Poll: Verizon iPhone, TiPb readers weight in.

What do you think about Verizon's iPhone 4 unveiling? Are you excited to hear about another US carrier getting the iPhone 4, are you happy all the Verizon rumors are finally over, or do you not care? Let us know.

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Poll: Verizon iPhone, TiPb readers weight in.


Probably why AT&T offered people upgrades early. So they'd be stuck another year instead of being able to switch this June/July

The lack of data while using the phone is the only thing that is making me hesitate. I miss Verizon dearly and so badly want to come back, but I use my iPhone a lot, and not getting notified of incoming e-mails while I'm on the phone can be a problem. I am an IT support person and have to be available.

If you are in IT, then you are probably near wifi, and probably use it all the time anyway. As long as you are on wifi, then you will be able to receive phone calls and data at the same time.

wow, that comment sounded just like me exactly. i want to come back to verizon dearly but i do not want to give up the in call perks that i get with att. i really hate att and hope verizon changes this soon. i will pay the early fees to come back. but not until they upgrade this.

The lack of simultaneous data/voice is a deal breaker for me. The AT&T 3G network is also way faster where I live and work than the Verizon network. We're talking ~900 kbps vs ~200 kbps in West Des Moines, IA based on several bandwidth tests. I also had an opportunity to test/review an iPad with Verizon MiFi on a trip to Oklahoma over the holidays and the coverage on the way down and in the area we stayed at was extremely spotty on Verizon, while our AT&T iPhones had 3G coverage nearly the whole time.

TeamJoshua, Yes! Verizons first iPhone = FAIL There selling a phone that's a year old and didn't make any upgrades?

@penny_case Thought it would be nice to point out that the iPhone 4 was announced on June 7th and didnt ship for 2-3 weeks after. That means 6 months and 4 days to be exact... Nice try. And its nothing different than any other AT&T customer will run into for the next about 6 months until WWDC 2011.
I'd also like to point out Verizon doesn't make the iPhone, so it would only be relevant to bash on phone service differences rather than hardware which is made by Apple.

I'm thrilled regardless of the simultaneous voice/data which is in no way a deal breaker. The only time i would need this feature is when I dont have a Mac next to me which would be while driving and I doubt I would get far using data while talking and driving. As far as emails while on a phone call.. @kazooless, really? You can hold your attention in a phone conversation with a client with the phone away from your ear while reading and typing an email to another client?
The hotspot feature alone is a deal-winner. I've use my droid X all the time as a hotspot for my macbook and ipad and would love to have an iphone on my carrier (Verizon) that can do the same.
The real reason I commented was because I meant to say the poll was a little weak because it only have one yes response and It didn't fit me. And ironically with the launch on Verizon no mention of Verizon customers excited to throw their Android phones in the trash in the poll.
BTW @joshua, thats lucky for you that AT&T covers you better in the mid-west. My bro in law lives out there and loses coverage on the way home from work about 2 miles from home. Count yourself happy and lucky!

My concern about the simultaneous voice/data is when it's being used as a mobile hot spot. If you have your iPad or Macbook hooked up, using the iPhone data, and you get a phone call, that would disconnect you from both, I would think.

@JasonM Thanks for pointing that out! I definitely am curious to see how this gets handled as well. This would probably be the primary concern as of now because the mobile hotspot has not been a variable before. Anyone have thoughts on this?

haha it so funny how the world turns. All the fake ass people on Verizon network saying that Android is way better and BlackBerry are way better. Yet they will be the first in line to get their hands on an iPhone. Someone needs to start a poll for this

You're missing an answer. I think they really nailed it with the Verizon iPhone. But I also have no intentions of switching. I'm happy with AT&T and hated verizon customer support when I had them before. The mobile hotspot is awesome, and I hope it comes to AT&T. The reason I was so excited about Verizon getting the iPhone is finally there is real competition. This is going to force AT&T to stop being so stingy with what they allow on their network. It took forever just to get the tethering. Direct competition...as in the only difference is the carrier, is awesome.

Im not fake... I been had verizon.. But i never bosated android or blackberry... I was waiting for this phone to come to my carrier for years

I'm sorry, but all the folks saying that voice/data is a dealbreaker, how often do you actually use it? I bet you would be surprised at how low that percentage is. I wont be getting an iphone mainly becuase it no longer suits my needs as android does. But to say its a fail because its not new hardware? So the ATT customer that gets a new iphone is also a fail since they didnt get a new hardware revision either?

I don't see any reason to change. I have had Verizon before and I prefer the AT&T coverage. Granted I don't live in SF or NY so if I did my opinion might be different...

I like ATT&T and I hate verizon tech support, customer service, they said that they a good service in Puerto Rico and they lie, their service SUCK. over there. and also, for me is it a big deal, talk and surf at the same time, i love and i like that so much, that ain't dropping AT&T for that useless network.

In the central coast of CA, no problems with AT&T.
but what I am stoked on, is the fact that some of the load will be taken off AT&T so they can focus on fixing other parts of the country that have bad service such as Grover Beach and some other small cities no one pays attention to. hahaha.