An iPhone Blogger's Trip to the Dark Side with Verizon's Motorola Droid


Much has been said about Verizon's latest addition to their smarthphone arsenal, the Motorola Droid, some good and some bad. I decided to pick one up and decide for myself. It's been a little less than a week that I've spent with my Droid and I must say, I've actually come away quite impressed. Now by no means am I saying the Droid is the best looking device on the market, nor is it the perfect smartphone -- that simply does not exist. But what we have here is a very solid effort by Motorola. Sure Apple is at the top of the game in regards to UI, ease of use, speed, etc... but they have to play some major catch up with the release of their next iPhone -- namely on display, notifications, and multitasking.

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I want to start with the first thing that really pops out when you turn the Droid on -- the display. I will admit I never had issues with the screen on my iPhone... until the Droid came along. The Droid's display has a resolution of 480x854 and is 3.7-inches of pure delight. So much so that after using the Droid for almost a week now when I look at the screen on my iPhone everything on it comes across as being blurry.

Apple, we all beg of you, please make Rene's dream of an iPhone HD come to life by giving us a better screen on the next version of iPhone. Pretty please...



The way the Droid handles notifications is not something new but rather a staple of the Android OS. Like many of you, I feel the iPhone does a very poor job with any sort of push notification whether it is a incoming text message or a sports score. So poor in fact that if I receive a sports score and then a text message right afterwords I have no way of knowing the sports score ever came through! On the Droid I can get all the scores pushed to the device and have email, text messages, etc and a simple swipe down on the screen reveals every single notification. I'm not sure about any of you but how the iPhone handles push notifications is getting pretty old at this point.



According to our poll of what Droid feature would you like to see on your iPhone, many of you would like to see the ability to multitask 3rd party applications. Apple's response to your request has been that multitasking will kill your battery faster than you could ever imagine. Are they correct? Yes and no. Multitasking will have a negative effect on your battery but it's not as much as Apple claims it to be. Apple needs to let the consumer decide for themselves. If they'd like to take a hit in the battery life department to be able to multitask 3rd party applications, why not let them? Give us the option and make everyone happy.


So what does this all mean for Apple, and for me? Will I be ditching my iPhone for the Droid? No. I could never leave all of you behind. But I will be keeping the Droid as it definitely has my attention. I can't say it's the Verizon network as AT&T service is top notch where I live, but the three things I discussed above have me hooked and good. The Droid really is Apple's wake up call in a sense. It's finally a competitive enough device that it should force them to step up and greatly improve upon the iPhone next time around. While I would never tell any of you to do away with your iPhone I will tell you this, if you have a chance to pick one up and give it a whirl, do so as you are sure to enjoy it.

If you are interested in learning more about the Droid be sure to check out Android Central's full hardware review as Casey knocked it out of the park. And if you've already tried the Droid, drop us a note in the comments and let us know what how it treated you.



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iDavey says:

Did a blogger from TiPB just give a basically fair and honest review on a non-apple product.
I...I...I am in a state of shock!

On2Vegas says:

Jeremy, Did you have a chance to use either of the docks? I'd like to hear your opinion if you did.

iDavey says:

Ooh, and my friend receives his Droid today at 3pm EST. As the fellow tech geek of my friends...I get to give it a run and help him get his Android device running top notch.
I can not wait!

mystic says:

I think that week in and week out the TiPB guys have been more than fair to other devices. It's a pity that some of the trolls that frequent the comments section aren't quite as generous to the iPhone and Apple.

pharmtechie says:

Had a chance to play with one. Is it an iPhone killer? Who cares, but Android 2.0 is definitely a contender. The screen indeed makes me a little bit jealous. the qwerty keyboard? I don't need one so no.
Did I secretly enjoy the phone? No, I enjoyed with publicly and was quiet impressed by the unit. Would it replace my iPhone? Probably not, I love MobileMe too much and my Macbook goes too great with the iPhone.
Would I recommend this to someone who does not have a Mac and a smartphone? Of course.
I'm too used to the iPhone to go to another phone as of right now. Please don't put this phone down without playing it and experiencing it. It is a great phone and deserves praise imo.

cardfan says:

IMO, the Pre had those 3 same things over the iphone as well. Multitasking, notifications..
And screen. Though the Pre's is smaller, it's much sharper especially text. The iphone's screen looked a bit blurry to me as well after going back to the iphone. (I'm sure the Droid's screen is much more dramatic in difference though)
So again, it looks like we're seeing another competitor nail it on these 3 fronts over the iphone.
Hopefully Apple tackles these this summer.

iDavey says:

Yeah, I tire of hearing the "iPhone Killer" form fanboys and manufacturers alike.
As many people have said...there need not be an iPhone killer. Just something that can take and stand next to it.
I believe if they can make a phone with similar specs...and put it in a body as sexy as the Xperia it would sale like hotcakes.
X10's UI as it stands looks a lil With the complexity of their UI, I actually stand by Apple's "less is better" mentality. SE seems to thrown a lil too much into it.
But the Droid's vanilla Android doesn't do enough.
Perfect Android phone would have X10's body, HTC's UI, and the Droid/X10's specs.

