Multi-Core Mobile Processors iPhone Bound?

We've heard before that, among other things, iPhone OS 3.0 would support quad-core processors. Of course, we haven't seen these processors yet, but now ST-Ericsson and ARM have announced they'll be giving a private sneak peak at one at Mobile World Congress. (Via MacRumors):

The technological breakthrough is the first of its kind and is based on the ARM(R) Cortex(TM)-A9 multicore processor, which represents a significant leap from previous generations of baseband/application processor architectures by providing unprecedented levels of performance and power efficiency.

Combined with previous rumors of OpenCL support allowing the faster, betterPowerVR graphics cores to boost general processing as well, and 802.11n mobile WiFi chips future iPhone generations could be, as Steve Jobs is so fond of putting it, real screamers.

Better hardware (especially more RAM) could, of course, encourage Apple to allow more 3rd party multi-tasking. Maybe even make the leap to iPhone HD? (In a matt black finish?!)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Multi-Core Mobile Processors iPhone Bound?


Man!!! The more you talk about the new iPhone the more I want to bounce my old 3G off my living room wall...I can't wait...3am front in line believe it singing the David Progue iPhone song:0)

Welcome to iPhone's r Us can I take your order?
Me: yes I'd like the new iPhone HD with the quad-core chip.
IRU: would you like anything else with your order?
Me: yeah.. Umm I'll take a side of copy n paste, some low cost tethering and flash please. Oh! And hold the AT&T please, last time you gave me AT&T and it ruined my whole meal.
IRU: pleas pull up to the next available salesperson with the WinMo handheld device.

Can't wait, and happy to stay with ATT, they've been way less problematic than the other carriers for me.

All of this hate for AT&T has to be location based I live in North north bay CA and I get 3G most everywhere.