Location-Based Home Screens, Speech to Text, Image Transport, Event-Based Contacts, In-Call File Transfer -- Apple iPhone Patent Watch!


Like an old episode of Star Trek, Apple patents provide us with a look at many possible futures for the iPhone, some of which -- but not all of which -- may one day be ours. Cases in point, AppleInsider rounds up the latest batch from Cupertino:

  • Location-based home screen means a user would be presented with a dynamically generated Home Screen based on factors such as location (get off the plane, automagically be presented with local weather, maps, contacts, etc.)

  • Speech-to-text would take what you say into the iPhone and transcribe it into editable text (similar to what many 3rd party apps offer now).

  • Image transportation, where picture are automagically scaled and sent for display on a TV or similar external monitor.

  • Event-based contact lists, hosted server-side, that would allow access for event participants.

  • In-call file transfer would let users share a file with someone they're already talking to on the phone.

Yeah, iPhone 4.0 is coming when again?

Rene Ritchie

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There are 18 comments. Add yours.

Tenor146 says:

Haven't we already discussed the possibility of in-call data transfer. Like music? That certainly would be great! And location based home screens that you could choose what goes where depending on your location would be sweet.

Freiteez says:

location based home screen would be nice.

icebike says:

Speech-to-text would take what you say into the iPhone and transcribe it into editable text (similar to what many 3rd party apps offer now).

Really? Apple Patented that?
Imagine what the Dragon Dictate people must be thinking?
Or the Google Mobile App Developers?
Prior Art Much?
I SO want this feature. BUT It is an OBVIOUS use of speech to text, and thus this patent will not stand.

Roger says:

A better way to organize apps would be nice. Like a first page with icons like games, press, applications, etc that would send you to the proper page immediately.

Al says:

They aren't saying they are the first to ever do this, they are patenting their implementation.

Tom says:

I would love weather to be gps aware that would be awesome

icebike says:

I agree with Roger.
What apps I want to use does not depend on where I am.
(This sounds like apple looking for its lost quarter under the street light because its easier to see there than it is back in the alley where it was dropped).
Category and User Assigned Tags would make more sense than what we have today.

danny says:

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Joe McG says:

Can you give a synopsis, rather than all of us having to read through 100's of pages of legal documents?

fastlane says:

I think the term "home screen" is misleading in the article's first bullet point.
I figure this is a lock screen or "first" screen that updates depending on where you are and/or what you have planned (in Calendar), and/or where you're headed (a link to launch GPS which is already routed), giving you the temperature and weather of where ever you currently are, the correct time if you've changed time zones, the names and numbers/email addresses of people you have scheduled to contact at a certain time, etc, etc.
It would constantly update with whatever relevant information pertains to your location at any given time of day. You could simply click on them to call, launch, email, text, etc.
I don't interpret this as being a reorganizing or rearranging of icons as you move throughout your day. That would just be ridiculous.

Joe McG says:

They should call it intelliscreen and pretend they invented it...

fastlane says:

@Joe McG:
Yeah, sort of... but far more "intelligent."
For example the calendar, and other apps, would display clickable info.
Intelliscreen is nice for now, but not even close to what this could be.
If this is meant to simply be new icons with stripped down location-based info... well, then it's of little use to most, I would guess.

icebike says:

Google is your friend in this case. IANAL.
There are some pretty good writeups on these in various places on the web. They both got a lot of press attention.
Groklaw may be a good starting place: http://www.groklaw.net/staticpages/index.php?page=20050402193202442
KSR is about an obvious application of something. (Obvious to anyone skilled in the craft or industry under discussion). These obvious applications of existing technology are much harder to patent since that ruling, even if you are using it in a new device).
BILSKI calls into question business practices patents, as well as software patents.

Toha says:

This is great,but what abot the cities like mine(Grodno,Belarus)?can they cover them?

antonioj says:

4.0 is too far way, they should revamp the UI by xmas. The competition is leaping ahead...just look at the MAEMO 5 UI from the new Nokia N900...iPhone UI starts to look dated

Home says:

I am really amazed to hear about speech to text.What is the complete idea behind this one?