Dev Team Explains: Why NOT to Update to iPhone 2.2.1

So if you don't live under a rock you would have noticed that Apple released a iPhone/iPhone 3G firmware update this past Tuesday. TiPb then warned all of you jailbreakers/unlockers out there not to proceed with updating your firmware... Judging from the comments, some of you took heed to our warning, while others were not so lucky.

To get a better understanding of what is going on with this latest Apple firmware and why you should not update just yet, be sure to check out the video above from iPhone Dev Team member, musclenerd.


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Reader comments

Dev Team Explains: Why NOT to Update to iPhone 2.2.1


I guess a lot of us must have realised this by now, the Frostyplace hack no longer works if you are on 2.2.1, best to do the hack BEFORE updating the firmware.

@XCool, you are incorrect. My Emoji icons still work perfectly fine on 2.2.1. The update did not break that for me.

@Jeremy, I believe what XCool is saying is that if someone who didn't already have emoji by using frostylocks, they would not be able to get it if they already updated to 2.2.1 those of us lucky enough to do it before the update can still use it.

I love how the post starts off with "if you don't live under a rock", I guess that everyone who doesn't live under a rock is supposed to be an iPhone crackhead?

Isn't it kind of obvious not to update your phone if you are jailbreaking or unlocking it? This happens every time, duh.

oops ! i did it ,i upgraded the latest version 2.2.1 .i really doesn't knew about it before ? is there any solution ? my iphone was already jailbroken and i upgraded it through itunes day b4.can somebody help me out to solve this problem ?
thanks in advance .

Can anyone explain to me what happens to the iphone itself when a jail-broken phone is updated? Like does it stop working completely or are there ways to fix it????

I'm new to the game, but have been feverishly checking out other sites/blogs to find the most helpful stuff out there.
Seems this whole jailbreak process just replaces Apple's restore (iphone OS installation) bundle with a similar package that includes Cydia and allows the phone to install 3rd party apps--that's it. There's no "magic" to it.
If you restore the phone back to Apples iTunes firmware, or jailbreak the phone again, you lose some sata.
I found these two apps online: APPBACKUP and APTBACKUP (one is for app store apps backup, the other is for Cydia apps backup), but haven't used them. They sound great in theory. Anyone check them out yet?

is there any way to get immediate news of dev team so I know asap when I can unlock my 3g?

Hey guy, I do not live under the rock, but was not that lucky about the updating the iphone to the new firmware just released. I Updetad to the new software, my phone starts malfunctioning, restored back to factory settings, and was totally locked out of the apple world. I cannot use my iphone again untill I get the 2.2 jailbreaking software. PLS HELP ME OUT GUUUUYYYYSSSS
Tosin From Lagos/Nigeria

My i phone 3g is jailbroke to 2.2 software, and i instal the yellowsn0w. but the service still doesn't appear.
My location is Indonesia, my celular is Mentari Indosat.
anyone can help me?

i jaibroke my iphone just for the apps.....if i up-date my software will i have any problems. im an at& t customer so i didnt download need for it.

hey guys, i just started today to try and jailbreak my 3G iphone. i dont really know anything about this stuff. I have version 2.2.1(5H11) and modem firmware 02.30.03. So whats the deal, i tryed to jailbreak it once and it looked like it was going to work, but when it was complete it just was froze on the apple logo. Is there like not an update out for my version ? PLEASE HELP

I have the same problem, you CAN NOT unlock your iphone with 02.30.03 modem firmware, dev-team is still looking for a solution and believe me im waiting for it, i baught an iphone recently and cnt use it with my sim bcos yellowsnow isnt compatible with the latest modem firmware, its horrible! We just have to wait really, i have been trying 3 weeks now to find a solution, there arent any! will be checking so see if anybody knows better than me.

i was able to "jailbreak" my 3g vs 2.2.1 however i have no intention of unlocking my phone. Everything worked out good, i still have a signal and am connected to wi fi however my contacts are gone as well as my email accounts. Can I sync with itunes or will that overide the jailbreak?

