Latest Tesla software update will let you start the vehicle with your iPhone


Tesla are the premium electric auto mobiles available for those who not only wish to save some money on purchasing fuel, but also to have the latest toys available. The software running the Tesla vehicles is set to be upgraded to version 6.0, which will bring numerous features, including the ability to start the Tesla with nothing more than an iPhone.

It's already possible to connect the cars with a Pebble and Android Wear. Support for the Apple iPhone joins new navigation and calendar apps. Oh, and now it's possible to give the car a name, just in case calling it Nigel silently in your head when approaching the doors wasn't enough. Do note that this new functionality requires the iPhone mobile app.

Are you looking forward to connecting your Tesla to an iPhone?

Source: Electrek

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Latest Tesla software update will let you start the vehicle with your iPhone


First I need to by a Tesla Model S...

I'm not sure if all this connectivity is a good thing. I wonder what the extent of vehicle control for this car will be?

He hopes that it will be limited to things like this not "steer you car from your phone" "control all systems but the wheel and brakes from your phone" "never put down your phone because you can't use basic car functions without it"

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Tesla is my dream car. I hope to have one some day...and then control it with my iphone 10 or X or whatever is out when I can afford one.

Uh oh, I accidentally ditto'd a ditto. Does that cancel out the first one or cause an infinite ditto supernova?

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