RADEN says:

"Did a blogger from TiPB just give a basically fair and honest review on a non-apple product.
I…I…I am in a state of shock!"
Haha, so am I. Seriously, though, this was a fair review and a good read. Getting tired of reading fanboy reviews that only say it's not an iPhone killer and provide no substance at all. I don't care it if it's "killer" or not, but I definitely want some of these features in the next iPhone.

jtz5 says:

can you summarize the "greatness" of Mobileme? Thinking of going to it. Thanks.

iphonemilk says:

I switched over from a 3Gs to the Droid.

flyingember says:

we're avoiding it where I work. too many reports of activesync issues that means won't work functionally or with our corporate security policies

Constantine says:

The thing the IPhone crunches everyone at is accessibility for blind or visually impaired users. The fact that voiceover is built right into the OS makes it simple to get up and running. If the Android did this, I'd certainly give it a try.
Hopefully apple fixes and improves when the next Iphone is released. They are inavating now though, putting voiceover first on the mac and then, on the first ever commercially available touch screen phone that a blind person can actually use with not much practice.
This stirred up a lot of arguements in the blind community, people saying how stupid is this, it will never work and others, such as myself, saying that the Iphone is a great device. Yes, it has its problems. Though I haven't experienced some of the problems people have such as dropped calls, the phone not ringing, that could be because I am in Canada.
Otherwise, we're left paying 400+ dollars for a screen reader for nokia phones or Windows Mobile. So the Iphone, in terms of accessibility, was a huge step in the right direction.

fastlane says:

Personally, I believe us jailbreakers are motivating Apple as much as, if not more than, the competitors are.

Patrick says:

If Apple doesn't add features like the notifications and screen resolution the Droid has I would seriously consider switching to Driod when AT&T contract is up!!!

iDavey says:

Well...for the longest Android has had an app that someone was working on that made it accessible for blind and such. It's always had the TTY support like every phone.
But with 1.6 they added even more. Text to speech synthesis. Voice dialing has always been in it. Same with anything else, it will only improve as time goes on.
And the voice commands has already been stated in some reviews as being way more accurate than any other voice system.

Tom says:

Of course this review is fair and unbiased. Jeremy wrote it.

iDavey says:

Actually...I add more to it. That had made me look into my "accessibility" section of settings. Android does indeed have TalkBalk, SoundBack, and KickBack options.
Hell, you learn something new each day.

pcdsim says:

Why are you guys the only ones aware (besides Android Central, duh) of the Droid(s) existence?


Ron Jeremy says that's not too shabby of a review. As much as like my iPhone the droid is a decent second choice till the next "iPhone killer" comes around the corner.

WillJ says:

Thanks. I'm considering switching because of carrier service issues but I love my iPhone and some of the apps like NeuroMobile. Although the Droid turn-by-turn navigation and Google Voice is very enticing. I may try to hold out until the iPhone is available of Verizon but I hear it could be several months away.

Dwayne says:

I'm not worried about Apple competing with other manufacturers. I am pretty sure that they will so whatever needs to be done to stay in top of the smartphone mountain. With every iPhone, there have been major improvements and each feature added seemed to be better than any other device with the same feature. Wait until June. We will be saying Droid who? HD2 who? And dare I say RIM who?

nemov says:

Great honest review. People are too territorial about phones. I've wanted to get an iPhone for the past year, but I didn't want to leave Verizon (for a couple of reasons). It's been tough because they haven't had a decent phone. The Droid is great for many of the same reason the iPhone is great. One is not going to kill the other. Finally Verizon has a decent smartphone. The Droid is great, the iPhone is great. Choice and competition are the real winners here.

iDavey says:

I agree with that. It's not about which phone can destroy which. Just which one can offer an alternative to which.
I mean...whether you're Android or iPhone...the future is supposedly looking bright and grim.
With Apple...they tend to have a history of rising...then either capping or falling.
Android is getting flashed around...but the fragmentation issue is beginning to rear it's ugly head into that party.

