New PowerVR Chip Means iPhone HD Getting Closer?

We've made no bones about it, TiPb wants us some iPhone HD this June! Looks like the stars are aligning closer and closer to give it to us as well, what with faster 802.11n mobile WiFi chips, and rumors of quad-core cpu's for iPhone 3.0. Now that OpenCL supporting PowerVR graphics core boost might be on the way as well. Says Apple Insider:

Imagination Technologies has quietly slipped out word this week of a new mobile chip known as the PowerVR SGX543. [...] In practice, the technology is powerful enough to push 35 million polygons per second and 1 billion pixels per second and can thus easily drive HD resolution video output, including when 3D is involved.

HD aside, any gamers looking forward to that kind of quad-core, super graphical powered fun?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

New PowerVR Chip Means iPhone HD Getting Closer?


You'll have to look through a magnifying glass to see a significant difference with HD on such a small screen. The naked eye has it's limits.
Not saying they won't do it... but it's pointless. :roll:

I hope this is just a rumor. I think iPhone users would like cut and paste and some other essentials before having the need to drop $400 on a new phone.

This is Apple's strategy to take back the desktop market. They will do it by putting the PC into your pocket.
They need a few things first:

  1. Fast HD capable graphics (PowerVR is getting there)
  2. Fast wireless connection to a HD display.

Just imagine not having a desktop PC. I just sit down in my chair and the display, keyboard, mouse all communicate with the phone. And I can play HD movies, games, etc. with performance better than today's PCs.
Apple is making two business plays here. (read the book The Innovator's Dilemma)

  1. Don't hit an existing market head on... create a new market that absorbs the existing market. The existing market is desktop PCs and the new market is "handheld wireless device + fast computer".
  2. The new device starts at the bottom technologically... the device is "good enough" for most applications. But in the future it grows and eats away at the PC market.

So I say put more PC features into the handhelds!

@Charles Malby:
Yeah... The entire population will just test games and review movies for a living. That makes sense. :roll:

I just got my iPhone 3G and now there may be a newer one? :( Hopefully it's just a rumor and isn't true.

@Raul G: its technologys its always getting better which means new products have to come out especially with apple they are always updating there products just like the original ipohne they came oit with the 3 g a year later so expect a new ipohne to come out every year

I also don't see the point of HD (but man, this website pushes it!). However, the advantages for gaming are obvious.

Idthink apple will throw out a new iPhone ANY time soon. Probably in '10 of something but definately not right now.

They have taken G-tunes off of the Android Market and what's left there in its place has really lousy reviews. Download at your own risk!