Leaked iPhone HD/iPhone 4G is near-production unit


In a larger article discussing the circumstances surrounding the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G that founds its way into Gizmodo's hands on Monday, Daring Fireball provides some interesting details about what just might be the near-final production unit:

  • A few weeks ago engineers already familiar with the 4th generation iPhone were permitted to use disguised versions as their daily drivers as part of the cell phone testing process.
  • The N90 visible on the Gizmodo phone matches the known code-name of Apple's next generation GSM iPhone (so, um, what's the codename for the non-GSM next-generation iPhone...?)
  • The DVT stands for Design Verification Test, which is Apple parlance for a production milestone.
  • That means what we saw on Monday is either close to final, or final hardware for the next generation iPhone.
  • There's a cryptic footnote asking what Apple would do with a next-generation iPhone that was do different, design-wise, it couldn't be disguised as a current-generation model. (Please. Please don't start slider or flipper rumors!)

If there were still any lingering doubts, cast them aside. It looks like that cool black glass and banded aluminum sammich, or something closely refined from it, is what we're getting in June.

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Reader comments

Leaked iPhone HD/iPhone 4G is near-production unit


Fine by me... I like the design. Will probably get one for myself and my wife when it's released into the Great White North.

My only hope is that AT&T will work out a decent deal for those of us that bought the 3GS last year that want to upgrade to the new model.

I could care less about physical design. If it does what I need it to do I'm all over it.

Yuck, it looks hideous although I am very happy with the revamped volume buttons. I don't like the way it looks at all but hey, it's the new iPhone so I'll be waiting in line like everyone else come release day!

I like it. Getting it day-1. Glad I stuck with my 3G and skipped the 3GS. This one is gonna be a real upgrade.

It's looks awesome! I will be upgrading my 3GS for sure if this is what the next gen will be. Well I'll probably upgrade no matter what apple desides to do lol

Don't count on AT&T giving any discount to 3GS owners. They didn't for those who bought the 3G. That's why I waited.

Well if u bought the 3gs on day one your upgrade was a year from that day. Just checked it yesterday. So as long as the new iPhone comes out after the 19 of June. U can buy it at the upgrade price

No, seriously, I'm almost 1 yr into my contact with my 3GS and if this comes out in June I'll be paying "early upgrade pricing" to get it.

Excellent. I like the layout of the new device. It has a smooth, clean look to it and it's a nice upgrade to an already superb device. HOWEVER: I live in an area that gets ZERO 3g coverage, and my friend just got the latest droid over verizon. What a monster difference in speed. It will take a lot more than just a new look to make me stick with Apple and their phones.

@jriehm, my upgrade was supposed to be in mid January. But then when I checked the AT&T site after the "upgrade date" they had added about 6 months on and made it the end of June. Which is fine by me since I was waiting on iPhone 4 anyways.

I'd preorder now if they'd let me. My venerable 3G is starting to show it's age, physically. What we still don't know is what memory configurations it will come in. I'd be all over a 64 gig version, but I don't think there's room in the case for it with the three radios, etc.

those volume controls are ugly. and i would like to see a more rounded back, not that flat like on the photo.
but it'S a new iPhone. The day will come when im gonna buy an iphone. currently it's to expensive. in germany.

I think the new design Apple has set forth is a "Magical" design. Apple always tends to exceed the expectations of their consumers. The sleek design is something new, something different, and definitely something beautiful.
Now all that is left, is for At&t to improve their data network so that we can actually use that front facing camera.

I guess the only dissapointment I might have is that the screen size has not been enlarged. I personally think it is too small. 4.3 like the new HTC EVO would be ideal but 3.7 would be good enough for me.

I hope this isn't the final version. It wld be better if they add dome curves on the edges.
N the most hated thing is microsim. It means tht it's going exclusively to AT&T again. N I can't b using an unlocked iPhone on my tmobile sim.
Rest of the features r great plus os 4.0 makes it even better

I like the front to the edge, and the metal siding... but the back makes it look like an ice cream sandwich. Can't they at least make the back an aluminum-like color?

Q. How do I know if I'm eligible for an upgrade?
A. Customers can check their eligibility at www.att.com/iPhone or by visiting any of our company-owned retail stores. If you're not currently eligible, we'll provide you with the date when you may become eligible. You also can call NEW# (639#) from your AT&T handset and receive a text with information about your upgrade eligibility.

I feel sorry for you in USA who have to stick with AT&T.. We in Sweden have four different carriers. Why in the world does Apple have an exclusive carrier in the States?

I agree I want one, the key thing is that ATT and Apple need to figure out a way to let those of us who want to upgrade every year do so without charging us $700 per phone.

If battery life is extended then losing a few curves is worth it. I like the design, those that don't soon will. Apple knows what is good design even if you don't yet!

Wait oh wait isn't this the HTC Droid Incredible? Is everything going cookie cutting style Yuck

I was hoping for a even larger screen like the new htc hd2's 4.3 inch screen. I'm eligible to upgrade in November from my 32gb 3gs which I love! Might wait for the 5g version next year.