fassy says:

Agreed -- Jeremy, nice review and summary of areas the iPhone needs to focus. While a sharper screen would be nice, and I would love for the (non-jailbroken) ability to run at least 2 3rd party apps at once, the notification system is the iPhone's most glaring weakness relative to the Droid. (For that matter, WebOS also handles notifications far better than the iPhone.)
Of course, the iPhone does some things better, too. For my part, until an Android device with hardware equal or better than the Droid runs on a network that can reliably do simultaneous voice and data, I am not moving anywhere. Apple, for this customer at least, has some time to improve :)

John Frum says:

As an iPhone user I used to listen with some envy to the claims about the superiority of Verizon over AT&T.
That was before I read this article by David Pogue. tsemail/index.html?8cir&emc=cir

Yobad says:

@Ron Jeremy... Thank you so much for not typing in caps and actually making since :) that honestly just made my day lol

fiyahstotah says:

Why Doesn't The iPhone Have A Memory Card Slot??
I just saw the iPhone Ssucks video on youtube and in the video the artist ask Steve Jobs why he hasn't included a memory card slot in the iphone.
What do you guys think? I mean the iphone is considered the best phone in the world right? So why doesn't it have a memory card slot?
here's the link to the kinda funny, kinda annoying but completely true video:

fassy says:

Tinyurl'd version of John Frum's link
Summary: Verizon has doubled its early termination fee for smartphones, from $175 to $350. While the termination fee drops each month, it is still $110 after two years(!)

Arti says:

The biggest problem with the iPhone is also something they can EASILY fix. The problem is battery life, and that is not the fault of the battery it's really because it's too much drain to have on 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth all the time.
The EASY fix is for Apple to give us one place, one button, where you can control several functions that most affect battery life. Give us a button we can put on our screen that opens shortcuts to:
--3G on/off (for when we're not using the phone)
--WiFi on/off
--Bluetoon on/off
--Screen Brightness slider
That's it. Why is Apple so rigid that they can't make this one easy change and let us easily turn on and off these battery-sucking yet very important features. Right now you have to go through a number of very annoying steps just to FIND the bluetoon and Wifi options. Forget about doing it in a moving car, too.
And why not have a function that automatically remembers your custom defaults? I.e. I can have one button that says HOME and it knows to turn off Bluetooth but turn on WiFi, etc. It's so damn easy and it will solve the battery thing. But no, they want to force us to have everything on all the time and kill the bat, or else never have them on because it's so hard to find the functions.

Damien says:

I love my 3GS, but AT&T service is very spotty in my area, so I picked up a DROID for a week. Verizon's service in my area is definitely more consistent and the DROID is a very nice device.
There were a few things that bugged me about the OS and hardware. The notifications do not tell you (in number form) how many messages or emails you have. I love that about the iPhone. I couldn't get my work exchange account to work on the phone without downloading a program from the Android Market. On the iPhone all of of my email accounts setup flawlessly. Cut, Copy and Paste is hidden in the menus and takes too long to gain access, when compared to the iPhone. The touchscreen isn't as responsive as what I am used to and I have NO use for the physical keyboard. Another dislike with the keyboard is the fact that it slides open while in my pocket. The media side of the phone isn't even worth mentioning.
I guess I may have some bias because I am an iPhone owner, but the DROID is definitely a great alternative for consumers.

Macboy74 says:

who care's about memory card slots on the 3gs? or any other phone for that matter? I have a 32gb iphone!!! Why would I want to switch out and carry around little micro sd's with me ?

Dragonfly says:

Only a blind fanboy would believe that the Droid isn't a contender, is it an iPhone killer? Hell no! The only phone that can kill the iPhone is the next iPhone. That being said it's definitely enough to make Apple sit up and take notice (I hope).
I would kill for the iPhone to have some of the features that the Android OS, the notification system for starters, the iPhones notification system is a complete joke, I hate it with a passion! Love the droids. Multitasking, at least give us users the choice for goodness sake. Screen, better screen please. And while I'm at it, how about a flash on the camera, and a messaging app, imagine the Beejive IM completely intergrated into the messaging app as standard, with the addition a messaging feature for iPhone users only, similar to Blackberry messenger. These additions would make the next iPhone absolutely amazing.

