Patent Watch: iPhone Interface to Go Shake and Grow?

MacRumors has dug up an interesting Apple patent application that would try to mitigate the difficulty associated with tapping while moving (i.e. jogging, back seat of cab, etc.) by dynamically increasing the size of targets in the user interface when it detects jerky motion.

Will we ever see it in an actual iPhone? Who knows. Would it be helpful if, while you're trying to add a potential dates new contact info at the social while getting your krump on, the icons and input areas kept zooming up on you?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Patent Watch: iPhone Interface to Go Shake and Grow?


Kinda cool. But generally, something I can't control would probably annoy me more than help!

That's a good idea, I just see one problem: when your on a bus...
Anyway, there are two buttons on the right side? And what is that thing highlighted left to the home button?

Dose anyone think that we could get two cameras in the new phone, there is a hole on top of the speaker for a camera in this patent app, the speculation roaming around is that we will get a 5.0 camera or a 3.2, how about a high resolution for the back of the phone and a lower resolution for video conferencing? Anyone think this is possible?

I thought the same thing after seeing that there were two different cameras ordered by apple. It would be a good idea. And i wouldn't be suprised if it is possible.

LOL @ getting your krump on.
I thought about something like this the other day while I was in the car with my friend. I don't text in the car because for some reason I can not text accurately enough. The ride isn't all that bumpy but while using the phone it seems bumpier than usuall.
This would be an interesting feature.

I just have a question...
How do I make sure somebody doesn't steal an idea I have for an iPhone app and how can I get it developed?