Sainte. I don't know where your getting your info from so I will share what I experienced last year.
If you bought the 3G in 2008 from release date to Sept 30th 2008. You were considered an "early adopter" for buying a 3G[S]. I bought my 3G the day it came out and when the 3G[S] came out people went crazy on Twitter and they had like a bagillion people complain overnight. AT&T then allowed this early adopters thing to happen. I have no doubt that AT&T will offer this again and this will mark the second year in a row I bought a new phone 12 month later for new contract price. $199-$299.

I can picture Steve jobs coming out and pulling out the leaked phone out of his pocket and be like "you might have seen this online already" then he puts it to the side and pulls out another device from his pocket "but this is what we've been working on". For all we know there will be more then one iPhone shown (AT&T version and version version maybe?)

I get the iphone every year when it comes out for the $200 pricing. Att lets you upgrade if you purchase the new iphone every year with in a time frame from the new one.
i got the 2g 3g 3gs and now the HD/G4

For all of you worried about the micro sim... Worry not! It uses the same interface as the current mini sim so all you need to do is grab some scissors and cut your mini sim to the micro sim size. That way you can use your current AT&T or t-mobile sim. And if your a frequent sim swapper, they make micro sim to mini sim adapters.

That phone is fugly, like all the other slab phones. The curved back on current models also makes them easier to pick up off a table--it raises the edges so you get a better grip. They should have a flat area in the middle, but still curve the edges. And two buttons for volume? That's nuts. The rocker is superior. Finally, if they change the form that much it won't work with a lot of expensive aftermarket goodies. That wouldn't make companies like Bose very happy.

You are eligible for an early upgrade to an iPhone at a reduced discount. Our records indicate that you will be eligible for an upgrade to an iPhone at a discounted price on 09/04/2010
yay :) To bad I have to wait a few months most likely but pretty awesome for att allow an upgrade every year.

NICE! I love the new design, was hoping it was the final or near final design. I'll be buying one for sure... and selling my BlackBerry Bold 9700.

@webvex... actually no, it would make several companies like bose VERY happy. Why? Because that means if old equipment doesn't fit with the new phone, people will have to buy all new equipment to fit the new phone. Bose would be very happy if you had to do that.

My big gripe with this issue about Gizmodo showing off maybe the next Iphone Generation is that there will be no surprises when or if Apple shows off thier new iPhone. I wonder what would apple would have gave Gizmodo if they have never leak information out onto the web? Maybe a front roll seat to apples next big event?Or maybe they would have got a big $$$$ for not leaking any pictures or information? Who knows... But, in my option I think apple now will look down on Gizmodo...

I'll be in line getting it. Not a huge fan of the design but I'm sure it will grow on me. It could have been shaped like dog doo doo and I'd still buy it.

That thing is smexy. If you don't like it don't buy it.
I believe the back of the new iPhone is made out of a new material which is not plastic, but also not metal (some have said ceramic?). It's probably the reason they ditched the rounded back. Not all materials can be shaped easily, and manufacturing costs are always important when you need to make 3 million per month or so...
It's already been proven you can cut down a standard sim and make it fit in a micro-sim slot.
Who cares about upgrade eligibility? Just pay full price and sell your old one on Ebay to offset the cost. Upgrading to the 3GS cost me $75 net...

Eh, I think it looks decent, whatever it really is. It's going to be in a case anyway.
Hopefully my wife can keep from dropping hers into the crock pot again.

I dont mind this phone.. i just cant stand the seam lines and the volume buttons.. Im sure apple will do something about that

There is no "set" time to get an upgrade price - it depends on the monthly bill. From what I understand, it will be somewhere between 12 and 24 months.
Last year AT&T worked out an option to allow some people who were not eligible for an upgrade price to get it. I wouldn't count on it again this year. It may happen, but it is just as likely that it won't. Personally, I think people who buy a two year contract shouldn't complain, but we covered that last year.

For gaming this shape is definitely better and i really hope the 2 buttons can be used for additional functionality in games.

@ Tom
the HTC HD2 is nice..the screen is very nice and VERY big..I thought I would have liked it but honestly...4.3 is WAAAAY too big for a phone!! try putting that thing in your pocket without looking like a 'tard. I think 3.7 or just SLIGHTLY bigger(..hell.... not even bigger) should be the standard.

Just so you guys know AT&T offers early upgrades for iPhones if you bought a iPhone model within the first 3 months of release. They say it's for the people who keep wanting the latest and greatest model each year. So you can upgrade from 3GS early if you bought within first 3 months. I've done it every year.

I guess I'll be adding a line if I want one. I've only had my 3GS a few months. I'm not sure I'm sold on the design yet though. I'll have to wait and see it "live" before I make up my mind.

@David. I may be wrong, but when Apple developed the iPhone, no other carriers wanted to carry it. Long story short, AT&T took it.

I first said that I didn't like it but it has very much grown on me. I like it and I can't wait to get it.

I bought a 3G the 2nd day it out and was told by AT&T online and on the phone that I could early upgrade Dec. 2009, so about 18 months. Don't know if they changed their policy but that's I was told. If that's their policy now then Ill upgrade every year.

It's rather unfortunate looking, to borrow from the great Elle Woods. But, I always keep mine in a case, so I'll trade fugly for function.

I personally think the new phone looks ugly. This design / look has been done by other manufacturers before.

Every time I see a picture of this phone I get the urge to punch something. Jobs, where are you!?!