Rob says:

My roommate just got one so I've been able to play with it. Apple def has some things it can learn from the droid, like notifications. I'm really not worried about the screen res. I'm sure it will be improved on the next iPhone. One thing that did stick out though is the quality of apps native or othewise. The iPhone is still on top by a long shot when it comes to that. So basically the droid has made me really anxious for the next gen iPhone, great well written apps and easy ui with multitasking, notifications, and an HD screen (hopefully)

JustinHorn says:

I'm glad there are more phones coming out that don't suck. The more "iPhone killers" the faster Apple will have to move on adding features.

ThatWasNotByRene says:

Did a blogger from TiPB just give a basically fair and honest review on a non-apple product.
I…I…I am in a state of shock!"
Of course it's unbiased. Did you see who wrote it? I don't read articles like these if it says "by Rene Ritchie" because that's definitely an Apple fanboy's article. Notice how Rene's gambit is always negative to get you to click on it but that's about it..all the rest of his blog delves into how much he loves Apple.
Conclusion: Read whom it is by..if it's Rene, move along as it would be completely and utterly one sided!

Lordzod01 says:

I love my iPhone, but i need to JB it to have it fully useable. Apple need to step up next time. I don't think I'll be alone in swapping to something better. If we look at the droid now, I wonder what really cool phones will be out by apples next release. The fact arrises that the droid is setting standards for all other developers aswell. Don't get me wrong, personaly I prefare my iPhone. I'm just wondering if Apples next release will stand out or fade away after a couple of months.

icebike says:

A balanced review.
So keeping both phones? Does your employer pay for one and you the other? It seems like a lot of expense for an interesting second phone.
How many Dual Phone users are there out there?

icebike says:


who care’s about memory card slots on the 3gs?
Why would I want to switch out and carry around little micro sd’s with me

Because you can.
It makes it a lot easier to get things on and off of the phone. Movies, pictures music.
Because you have always done it Apple's way you have no idea how nice it is to be able to put huge files or different music collections on different cards. Apple doesn't want to let you do this, but its been common for other platforms. You don't HAVE to carry them with you.
@Ron Jeremy:

Ron Jeremy has changed his ways a little,

Thank you.

pharmtechie says:

For my other work, I require constant email. Yahoo is only fetch and it's not reliable (personal experience) and so is the Gmail as well. MobileMe changed all that for me, I get my mail pretty much instantly (there are times that have took longer).
I love taking pictures and just being able to send it right to my MobileMe account. Then I get on my Mac and organize it from there. Now you can take an extra step and just send it to your email and whatnot but to me, it's very convenient.
Calendar is not a big deal to me, I do love the address book. iDisk is a lifesaver for me, pulling files from left and right "fairly" simply.
Haven't had the chance to use find my iPhone and probably won't have to but that is also nice to have. To me it's worth $99 for one of the best push mail experiences I've ever had!!

Lost0n3 says:

I have the droid for a few days now and have tried to study it in and out! And I love it! Not an iPhone killer in the least, but still a great phone!!

iDavey says:

I'm kind of lost. You say notifications doesn't show in number forms how many messages you have...when in fact it does. It actually shows it in the pic above. You also say cut/copy/paste is hidden in menus? All you have to do is long press and there it is. The ability to select, cut/copy, and paste.
When I did own two phones (AT&T and Sprint)
I had one for talking, other for messaging. This was before AT&T had unlimited messages.
So what I did...paid main price for minutes on AT&T. Then got the lowest voice plan on Sprint with unlimited text. Really wasn't that expensive.
I kept that up until the Sidekcik $30 plan came along.

iDavey says:

That's one of the BIGGEST advantages of Android.
If you center around Google (email, calendar, pictures, YouTube) everything can be synced automatically. Gmail is pushed instantly (maybe a few second delays in my own personal test).

Johnmasters says:

Great review, I love my 3gS but android is interesting me so much. There is a hell lot of things Apple should learn from android. I'm surprised no one wants widgets or more customization I believe those would be great on the iPhone, the Htc sense UI is a great interface. Notifications, multitasking, a larger screen, and somewhat of a new design are a must for me to continue buying the iPhone. I love AT&T so no plans on switching but the minute AT&T gets a phone made by htc with their sense UI and a bigger screen running android .. Bye bye iPhone.

Josh says:

Thanks for a very well balanced review. I have several friends who are 3gs users who have their eye on the Droid. I'll send them your review. Again, well done.