I have updated to 2.2.1 and baseband 02.30.03, I am locked with only the USB pointing to Itune can't go further
So I purchase an X-simcard and still it don't works
Please advise me what to do
I came out with a brick

Hi I have updated my iphone to 2.2.1 I am locked with only the USB pointing to Itunes, is there anything i can do more?
Please tell me what to do, really im very upset, tnx

i have the same problem as the other.. i'm on 2.2.1 with 2.30.03 baseband.. i am also left at the USB pointing to itunes phase... is there any good soul out there to help us? it's so frustrating not being able to use the oozing power of the iphone.. PLEASEEE!!!!

hey, i got it just this morning! hehehe... indeed, patience is a virtue! :) here's what i've done so, just follow this people:

  1. download Quickpwn 2.2.5-2 (for window users) or the Pwnage Tool 2.2 (for mac users - though i'm not sure how the procedure goes with mac users.. sorry.)
  2. download the 2.2.1 firmware (that's with the 2.30.03 baseband) and save it in the Quickpwn 2.2.5-2 folder.
  3. open Quickpwn, open also itunes then plug your iphone 3g.. after it is recognized by itunes and Quickpwn, close itunes then proceed with Quickpwn.
  4. Quickpwn will give you the option to browse the firmware.. browse and choose now the 2.2.1 firware you've downloaded earlier then follow the next couple of simple steps and you'll be able to feel again the power of the iphone! :)

this process activates the phone and jailbreaks it but doesn't unlock it because the 2.2.1 firmware with 2.30.03 baseband is still unlockable, so a valid sim card should be used.. or, you can also purchase/use a rebel sim together with your local sim card to "unlock" the iphone for the meantime. enjoy! cheers!!! :)

i got my iphone from Singapore during the 1st week of April. It came with OS 2.2 version and i was able to use the sim from local carrier in India. It worked till i did an OS 2.2.1 update.
I was told that nothing can be done with this phone and I have to use it as ipod till the new software is released for unlocking it.
Can anyone help in bringing back my iphone to life??

Hi.. i think im only half-way under the rock?
i got my 3G iPhone 2.2.1(5H11)/02.30.03 un-simlocked by paying AU$120 to Optoss, then after that I did tha whole jailbreak thing.
Initially i had a few issues, but restored it & was working * p e r f e c t l y * un-simlocked & jailbaked until I switched it off, afterwhich its impossible 2get tha WiFi to un-gray itself & turn on.
Which brings me to being half-way under my rock.. i dont think much ov the brick-sized iPhone & its many missing basic features and WiFi was probably my only reason for living... with an iPhone.
Anyone able to offer some idea's on how to get it back, ive restored it, restored it from the phone doing the 2 hr reset, ive restored it then reloaded Pwnage or woteva.. im stuck.. half-way.. rock.. wifi..
ltz.. ryan

i got my 3G iPhone 2.2.1(5H11)/02.30.03
I am using Turbo sim with my local sim.
Everything is working fine. Except for my Wi-Fi on iphone.
It doesnot show any wifi networks wen i turn on or i try to connect manually..
Plz help wat can i try to get by wifi back....
I hav done everything, reset, restore n stuffs

I swapped my good WORKING unlocked iPhone 8GB version 2.2.1 w/ a iPhone 16GB version 2.2.1. Little did I know that they have this modem firmware 02.30.03 that is un-lockable! Everything on this phone is working fine in addition! There was so many applications w/c my old iPhone did not have that caught my attention on the swap. The only thing wrong w/ the phone is that the Wi-Fi isn't working! Please is my phone fixable or its just useless?!

I did the apple update on my Iphone which was working perfectly till then. now it is asking for a supported sim card to get activated. what can i do. I live in Lagos nigeria. thanks.