MacBook Touch/iTablet/iPhone HD Panels on Order?

Mac Touch Concept Rendering

MacRumors is reporting on a Digitimes story that says Taiwan-based supplier:

Wintek revealed that it is currently working with Apple to develop some new products, but it said it does not know what applications the new products are for.

Apple has denied interest in producing both a tablet and a netbook in the past, which is what they do both when they really have no interest, and also when they're about the release something. What with all the new hardware Apple dropped last week, TiPb has speculated that the March 24th date for a rumored Apple Event could be used to debut the iPhone OS 3.0 beta, a higher resolution iPhone HD... or an iTablet form factor.

If Apple does release a new device, would it really be a netbook scale version of Mac OS X or a large-size iPod touch running the iPhone version of OS X? Either way, developers would need time to ramp up (or down) their apps. Either way, could this be more fuel for that fire, or simply more grist for the rumor-mill?

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MacBook Touch/iTablet/iPhone HD Panels on Order?


Didn't Steve Jobs say that he was proud of the products he has released but even more proud of those he hasn't? So that might indicate there will be a new product (tablet, netbook) on the horizon. I can't imagine they would, but then again, I never imagined I'd be typing this from my iPhone either.

Wow. It's hope it's a scale down / full or special version of OS X. Leave the mobile OS X for the iPhone and iPods. iPhone HD would be cool, with 32GB, denser pixels and more sensitive.

Why would Apple mention a new iPhone this early in the year? That would just cause potential buyers to wait until the new one comes out instead of purchasing right away.

@christomapher, because if they don't then the FCC will be the once to announce the iPhone since once it gets there for approval all information is public.

They need to announce it early to build up hype and to get people saving why do you think high end phones are announced months even a year in advance. you can't announce products the day before it goes on sale.

@ christomapher
they did this last year...I said the same thing bc that would mean my iPhone was old and no longer "cool"....I lived in denial too. Be happy for us first gen users were upgrading finally

Apple wouldn't make a "iTablet" that runs mobile Safari first off. It would more than likely run full OSX or whatever OS they have in the future (because I don't see this anytime soon) and Apple also would create a more reputable name (I.E MAC touch) because they never use a previous base name (tablet is old.) Most likely iPhone HD. And @Christomapher: Your completely right. Good point.

iPhone HD? Really? Is this pure speculation or do you have a source? I ask bc I've seen it talked about here for a while. I'm surprised you think that. I could care less about resolution. I'm looking for wireless N support, PNS, ccp, and most importantly, video conferencing and MMS.

I am one of these idiots still in hope that a new iPhone will be out in the coming months and will buy then! Rumours of iPhone HD, 32Gb versions and all sorts of things flying around, no concrete evidence as of yet..... bring on March 24th... or more than likely end of June!

Make it with the full Mac OS X (not just OS X like the iPhone and iPod touch) and we are sold. For full blown Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. About 300 g and 5-inch screen. Pocketable. We need thousands for our University. Like the OQO, but a true Mac OS X tablet.

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