Damien says:

I was referring to the fact that you have to drag the notification window down to see how many messages there are. There is no badge that displays the number. Sorry that you are confused. As far as the "holding" for cut and paste, I obviously didn't find it that way. Like I stated I didn't have the phone for very long, not for me.

tys says:

have you seen SBSettings for Jailbroken iPhones? It does pretty much everything you suggest for quick access to settings. Apple really ought to incorporate something similar in the next OS revision.
There's also a jailbreak app that can automatically change settings based on time of day or your location, but I've not tried it.
Kudos to jailbreakers and the Droid for keeping Apple on their toes!

sooper_droid12 says:

Honestly, this is the first iPhone/Mac-phile review of the Droid that was fair and balanced. What I believe should be done though is to stop calling the Droid an iPhone-killer. iPhone does iPhone well; Droid does Droid well. It's really apples (no pun intended) and oranges.
That being said, I enjoy the use of my Droid and I enjoy the iPhone for certain other things (camera takes nicer pictures and pinch zoom (but Apple has a 380+ page patent with intent to sue so props for Verizon/Motorola for staying out of Apple's hair)).
As far as iPhone HD... this isn't likely. One of the things that's helped Apple with the iPhone has been precisely that they've kept the screen the same size (i.e. from 2G to 3G to 3Gs). This structure has allowed for great quality apps to be written for it. Unlike Android where the Droid came out with a larger screen, they updated the OS for screen size flexibility. But that also discourages developing of really good apps. So, good and bad and my take is Apple will stick with the screen size they have now or introduce a new device after they figure out how to port current apps to a higher res screen.

sooper_droid12 says:

By the way, you think Jailbroken iPhones are great... you should see what "rooted" Droid phones are doing. 256mb limitation on apps got you down? iPhone has 600+ mb limitation? Apps to SD card. Cache to SD card. And that's just small potatoes to what is possible on rooted Droids.

nemov says:

That NYT article by Pogue is practically meaningless. It makes sense why Verizon is raising their ETF. Does anyone understand subsidies? Plus, I've been a verizon customer for eight years. If I haven't left Verizon by now, it's going to take something special.
The rest of the article is full of "I get emails every day" generalizations. Does he get emails every day about AT&T's lousy service?

Joe McG says:

If Apple doesn't come out with a higher res screen, then they better start writing an obituary for the iPhone. Higher res screens are the next wave, and the iPhone is already behind.

Jay Mobile says:

I'm very excited about the attacks that vzw has launched against AT&T and the iPhone because it will force them to step up their game and fix what we AT&T customers have been complaining about for years now. It's no secret that AT&T CEO Mr. De La Vega is very cocky since the iPhone has done his company well, to the point that even with complaints people are still flocking after the iPhone. So with that in mind they refuse to lower plan prices or fix coverage or offer more 3g, I mean with the all the money that they have made you think they would spruce up their coverage. But now that they have a formidable opponent I hope that something is done for us faithfuls. GO VZW!!!

Rene Ritchie says:

Nice Jeremy! I'd almost be jealous if Canada wasn't likely to get a GSM (unlocked?) version (albeit with the less-cool Milestone name) early next year. :p

Rhit says:

Good review. Good job Rene. :)

Joe says:

If apple really wants to step up the game the following NEEDS to be done:
-Better battery life (neccessary for everything else to work)
-4.0' WVGA AMOLED screen
-5 megapixel camera
-1ghZ snapdragon processor
-slightly altered design
-improved notification system
-more customization
-(a good idea) Allow apps to be hidden to avoid cluttered home screen
-(another good idea) A WIDGET STORE , in which developers can create widgets for their applications or something of the sort.
-Allow users to select which screen they want to be their default home screen.
-Allow an iPHone theme store, in which people can make themes
^these are just a few suggestions to get them ahead of the game again
i find it funny how everyone was playing catch up to the iPhone and now the iPhone has to catchup or improve there own

Joe says:

just to add , if they really want to appeal to consumers they can start now by making a plan with carriers to allow 3g Video Calling with a front facing camera to exclusively iPhone users. That would make people want it BAD, especially the regular consumer.

