Is this Amazon's iPhone competitor?

Amazon smartphone

Want a better idea of what Amazon's first smartphone — and iPhone competitor — is going to look like? Previous live images included a developer casing that masked any interesting details, but this new one shows the device in all its glory.

Apparently this thing is going to have some fairly imaginative tilt features. We're eager to see if they're practical, but beyond that we can expect a 4.7-inch 720p display, quad-core Snapdragon processor, and 2 GB of RAM.

What do you guys think? From a purely aesthetic perspective, could this Amazon smartphone roll with the other heavy hitters? Could it... even go international?

Source: BGR

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Is this Amazon's iPhone competitor?


Look at the bottom (speakers, charging plug) of the phone in the picture. It looks a lot like an iPhone 5 or 5s!

Don't understand the hyperbole.
This will probably compete with cheaper android products. That's what Amazon does well- high quality, cost effective products.
And its just a port ... don't think Amazon will copy a charging port from a competitor and Apple should not even worry abt a charging port in a smartphone. There are better things to worry about.

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I like the look of it fine, but it's nothing impressive (purely just looking at it)... But then again, most smartphones don't "look" impressive.

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It's a FrankenClone, which appears to be heavily influenced from elements of the iPhone, Windows Phone, and Samsung's Galaxy phone. Not impressed.

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I wouldn't choose that over any phone on the current market let alone future. Yuck .... Next.

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I'm not sure it's a competitor to iPhone. The only way amazon sells these is by price. And apple doesn't compete in that low range. Amazon will have something up its sleeve to further tempt the low end crowd according to rumors.

Looks like a mix between a samsung(front) and nexus 4 back. Not half bad looking

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i love the case. love that it's black.

BUT. Everything from Amazon is basically an Amazon product delivery system. Apple's is to an extent too and I buy nothing from them but for the most art it doesn't get in my way. That is they can try to sell me music but it's relatively easy for me to use my own music. I fear Amazon phone would make everything hard like i've heard with amazon fire tv. On that amazon prime and all the search features are up front for Amazon services but if you're like me and don't yet want to sign up for prime, want to see your own vids and your own music putting all that crap in front is just putting it in the way. I fear the phone will be exactly the same. Kinda how it was hard to hide the apple apps. but at least you could move them to the back page or a folder out of the way. I bet amazon would make it so like amazon store and movies are in some tile on the front page that can't be moved. Music would just be the files i bought from amazon and it'd be a pain to get to my own content just like its a hassle to see your own content on fire tv.

Looks more like a Samsung and Nexus competitor than an iPhone competitor. Same with Kindle Fire. Who wants an iPhone, will get an iPhone. Who wants an Android, will give this thing a look. There are no markets where Amazon competes with Apple and is doing better than Apple.

If this comes in at a very low price, and in an unlocked contract free format, then it could make a splash. That said, it still has to overcome the significant hurdle of being stuck with a heavily forked version of Android with no access to the Google Play store.

Personally I have no interest in this device, but I can imagine others might, especially those on a very tight budget.

It's a phone, of course it's going to have a charging port, and speakers, and a camera and volume controls! You should see how many cars have 4 wheels, one on each corner, their all round ones too!, and just one steering wheel, and doors!

It's a half decent looking phone, but the key to any device is the OS. The kindle fire is a cut down android tablet that works well for those tight knit into the Amazon eco system, it has a place. I believe if this phone has a similar OS to that then yes it has a place but not as a competitor to any current mainstream phones, iPhone or Android.

The Kindle Fire was Amazon's answer to Barnes and Noble's Nook Colour. We will have to see if it will be like the Kindle Fire or not.