Man Threatens to Shoot iPhone, Man Gets Arrested


Man goes into Apple Store for help with iPhone. Man gets frustrated with iPhone. Man threatens to shoot iPhone if it doesn't start working. Man draws attention to previously concealed weapon. Apple Store techie tells manager. Manger calls police. Police arrive. Police arrest man.

Justice, served.

[WPCO 9 via Gizmodo]

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Reader comments

Man Threatens to Shoot iPhone, Man Gets Arrested


I had a bad experience at that same Apple Store (at Kenwood/Cincinnati) too when buying my iPhone 3G last year. The people working there are pretty clueless, but that's no excuse to threaten firing a weapon.

I'd wait to hear the other side before assuming he "threatened firing a weapon".
The exact words (allegedly) were ""so mad I could pop a 9mm at it". Thats not a threat. And its perfectly ok to threaten your own inanimate objects. If not, my TV would have had me in cuffs long ago.
The only issue here is if he had a concealed carry permit.

The Cincinnati Kenwood apple store is clueless because they hire poorly. I applied and was turned down at the first interview despite over five years of teaching and maintining apple applications and hardware. But that could just be me being bitter.

I would have just took a runny poop on all the iPhones and pissed on all the MacBooks. I mean talking about a gun is just crazy.

@Joshua: you are an incredibly big n00b.. Yes it'll come out in June and that has nothing to do with this post.
The guy was obviously mentally unstable and not used to touch screen phones, and the fact that he was unstable is further proven by the fact that he showed a concealed weapon inside an apple store.. What the fuck..

Earless puppy.... (There's an app for that) That's the funniest thing I've heard all day...but I'm just getting outta bed...

I just gave my iPhone a bath and am now getting her ready for bed.....I love my iPhone.....I think the guy needs charges brought on him for threatening his iPhone.....too funny...lmao!!!