KenDroid says:

Well, I have to say I've made the change myself almost a week ago. It's like a weight being lifted off my shoulders! I love the iPhone, and I got the iPhone 3G the day it came out last year. But, the 'no service', drop calls, and the ever un-forgivable no 3G where I live here in the northeast. Now the iPhone itself has erased all of my music and movies at least 3 times! Well, that was the last straw.
The screen is KILLER, and the multi-tasking is amazing to say the lease! The notifications are great. I'm still thinking iPhone for UI while I'm using it, but it does take some getting use to, but I'm getting there. I have 3G now and I can make calls without them dropping or getting 'no service'. I would say that's a step in the right direction! We'll see how it fares in the future!

sooper_droid12 says:

@ joe mcg
Perhaps an AMOLED is in the future for iPhone, but don't expect the iPhone 4G to have a bigger screen. Unless, Jobs and company do something amazing (which I don't doubt either). It's the 65+ page pdf dev guide, the screen size that hasn't changed, the strict controls on app dev... these are the things that people enjoy the most about the iPhone. It's getting quality apps. What is the iPhone without kick-butt apps? A mediocre phone. Yeah, the UI is user-friendly, but Apples have always been like that. It's the UX that defines the iPhone. The way that Apple markets that UX is by keeping very strict controls on what goes in and what stays out. Controlling screen size allows for the richness of that UX. You really think they don't add multi-tasking because of battery life? Please. Tight controls allows for better quality. Always has, always will. BUT...
Open-source is a developers DREAM, which is why Android OS has a ton of upside. I just explained this to someone today: It's two fundamentally different business models. One company (Apple) wants to sell you a product; the other company (Google) is the one that wants to change how we do computing everywhere, which now includes our phones. They want Android on every phone, from touch-screens to flip phones. One is creating a rigid platform the other a more flexible one. One is asking for everyone to conform. The other one is free. If Apple goes to a larger screen, again, they'll have to figure out how to port all the apps developed for 2/3G/s to it. Android already figured it out. Check out their development page.
@ kendroid
Keep at it man. The more I play with it, the more impressed I am with the device. I haven't been this impressed since the iPhone. The iPhone has gotten long in the tooth. The days of being restrained to going only left and right are over! Now, you can go left, right, pull down, pull up, widget, multi-task and still get 7 hours of battery life!

kev says:

@RON. So go bang a few broads for the cash


RON JEREMY SAYS I like how all these wannabe RJ's are poping up now but they give themselves away by doing what RON JEREMY

Coldsmoke says:

I went to Verizon to buy a Droid and was really looking forward to it but after playing with it at the store for 30 minutes I decided to wait for a couple weeks/months until they have a firmware update.
While the screen is nice, I was a little put off by responsiveness of the touch interface. The screen just seemed to lag a bit to the point where it was slightly awkward to use.
Not a big deal, but I just thought I'd wait a bit longer.
One other comment.... I would actually prefer if they made a similar model of the Droid without a physical keyboard. I felt the keys were difficult to press accurately. However, the virtual keyboard is awesome and definitely on par with the Iphone for typing. It would be a home run device if they dropped the physical keyboard and the result was a thinner, lighter Droid. THAT would be outstanding!

njmobile says:

How is the media player on the DROID? Will it play unprotected ACC/MP3 etc.

YaThatGuy says:

The thing to think about is android phones have been around how long? One year! In one year they have come so far as to put up an iPhone contender?! BB fanboi, iPhone fanboi, Palm fanboi, ect. All have to be impressed by this. How many generations of iPhones have there been? It's very feasable that the Android platform could become the number one contender and do it in a short amount of time. And RIM is coming with some heavy development as well and still ranks above Apple in sales. I have to think it's kinda anyones ballgame right now............

iDavey says:

Oh, well the beauty of these new fangled things called actually can get icon size widgets that show badges for messages and emails. And ACTUALLY in the Sense get badges on the Messages icon (not sure about the email seeing as I never kept email icon on my homescreen)
But had the phone for a limited time. Maybe you should limit your opinion as much also. That's like someone picking up a phone, flipping one screen over, then saying it doesnt have this or that. It's asinine.

Victor says:

@cartfan You're nuts that the Pre screen is better than the iPhone. It looks like CRT in comparison. It's disgusting, too small and incredibly hard to read. You must be a mini human or something.

excaliburca says:

Well, the article may be balanced but the title of the article certainly wasn't.

ThisBrian says:

@YaThatGuy the iPhone made the Android where it is today. So you can't really say it took Android only a year, it was built from what the iPhone introduced to the phone world. Yes we are impressed that he iPhone has been out less that 2 1/2 years and brought the phone industry to it's knees trying to make a iPhone killer.
I like my iPhone but I also like competition, I want other great phones so I can have a choice or a better iPhone. Your paragraph makes you just sound like a basher and not being realistic, by bragging on something so much when it most likely wouldn't be what it is without the other.
I will agree that it's anyone's ballgame now. I believe it will be who gives the mass public what it wants not just the phone geeks.

sooper_droid12 says:

