Polaroid Wants More iPhone Bluetooth Access -- So Say We All?

TiPb received a note from Andy at Polaroid concerning a campaign they're starting encouraging iPhone users to file a feature request with Apple for Bluetooth file transfer access. Polaroid wants this for their Pogo Instant Mobile Printer, but TiPb thinks it's a grand idea for better Bluetooth access of all sorts.

I'm pretty sure we don't have stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) because, well, it's not very good quality and Apple doesn't do "not very good quality" (outside of MobileMe launches, mice, and corporate printer support, of course), but how about letting that gorgeous Apple Bluetooth Keyboard (or any Bluetooth Keyboard) hook up with the iPhone?

There's a full range of Bluetooth functionality we haven't gotten on the iPhone yet. Sure, engineering talent is limited and Apple no doubt has a list of priorities based on maximum results for minimum dev time, but even Apple's been known to re-prioritize based on customer feedback, so if this is something you want, let Apple know! (Just don't ask for copy/cut and paste, MMS, video recording, Push Notification, and everything else at the same time, b'okay?)

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Rene Ritchie

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Polaroid Wants More iPhone Bluetooth Access -- So Say We All?


I'm glad to finally hear someone else back me up on the "Apple doesn't do "not very good quality"" argument. I've always believed this is exactly the reason there is no video camera... because they fear non-tech savvy consumers would be extremely disappointed when viewing their iPhone videos on their televisions or computers... and that rather than trying to educate people on the reasons, they simply choose to avoid it altogether.
... and I'm quite certain Apple is already well aware of several request for Bluetooth file transfer.

Although I miss BT file transfer I could bet that most people don't use it. Maybe by Polaroid wanting it Apple will give it to us.

Glad to see its starting to build on Apple, there so many people wanting more off their beloved iPhones. I want it too!

It seems as though every company that deals with electronics does this at some point. If you hold back technology from the consumer then you have that in your back pocket to use later. If you think about it, it makes sense. It would have been nice to have every bell and whistle in the iPhone but on a business level that wouldn't make any sense. Where do you go from there? Now you have to spend millions of dollars on R&D to come up with new bells and whistles for the next product.
I agree that there are certain technologies that should have been included in the original iphone but I'm happy with my purchase and obviously the majority of the millions of iPhone users are as well.

A2DP is better quality than most songs people have in their iTunes library. And it is way better than the standard headset can provide. And with the correct implementation of the a2dp profile and a good enough headset, it may even be better than anything you can get out from the headset jack.
The only downside is that it will cause the battery to drain faster.


I'm new to the Apple universe, as it were.
I'm a game developer (concept artist).. and a gamer, so I've never really had a use for an Apple computer. Everything in game-development is PC-based, and I've always gotten the feeling that Apple assumes every user is a two-year old who can't be trusted with too many choices. Never the less, I recently got my wife and I iPhones together, and I'm sorry to say that I find the experience entirely under-whelming. There are some real innovations in the phone, but none of them are really great enough to make up for the fact that I had to invest in a USB thumbdrive to take files with me to work, when I used to just connect my phone and drop a file on it.
How can they justify leaving out that function?
Apple does mediocre quality stuff just like everyone else in the business.. they just think they can milk you for more cash by locking you into their "software ecosystem". The shell of it - the interface, the icing on the cake, so to speak, is beautifully crafted. It's just that the foundation needs some more work. It doesn't DO what I NEED it to DO.
Is functionality quality? Deliberately disabling file transfers, disk mode, a2dp bluetooth stack, MMS, multi-tasking, tethering - All of these things are there, on the hardware. Most are available if you just jailbreak your phone. It's just meant to keep you from venturing outside of the protected preserve of the virginal forest of Apple software paradise.
However, like most virginal experiences, my experience with Apple is likely to be an intense infatuation, followed by a series of shallow, unsatisfying releases, then nagging regret and finally, a sense of closure.
It's not me Apple, it's you. You're the problem in this relationship.
Don't get me wrong. I think the iPhone is a sweet, well-designed gadget, and a decent phone. It's sexy, but it's all style and little substance.
I've written them about this several times, and gotten zero response. Oh well. Guess we need to see other people.