Updated: Official: Bell Mobility and Telus (Canada) to Launch iPhone in November

Update: Telus is official too, here's their sign-up page for those who want more info.

Bell just went and made it official:

Bell and Apple have reached an agreement to bring iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS to Canada this November.

For US readers, this is sort of like Verizon and Sprint both announcing HS

So we ask you, our Canadian readers, will you stick with Rogers/Fido, or give Bell or Telus a whirl? Let us know!

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Reader comments

Updated: Official: Bell Mobility and Telus (Canada) to Launch iPhone in November


I'm sticking with Fido for now, we'll see what killer deals I can get for an iPhone in 2011 when my contract expires :)

I agree I will stick with Fido. I was with Bell in the past, and I had a lot of issues with them. Family members are still on the network however, and have been interested in the iPhone. I'll see what they do and how well it goes for them.

I have a crappy ol' MotoRazr from Solo Mobile (which is really just Bell).
My contract expires in August and was ready to hop on the rogers bandwagon just for the iPhone (certainly not for Rogers stellar service...) but now MAYBE I won't have to.
Of course, all the cell providers in Canada suck so to be perfectly honest it doesn't matter WHO you're with. You're still going to get screwed.

Well seeing as how I’m under contract until hell freezes over (well, OK, only two more years) I won’t be switching. Rogers has their hooks into me for now.
In 2011, if Bell is offering significantly better rates or shorter contracts, maybe. But honestly, in terms of service (including signal strength/availability and customer service) I have had no complaints with Rogers (whereas I had many service/support problems with Bell as a Sympatico customer a few years ago) so it’d have to be a real savings to switch.

I will stick with Rogers for sure. Bell doesn't have any GSM for now, what will be the coverage outside the major cities ??

Telus has announced it as well. You can sign up on the Telus website to get pricing and plan info as soon as it is announced.

I'll stick with Rogers unless ofcourse the pricing is much cheaper on bell. I think this will be great mow that their is more competition finally!

I'm with Fido but I don't mind switching to Telus or Bell if their plans are better. Since Rogers controls the plans and prices for Fido too, everything is very pricey. Reception is pretty good and Fido's customer service is great, otherwise prices are too high.

I'm just happy to see it will mean some competition between them which should lead to better things for the consumer. This is great news no matter who you use!!!

I'm on a fairly new contract with Rogers so I'm stuck until 2011 as well. But given the bad experiences I've had with Bell support on other areas, I'm unlikely to switch. Also, I have a bundle with Rogers that gives me 10% off on Internet, cell, and TV.

It's pretty obvious that most have to stick with Rogers or Fido as the contracts are too expensive to get out of. I'm happy to see Rogers and Bell might have an opportunity to have another little price war. I'm going to wait and see what Telus will do.

Will Bell/Telus have a fallback network? The iPhone can't run on their existing CDMA infrastructure (outside the 3G)...

I'm not able to find any official confirmation for Bell getting the iPhone, an that's saying something since I am a Bell home phone rep. Anyone have a link to a press release or something. Also, how much would it be to cancel a Rogers contract if you resigned for the iPhone 3G[S] on launch day? Haha!

Can't wait to see the Bell offering on Iphone 3GS and rates.
Even considering paying out my contract with Rogers to switch.
Apparently GSM equipment has already been added to present CDMA sites and will be online months earlier than expected.
Bell was hurt by not having the Iphone so now Rates and Packages will change.
Looking forward to next month.

In a perfect world you would think this would bred more comptetion and better pricing, but let's face the facts all 3 carriers offer for the most part the same blackberries and at pretty much the same costs both on the hardware and service. So anyone that thinks this will lower the rates is crazy. All this is really doing is putting more iPhones on the market which translates into more revuene for Apple and the carriers. Personally for me it doesn't really matter what carrier I use right now. For me they all suck in certain areas and are we ever REALLY going to be happy with the carriers...I don't think so.

My take on this is we'll see Telus and Bell come out with some fairly good plans right off the bat - they'll want to get people to sign up and possible jump ship. But after that I suspect all 3 will fall in line with each other and offer pretty much the same - now what that same will be is hard to tell. I think we'll see a little bit better price for plans, but I don't see it being anything drastic.

All depends on the pricing. Since my wife is off contract now and is interested in an iPhone we'll see what happens come November.

Wow just another way to get people to go to their crappy network. I had blackberry curve on the bell network and had horrible reception problems and i was in the middle of a city, i even exchanged the phone. Im with rogers now with my iphone, A great phone does not always mean a great carrier.