@ njmobile
DROID plays all unprotected media files include AAC and mp3. Here are the other formats: AAC, H.263, H.264, MP3, MPEG-4, WAV, WMA, eAAC+, OGG, AMR WB, AMR NB, AAC+, MIDI
The media player is very good, video player is very good, but I haven't played a hi-res video on it yet so I can't legitimately comment on that, but will look to explore that area soon.
@ coldsmoke
I don't know what the complaint is with the keyboard. My only thought is people must have some fat fingers. I have absolutely ZERO problem typing very accurately with the keyboard. I read somewhere, this guy was using his fingernails to type because he couldn't press the buttons! Really!? Fingernails? People complaining about how flat the keyboard is. Hello! Can't get more flat than a virtual keyboard.

sooper_droid12 says:

@ Brian
You fail to remember that iPhone was built on a history of smartphones/devices by Nokia and Palm, of which, Apple has incorporated a number of their patented technology into their iPhone. There isn't much "innovation" to the iPhone that Jobs can patent, but the things that could be, he did, i.e. "pinch zoom," which is why you don't find it on the DROID (or the G1 for that matter). Now, Nokia waited 2 years and millions of iPhone units later to file their suit; it would seem that Apple may do the same against HTC, but probably not dare to do the same with Palm, likely because Apple's infringement of IP belonging to Palm is layers deep. Apple isn't any more innovative than Microsoft. They take something and make it better. That's development and technology. DROID did the same and did it without the same lag time, lest we forget iPhone 2G.

Mange says:

I got a Driod that i use at work.
It's pretty good.
Far more better screen than the iphone.

Vonhugendong says:

Long live the real ron jeremy!!!!!

ThisBrian says:

@sooper_droid12 I don't fail to remember, it's people don't like to think their phone is inferior to others so they cut down what made the market what it is today. Apple found a way to use technology the way people wanted to use it. The problem is people don't like the restrictions Apple has on it's product.

Al says:

The Droid really is an amazing device. I love the idea that the phone becomes a different device when it is docked. I still can't leave the iPhone though because I want my phone to replace a dedicated media player. The Droid is a joke when it comes to media playback unfortunately. Surely that will be Google's next hurdle to jump. They need their own Mac/PC media management software that integrates with Android phones. That's when they really start to compete.

sooper_droid12 says:

@ Brian
iPhone didn't make the market it is to today. iPhone set the new bar for app phones. That being said, as I've been touting all along, it's wrong to pit the DROID as an iPhone-killer and in that way, the DROID fails. The iPhone does iPhone and the DROID does DROID. It's the iPhone-toters that are waging this war where one device must beat or kill the other. It's not DROID owners that are fearful; it's the iPhone owners.
I've been following the hoopla media surrounding Droid for a good month or so, and since its release, I've read exactly ONE article written by someone who's never owned an iPhone. Invariably, it's an iPhone-owning blogger, or writer, that's making these inane comparisons. That's why I was surprised this article was as unbiased as it was.
You also have to realize, a lot of the people coming to the support of DROID don't even own DROIDS to comment. They troll around stirring stuff up. But in their defense, what DROID did was take what Apple's done with iPhone and made it a little better. Put iPhone on Verizon and that may sway a lot of DROID owners to an iPhone. But open up iTunes to DROID and iPhone is done.
iTunes is Jobs is little cash cow at the moment. He ain't letting go!
@ Al
I don't think Google needs to make that jump. Google will probably enlist the development of the Amazon and their media interface. Google's business model is very different than Apple's. Where Apple likes to control everything, Google is opening it up to other companies and industry. The power is in the collective cooperation of many, not the isolated workings of one. But yes, media integration is the next hurdle, but at the rate Android is developing, it's making strides that Apple took a decade to lay down its infrastructure.

Biggy says:

