Monday Fun Video: Before Verizon's iPhone iDoesn't, There Was Sega's Nintendon't

20 years before there was Verizon's iPhone iDoesn't... and Droid does campaign, there was Sega Does and Nintendon't.

Be interesting to see if it works out better for Droid than it did for Sega...


Rene Ritchie

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shollomon says:

Love me some 16 bit graphics.

MrAnonymous says:

Sega Genesis was THE SYSTEM for me back then.
Road Rash ftw.

killingwthasmile says:

@ MrAnonymous
Road Rash was the best game out at that time! I would play that game for hours on end! Sadly the sequels were lacking.

cardfan says:

And then Sony came out and smacked em both around. Sega never recovered.

Macboy74 says:

good job. lol now where's sega and where's nintendo??????? exactly. verizon+moto+roid=Fail

TrueEddie says:

All that commercial was missing was "Actual gameplay footage"

JimmyD#IM says:

The odd part (to me) of the iDoesn't commercial is the 'Saw' like editing at the end. The entire tagger, the reveal of the product name looks like a generic horror movie or video game.

AG says:

Wow Have u ever heard of something call NINTENDO WII???? Nintendo is still on top not to mention NINTENDO DS Nintondo is still doing big numbers!!!

tweger01 says:

I think he meant nintendo is on top and sega isn't.
You freak out too easily...

Nickel says:

Yeah AG, stop tweaking out.

Pimp Lucious says:

Wow, that Moto/Verizon ad really hurt Rene's feelings. Don't worry man, Steve's a big boy, he can fend for himself.

icebike says:

@pimp Lucious.
You Nailed it!

LzarEus says:

@ MrAnonymous...So right! Road Rash Ruled!!!

AG says:

LOL I wasn't tweaking out I just love nintendo and had to back nintendo up (~:

Rjd says:

Well the difference is that the commercial about the iPhone by verizon is actually true. The problem is that Apple is deaf to its customers which is why their products make a big splash then eventually get subsumed. Same thing will happen with iPhone.

Macboy74 says:

@AG no sh*t Sherlock that's my point. Where's sega now? And where's nintendo?

Rjd says:

@macboy: enroll in a college level logic class. And take Rene with you. iPhone is saturating its market with teenagers when it should be more concerned with what those teenies are going to want when they grow up.
Why do you think MS gives office away to students. That's why MS owns the REAL longterm market.

Jason says:

Wow, I remember that commercial!

Omari James says:

LOL and obviously Genesis Failed ... Verizon adapted a failed advertising strategy

Macboy74 says:

@RJD Ill get on that. I guess being a in IT and in computers for over 20 years. I have no clue what I am talking about. Do you think the majority of iPhone users are teenagers?

dev says:

Actually, the Sega Genesis was a huge success at the time of this ad, and for a long time thereafter. Years later, Sega screwed up the 32X, Saturn, and Dreamcast, effectively kiling them as a console company. But this ad campaign, judging by sales figures at the time, was quite successful.

BBYM#IM says:

I hate Verizon and refuse to sell it from now on... (reps pissed me off)