J.D. Power survey shows consumers still most satisfied with iPhone on all major U.S. carriers

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The latest smartphone consumer satisfaction survey from J.D. Power still shows the iPhone coming out with the highest marks on all four major U.S. carriers. The survey, which asks thousands of customers on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon about their satisfaction with their current smartphone, was conducted between September 2013 and February 2014. Across all four carriers, Apple's devices came out on top with high scores — 850, 857, 853 and 849 on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, respectively, on a 1000-point scale.

Samsung devices came up close behind Apple on all four carriers, but still fell somewhere between 1 and 5 points behind the iPhone. Both Apple and Samsung beat the average satisfaction of phone customers on each carrier by a solid margin, with Apple as high as 20 points over the average in the case of customers on Verizon. The survey notes that an increasing number of people still place "price" as a driving factor in their smartphone purchase, making the overall preference of iPhones even more impressive.

Source: J.D. Power

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J.D. Power survey shows consumers still most satisfied with iPhone on all major U.S. carriers


In every product category, consumers give the highest grade and preference to the most expensive products. The more people pay, the more inclined they are to be happy with their purchase. Apple's phones are by far the most expensive => People are satisfied with them. This is a no brainer. Just like expensive wine always tastes better than cheap one, even when the product remains the same and only the label on the bottle changes, an expesnive phone will always be better than a less expensive one, so long as people spend their own money purchasing it. Psychologists even a name for this phenomenon, but I cannot recall it now.

Trappiste I'm not sure if your drunk on that wine your talking about or just retarded

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Really...!? Im satisfied by the quality and build of the phone, not because it cost me 400.00 to purchase the phone. Customer satisfaction isn't inclined by what you pay, by all means... if I pay that much money for a product and I'm not happy with it more reason to complain about it and bring down the hype. +1 for Apple.

Not sure that is a real phenomenon. I buy wine all the time. Price doesn't always correlate with happiness or quality.

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Normally wouldn't even comment on such nonsense but your point is just so bad. If anything, because the device is priced high it raises customers' expectations which easily correlates to a greater risk of disappointment. And to be clear, you're also insinuating that wineries simply sell the same wine to everyone just with different labels and price points? As a Certified Sommelier (and tech enthusiast) please allow me to enlighten you with an educated perspective: you're wrong.

This might clear it up the original palm pre- came out on sprint and most of us switched to the iPhone and as good as webOS was the hardware had a lot of issues switching to the iPhone quality fueled it in my opinion

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