I just last week went through the exercise of renewing three phones... my wife's, daughter's and mine. All with Verizon. My wife picked out the new LG Chocolate touch... great little phone. My daughter went with the Samsung Rogue. Again, another nice phone. They both text mostly with very little talk time.
I was looking to upgrade my Motorola Motorizr Z6 slider. I wanted a smart phone this time around for no particular reason or need, just looking for a toy to play with and have something that it easier to text on other than a numeric keypad.
I played with the Motorola Droid for at least an hour in the store when it was released. I went back a couple times within a week and played more. Actually liked the feel and size of the HTC Eris but alas it the older Android OS. I probably would have bought that... if it had the 2.0 OS that the Moto Droid has only because it would have won me at that point in time. Not doing any research yet, it would have been a compulsive buy.
Other than the screen being nice, I didn't want a slide out keypad. Especially an offset one. I poked around Verizon's app & media offerings... it ain't no iTunes store thats for sure. Also, the more time I spent on the Droid, the more I realized how less intuitive it is than the iPhone.
I've played with friends iPhones and was familiar with them... wanted one. I have an iPod Touch and four or five Apple's in the house. But you know... the whole AT&T/Verizon thing. Wishing it would come to Verizon, will it come, cheaper to stay with a family plan etc. seemed to always talk me out of an iPhone.
As much as I wanted to warm up to the Droid... I couldn't. So... even though I am paying a couple dollars more a year by defecting to AT&T (w/o a family plan), I feel the experience of the iPhone over the Droid is worth it. I plugged it into my MacBook Pro and synced all my contacts/songs/and a few pics over in seconds... not to mention the benefits of my MobileMe account, which I totally forgot about until after I purchased the iPhone.
The iPhone may be old and tired to those who have had them for while, but to me being a new user looking for a smart phone, it is still very fresh and way more intuitive than the Droid (for this user anyway). I'm extremely happy with the iPhone experience and glad I'm not locked into the Droid for two years. As a side note, where I live and move about, there is no discernible difference in service between AT&T and Verizon. I'm actually quite amazed at the speed of browsing on the iPhone.
Anyway... thats my story. :-)

YaThatGuy says:

They did. It's called Motorola Media Link and it syncs not only your unprotected media files but also iTunes.

YaThatGuy says:

Oh and pictures, device back up, yada yada.
And on a side note :D I'm a Blackberry user. Didn't mean to sound like I was bashing the iPhone. Where I on AT&T.........DAMN right I'd have one :D Jailbroken of course ;)

garynky says:

How do you pick up a Droid for a week???

JT Stone says:

Excellent review. I am still seriously considering the Droid.

ThisBrian says:

I just went to Verizon, no working model. It doesn't look very good, but felt sturdy.

alex c says:

This was. A great. Review especially coming from an I phone user. This was 100 times better then other one sided reviews. Thank you I will pass this review on.

Peter says:

Of course they're not going to put a memory slot in there. That's how they F each and every one of us. They charge a killing for the "upgrade" just like they do with the iPods.

Brick says:

I really think the Droid looks terrible. Seems like they are going back to StarTac aesthetics? The SE X10 looks much better in comparison. With matching specs, I'm kinda puzzled by the attention Droid has been getting over the X10.
I think we are all tired with Apple's battery issues, since it's the main excuse they are giving for not implementing multitasking and notifications. It would be nice for technology not to stay a step behind because you can't get your battery sorted out.

YaThatGuy says:

The x10 looks SWEET! But alas it's a GSM phone :(

destardi says:

Brick Says:
November 17th, 2009 at 12:45 am
It's a Droid thing; you wouldn't understand. Check out Gizmodo's review on the X10..they didn't feel 'the magic' like they did with the Droid.

Matt says:

aND DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE BATTERY...YEAH MULTI TASKING TAKES a toll but my droid last all day easy no matter what I do...also you can change the battery and buy a new one for $ in a year when your iphone battery is shot you'll have to buy a whole new phone. And we can just grab another battery and use the bad one as a back up

Mavic19 says:

I'm a Droid user and absolutely love it. I have friends with the iPhone and was jealous because I wanted an intuitive, yet powerful smartphone. I also did not want to leave Verizons network (which is a necessity for the state I live in due to AT&T's spotty network). I also am not a fan of WinMo or BB phones either. So when I heard of the coming of DROID, I was very excited. I've had mine for about two weeks now and am addicted. The Android OS is very cool and easy to use. The screen is amazing as well. I am also impressed with how quick Google provides updates to their products (patch 2.0.1 due this week and Android 2.1 due late January). The only thing I could do without was the slideout QWERY as I only use the touchscreen (and the ERIS was smaller and lower res).
Is the product perfect? No. I've encounted a few minor bugs that the patch intends to resolve. But overall, nothing has diminished my overall positive experience with the phone.
My iPhone toting buddies have also been very impressed with it. But as the earlier posts state; it is not an iPhone killer. It is an iPhone contender. It is a competitive device that offers some unique features that many will love and is an alternative to switching providers.

cathrene says:

Now iPhone make its own space in business world. There are some companies which give you the facility to work on iPhone optimized websites and SDP Labs is one of them.

S Stone says:

I still like the droid phones as they are easy to use and have lot more features.
I use them a lot for surfing.