps on the jailbreaking no cydia. but this is for 3.0 and i have 3.1.2 in my phone. I see alot of questions but no answers. I got all the way to the downloading jailbreak data on the phone. It rebooted but no cydia anywhere. What am I doing wrong? I downloaded the 3.0 software like this asks for but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

i downloaded the cydia and icy into my iphone but none of them show on the SpringBoard.
and i have t mobile and i want to unlock it. i need help please!!

i'm stuck on 'waiting for reboot! whats up??? please ansver somebody? how long it takes to reboot?

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i went thru the actual jailbreak process, however, at the end of the process neither cydia or icy showed on my device..... my iphone is the 3g

I followed the steps to use redsnow on my 3g 3.0 iphone. It identified the firmware and so I went on to the next step which was to hook up the phone to the computer. I followed the steps to enter DFU mode. But instead of redsn0w detecting my device windows came up with the window that says it has detected a new device. Windows asks if i will let it search for the drivers for it. Then redsn0w says it didn't detect the device. Any help here?

i have done the jailbreak it gets freezd on reboting, cannot unlock? i dont have an at&t sim do i need one? i keep getting the screen for emergency calls only, no apps no cyndia nothing but the slider for emergency calls . can you help me plz,

when trying to jailbreak my iphone it just stays on the waiting to reboot screen and it doesnt go any futher… anything i do wrong?? plz help,.???

after i done this, it was successful but after it was done.. i have no other application aside for CYDIA. not even settings, SAFARI, mail, etc.. is present. PLEASE HELP ME :(

My iphone 3g is unlocked and jailbroken for tmobile, but heres the problem. I downloaded a tether app and it reset back to at&t settings. Now the phone wont read my tmobile sim. Do I need to re-unlock my phone? Can I do this WITHOUT itunes?

So I completed all the steps and now I can't use my original sim card or my sim for russia, it keeps saying searching. Can anyone help me???? I tried restarting it, taking the sim card in/out, tried to restore settings in itunes, nothing is working! help

I have an old iPhone 3G i want to give to a friend. I haven’t updated it in forever (3.1.3, baseband 05.12.01). While I have jb’d it before, I’ve never unlocked it. She needs it unlocked. So should I just jb it and unlock it with redsn0w? What about any of the other jb/unlock programs? I shouldn’t update the firmware, correct?

I just bought an Iphone 3g off of ebay and did the steps with redsnow to unlock it. It keeps telling me to put a simcard in without a pin code. I am in Germany and all the sims are locked here. how would I go about getting past that to get to my springboard so I can finish the steps to unlock my phone with Cydia?

every time i download ipsw restore fo;ders off the net my windows pc id's file as a ZIP file and not as a IPSW file. why is this?

thanx ,,,, i have jailbroken iphone .. only problem is that i m not able to add repo repo666 to cydia .. no add tags are there in cydia .. wht to do now ..
further i m nt able to find ultrasn0w in cydia as well ..
please help

I have done the above procedure but my screen still shows connect to iTunes. And connecting to iTunes say your iPhone is updated.
Nothing works :(