Picky pair of robbers take iPhones, leave BlackBerries, Androids

Two robbers on Columbia's campus apparently only fancy robbing iPhone users. If you have a BlackBerry or Droid, they'd rather take your cash instead. In three separate incidents on 114th Street the men repeatedly asked victims to fork over their iPhones. While the first victim handed them an iPhone, the second victim handed them a Droid. They apparently aren't Android fans and opted to take his cash instead. When the third victim stated she didn't have an iPhone, they refused to believe her and pushed her into a fence and searched her.

So far the suspects haven't been apprehended or identified but new security footage has been released that will hopefully help ID the two iPhone snatchers. One student apparently thinks it has to do with the high resale value of the iPhone -

"I think it speaks to the resale value of an iPhone,"

While the resale value of the iPhone may be higher than other devices, isn't it just easier to steal cash than go through the trouble of hacking these things on eBay or Craigslist?

Source: NBC New York

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Picky pair of robbers take iPhones, leave BlackBerries, Androids


This makes me want to carry a dummy phone in my bag all the time. I actually happen to have my old blackberry laying around with no other use. ;)
Hopefully they catch these guys before get anyone else's iPhone (or cash).

They caught either these guys or one's identical to this recently. On NY1 the other day the cops were saying how they had undercover officers out for quite a while and one moron finally took the bait. Thank you again, NYPD!

Nice to hear. You always hear bad press about the NYPD. Wish we heard more good stories about our law enforcement.

Even easier seeing as how Apple tracks your iPhone at all times seeing where you go and invading your privacy. Without even asking.

No mention of a weapon being used. Hell, they could have simply yelled out loud (in a Bobby Hill voice) "THAT'S MY PURSE, I DON'T KNOW YOU!", followed by a swift kick in the nuts.
Problem solved.

Is everyone who carris a weapon for self defense a psyho?? I carry a 9mm on me at all times. All licensed btw.

@Jay, by 'real' do you mean a country where you need to carry a weapon to feel safe? Sounds like a 'real' good place to live. Can't wait to get there!

More like people will pay more for apple products because they are over hyped and marketed well. That and u release only a device a year and ur options are a bit limited.. In more ways than one..

If they were OVER hyped no one would pay that much for them. Not releasing 68 devices per year's avoiding brand dilution.

Better than getting the latest and greatest android that dropps every 2 weeks just to have some apps that work and some that dont due to fragmentation. If Its so overhyped then why does the 3 year old 3gs out-sell all android phones.

Windows Phone solves the above issues. And the 3gs does well because of marketing and it... being one of the only phone Apple loyalists have to choose from.

I'd ask you if you are an idiot but we already know the answer to that question. But that's ok, it's not your fault. Your parents were probably idiots too.

A few weeks ago, I almost got mugged for my iPhone. Some guy was ready to snatch it and run, and when I turned on him, he stopped in his tracks and walked away (thank goodness). I know it was the iPhone because I was exercising, and that was all I was carrying.

That iPhone is in no way more valuable then the other smartphone options today, for example the Galaxy Nexus or the Lumia 800.