Monday Fun: iPhone Banned at the Gates'... but Melinda Might Want One?

Pulling from a Melinda Gates interview with Vogue (via Geeksugar), being married to Bill, who loves the power of software, isn't without its limitations:

There are very few things that are on the banned list in our household. But iPods and iPhones are two things we don't get for our kids [...] Every now and then I look at my friends and say 'Ooh, I wouldn't mind having that iPhone'

Gizmodo imagines all sorts of iPhones secretly hidden beneath the mattresses at Casa Gates, but we imagine some fancy Minority Report-like future security that just scans people for Apple-tech coming and going. And, hey, seriously, who can blame Gates? Can we really see Steve Jobs giving his kids Zunes... or Xbox's?

Rene Ritchie

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iAirmanshirk says:

hahahahaha. Take that bill

Blake 2 says:

If I had that kind of money, there would be no limit to what I'd have. "Kids, you want an iphone or a jet?" "iphone...ok it'll be waiting inside your jet!"

Ana says:

makes sense....he can't very well have his family being photographed with an iphone.
She could have kept that info to herself....she kinda but her hubbie on blast.

sting7k says:

Lol, pretty funny. I wonder if the Gate's kids get any flack from their friend's who probably all walk around with iPods and iPhones. But then like was said, they might be walking around with prototype gadgets that are so cool and futuristic that everyone is jealous of them.

Muero says:

Rene, please save this comment and re-read it before every post you make at TIPB:
Adding "apostrophe S" to the end of a word is not the way to make it plural.

Frog says:

Geez Bill. Your a flipping billionaire, let your wife buy an iPhone if she wants one!
Steve Jobs wouldn't buy his family a Zune, for the same reason most people don't - they suck!

Steve says:

Poor Bill. All that money and he can't buy Apple products, and he can't buy hookers. :)

Wayne says:

Yeah, there are a few things on the banned list in my house. WinMo is the only one. :)

christomapher says:

I'm glad that I am not the only one who gets annoyed at her grammar! ;)

spook† says:

lol...uhm...I do believe Rene Ritchie is a guy ;-)

Ana says: know whats even more annoying? people complaining about the bloggers grammar.
If it annoys you so much start your own blog and please take all the whiners with you. ;)

stldirty says:

What's even MORE annoying is someone criticizing a blogger and being completely WRONG. Renee meant it as possesion not plural. As in the Gates' house. Where the apostrophe means it is the family's house.

Dave Bissett says:

All Gates family gets a Chrurro instead.
What to do with a Churro?

Jellotime91 says:

WinMo is so fcking inferior to iPhone OS..

Rene Ritchie says:

Xbox's is fine. As is BlackBerry's, and Chu's for plural form of the Chinese surname Chu. Not everyone agrees, of course, but language isn't science and if purpre can become purple, askion and aksion can become ask and aks, and iPhone can have a mid-word capitalization, we can worry less about how I apply an apostrophe in a blog post and more about the actual story, or do we need that special form of self gratification that can only come from trying (and oft failing) to point out nits rather than discuss subject? :)
And yes, a dude I be. See, in proper grammatical usage, Rene is masculine, Renee is feminine, gots it? :p

Anti-Rene says:

Rene... Xbox's and Chu's and BlackBerry’s are not fine to use as plurals. You are fundamentally wrong in your assumptions about grammar.
It makes you look stupid. (... It make's you look stupid. see?)

Ben says:

I would imagine an Xbox would be fine with Steve. It's not like Apple makes a competing product.
Honestly, I tend to not even think about Microsoft that makes the Xbox as the same company as Microsoft that makes Windows.

Steve says:

I've never owned anything made by Microsoft. If Apple went out of business, I'd just live under an old rotting bridge rather than switch. It would be less nasty.

thenicksabin says:

I think about xbox being microsoft every time I get the red ring of death. (which is three times now)

Karen says:

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TexasJeff says:

sting7k Says:
March 2nd, 2009 at 1:11 pm
Lol, pretty funny. I wonder if the Gate’s kids get any flack from their friend’s who probably all walk around with iPods and iPhones. But then like was said, they might be walking around with prototype gadgets that are so cool and futuristic that everyone is jealous of them.
Nah, they just reply with "I can multi-task, change out my own battery, and can deploy my own apps without the undocumented approval process standing in the way."

Torrie William says:

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