In Australia our CDMA network was upgraded to 3G/HSDPA - there is NO need for a fallback GSM network. Should work the same in Canada. It's amazing here!

I have a BB through Telus and an iPhone through Rogers and as soon as my rogers contract is up i will shop them all - if telus and bell can handle a GSM phone, there goes my only tie to rogers.

The HSPA+ network of bell and telus will cover 93% of canada population. Rogers have a realy small coverage outside big cities. You will see many users who have to travel inside canada switch to bell or telus. And many new iphone users from the place where rogers have no network. I think it's a real bad news for rogers.

I have Fido now...I switched from Rogers to Fido because when the 3G was first available, Rogers ran out of stock fast...I will probably stay with Fido as they don't charge a system access fee, like the other 3 do (Fido is Rogers low end brand, like Solo and Virgin for Bell and Koodoo for Telus).
My GF has Bell and can't get reception in our house half the time (we live in a suburb of Vancouver). I had Telus from when it was Clearnet and had similar problems. That was mostly attributed to the CDMA network, rather than their poor service. That being said, Bell and Telus are lame...I'll stay with Rogers/Fido for a while yet...

In my area (outskirts of Niagara Falls) Rogers has perfect reception including excellent 3g coverage, whereas Bells voice is spotty and Telus is non-existant so definately I have no choice but to stick with Rogers unless the other companies decide to do some major network upgrades (which is doubtful since that costs money)

Since Apple refuses to make an iTunes client for Linux, I will never get an iPhone. I am on Fido and I hope that Fido will provide an Android phone in the near future. I find it frustrating that Fido does not provide the same range of phones as Rogers even though it is the same damn company. Anyhow, if I switch it will probably be to the first provider that offers an HTC Hero. I hope that before too long, there will be more choice of Android phones from all providers.

Bell have the fastest and largest HSPA network in the country now and will launch in November.. Great news to Canada for sure I HATE ROGERS and can’t wait to get rid of them

Don't get a phone on the new HSPA network!!!! SERIOUSLY wait till they fix all the problems. I've spent the last week fighting with Bell because the reception is HORRIBLE (also for some reason I can't call some of my friends and they can't figure out why how to fix it. Nothing to do with my phone or theirs, it's the network).
When I first got the phone the reception was fine but now with more people on the network it's just getting worse and worse. I live in Halifax and driving in the middle of the city the reception cuts in and out. In my apartment the phone doesn't work at all (I have to go outside!!!)
I spent around 3 hours on the phone with Bell in the last 2 days fighting with them only to hear them say the same thing over and over again.
One tech told me that this is a big problem they're having which they didn't notice when they were testing but now they see the system can't handle all of these customers and they hope to get it fixed in the next couple of months. The guy had the nerve to tell me to call in everytime I experience bad reception (which is every 2 minutes while driving).
I was speaking to a supervisor and she told me there is no way I can get out of my contract because service is not guaranteed to work everywhere and my service was cutting out because I was driving between towers (I'm driving in the middle of the city!!! It should work!)
She told me that i would have to pay all the fees and there was nothing they could do for me and it's not their fault I'm unhappy with the service. I asked for a discounted rate until the system is working properly and NOTHING.
They should be sued for false advertising and breach of contract because there is no way they have 93% coverage and fewest dropped calls and they are in no way providing the service they promised.
Telus is using the same network so watch out for them too!

Not that my connection problems are anywhere as bad as Alicia's but I was scratching my head over what the Bell technical support person told me when I complained that my service gave out because I went into a public washroom. I explained that I had no troubles previously with Rogers and my old Sony Ericsson W810 phone - and he said the same thing - that they cannot guarantee reception everywhere. But I do wonder if it is the phone, because people in the States rate the phone quality as a problem (cnet review).
If it's something they are working on a Bell, I hope they come to some solutions soon.

I am having the same problem as Nina & Alicia. I live in delta bc, I would say most of the time is low signal or no service. I really disappointed, I told Bell I never had signal problem when I was with fido. They said the dame thing over and over, nothing they can do. If I cancel my phone I would have to pay $600. I told them they shouldn't event sale it, they are cheating costomer! I really hope they can do something soon........it is so ridiculous.

I live in Tsawwassen (Delta BC) and switched from Telus to Rogers 3 years ago due to very poor reception and continuous dropped calls Is anyone aware of Telus doing anything to improve the poor service situation. Overall I prefer Telus as they have a superior coverage area when traveling through out the province.

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