Possible picture of the iPhone 5 rear panel?

Hot on the heels of the obligatory iPhone 5 case leak, we now have a supposed picture of the back panel of the next iPhone with the same LED Flash placement on the opposite corner. The image is obviously unverified budoug does match up with both the recent case leak and some supposed next generation camera parts. Two holes are clearly visible, one for the camera on the left and one for the flash on the right.

This of course could well be a Photoshop job based on the recent case pictures however it is not unusual for these types of images to leak out. What do you think, real, fake, or really fake?

[Apple.Pro via MacRumors]



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deadp1xel says:

If it is real, at least we know they are for sure making a white version from the beginning.

Dood says:

They were making a white version of the iPhone 4 from the beginning also.

Reason says:

The as i look around my house every singe thing i see that is white i either want to replace or i've actually considered painting. My white fridge and range i wish were brushed steel or black. my white xbox was a replacement for a broken white xbox i actually dismantled and painted black. Sadly it broke one month after and i'm not losing the warranty on my new on by dismantling it. Old Boston Acoustic Computer speakers, I want to paint white. Hmmmm yeah, i'm gonna guess by looking around white phones are not in my future.

RagedUSMC says:

So much for the curved back panel theory! Which I'm glad!

USAFRetired says:

Bring on iphone 6 with LTE.

dloveprod says:

That's when paying $20 extra for tethering will really be worth it.

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

It's real. Remember how everybody thought the now iPhone 4 wasn't even the look they thought Apple would go for for an iPhone? This is definitely it and it's consistent with previous image of flash being on the other side.

noberrynomo says:

This has to be a knock off case. Apple cannot be serious about the flash / camera split. I'm no camera expert, but it seems like most, if not all, cameras have the flash in line with the lense. Also, this means that even if the phone does not change size, no existing phone cases will work. I really hope this is really fake on this one.

tom says:

apple rarely makes a product that retrofits the previous model's case - it's not in their (bottom line's) best interest. hardely a reason to pooh pooh this as the next gen iphone

E says:

Well, yeah. The 3G to the 3GS used the exact same cases.
Am I the only one that still has an ounce of hope for next gen iPhone announcement and release in June??

myPhone says:

"Am I the only one that still has an ounce of hope for next gen iPhone announcement and release in June??"
No, you're not the only one. Everyone keeps pointing to that they are not even previewing iOS 5 and releasing a beta version until June with a general release in the fall. People fail to realize that Apple could still release new hardware (iPhone 5) running iOS 4.3.x. There's nothing saying the hardware needs to wait for the latest iOS. I'm not saying I have any inside knowledge. All I'm saying is that this is a possibility that some are not considering and just assuming the new iPhone will not be until the fall.

noberrynomo says:

Apple is sooooo hung up on the "magical" experience of their products and the ability of someone's great-grandmother being able to use their products that I can't see them doing something that requires you to akwardly hold the phone to take a pic. If they are going 8 megs on the camera, then they appear to be getting serious about picture taking, and to do something like this seems stupid.

Sir Nerdalot says:

I'm a photographer and flashes are always best when they are not near the lens, as that causes red eye not to mention a harsh "deer in the headlights" look with unflattering shadows.
On point and shoots, the flash is generally in one corner of the body (as with this iPhone back design), or with DSLR's above the lens by as much as possible. Of course, with external flashes, the biggest advantage is getting them much farther from the lens.
So, this design makes sense.

Reason says:

funny i've heard that from photogaphers and i'm more inclined to believe them then the people saying there's no reason for it.

steve says:

I think it might be real but i hope its not. I feel moving the camera flash away like that will result in an akward hold for photo taking.

WalkyChalky says:

What is the black spot in the Apple logo??

myPhone says:

It's the new LED notification indicator. Believe it - every picture from a Chinese manufacturer that's posted to the Internet must be true!

Nansensical says:

No it's not. Its a reflection of another iPhone taking pic of the backplate

OmariJames says:

notice how theres a hole in the apple logo ? LED ? Or just a place to insert the lego sans LED.

Giuseppe says:

It's fake. A design like this would mean shadows on the right in every image with flash.

Danny says:

Its not any LED on the apple logo -_- . its the camera they took the picture with.
It would be awesome to have an LED nofication indicator tho!

TK says:

Why put the LED flash all the way over on that side?

LCW says:

hope this is fake... was hoping for a metal back (but NOT polished like the ipod touch... brushed)

omgtdubb says:

I think the Apple Logo will light up like it does on the MacBook.

John says:

No its real and i think they are making white version of it

JPSAL says:

This just in: the next iPhone will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. My sources are very reliable. What about an article just about that?

Damitol says:

Not only do you risk shadows on one side in portrait orientation. When you shoot someone in landscape the flash will be hitting people from underneath, giving a " flashlight under the chin" effect is some situations. I'm guessing the hope is to cut down on red eye, but I'm not sure the Frankenstein effect is a good trade off.

Sir Nerdalot says:

Or, just a thought, hold it in the landscape orientation where the lens is on the bottom and the flash is above it!
Honestly, it doesn't matter at all! The separation of flash to lens is less than 2"! This will look identical to where it was before. The advantage is less light immediately glaring onto the lens.

Damitol says:

@Sir Nerdalot - you are right about how you hold it, but my thought was that in a quick shot situation it would be easy to hold it wrong, whereas when the lens and flash are next to each other, if doesn't matter. Also the further you are from you subject, the less pronounced and shadowing would be. I was just commenting that under the right (wrong) circumstances, the separation could lead to some odd results when the flash is under the lens - which will happen with this design.

Mauicruizer says:

Here's a crazy idea:
2 cameras for shooting 3D video and the apple is flash(light).

Vuuduu8 says:

The back looks like the same material as iphone 4 (glass). What kind of material is this? I'm hoping for brushed aluminium. Does the source state?

iPhone Apps Development says:

Leaked images show iPhone 5 may have a larger screen, smaller bezel.

Simon says:

There is a iPhone 5 released in JaPan alerdy

OmariJames says:

Never trust anyone who's spelling / grammar looks like this. ;)

felface says:

I hope it really really fake surely it would be much harder for the camea to pick up the flash unless they made it like an unbelievebly bright?

Chris says:

OMGGGGGGG i swear im gonna leak a case with 20 holes write some kind of chinese food name in chinese all over it and watch how many people will follow me

DLprac says:

Wow, a lot of the comments on here show some amazingly complete ignorance about how cameras/flash work.