Palm's Roger McNamee Wants to Know if You're Still Using an iPhone?


More specifically, Palm's biggest cheerleader at financial backer, Elevation Partner, Roger McNamee famously gaffed that:

“You know the beautiful thing: June 29, 2009, is the two-year anniversary of the first shipment of the iPhone,” McNamee said today in an interview in San Francisco. “Not one of those people will still be using an iPhone a month later.”

Well, today is July 29, 2009 -- two years later and a month later. Given that Apple sold 5.2 million iPhones last quarter, and AT&T activated 2.5 million of those babies, we're leaning towards a number somewhat higher than "not one."

Hey, maybe that's what he meant? Quite clearly, "millions" means "not one"... right?

(Note: Palm did retract McNamee's hyperbole with a speed that would make Microsoft's Steve Ballmer Open-Mic Reaction Team (SBOMRT) envious.)

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Reader comments

Palm's Roger McNamee Wants to Know if You're Still Using an iPhone?


I really don't get why Palm is still being held liable for this man's diarrhea of the mouth. I'm sure Palm is not that dumb. This man, unfortunately, is.

Or maybe he meant that not one person will still be using the original iPhone. Still wrong, but not in the way you think.

I'm still using my first-generation iPhone, and probably will be until summer 2010.

I am but not for long. This closed door policy thing Apple keeps insisting on kills the potential of the iphone.

And they wonder why they're losing market share at such an alarming rate. As a former Palm V. T270, T300, T600, T650 and T700 user, I can say yes Rog, I'm still using my iPhone.
Maybe it's because the calendar in my T700 was pretty much EXACTLY THE SAME as my Palm V. Apple innovated right past you dude...

Dear Palm,
Attached is a 9mm. Promptly place to foot and pull the trigger.
iPhone Forever!
Haha, but seriously, I think it's funny how all they target is the iPhone. Let it rest. You can't take a good thing down nearly that fast.

I was a Sprint customer and had a Palm Treo 650, 755p, and a Pre. I took the Pre back and switched to the iPhone 3Gs. So much for their hype...

I do like the Pre a lot but it still can't replace the iPhone yet. That could change in the future but at this point battery life, screen size, build quality, legit iTunes sync, WAY better app store, and virtual keyboard outweigh multitasking and a better notification system in my book.

I've bought the original iPhone, three iPhone 3Gs and am gonna get the iPhone 3GS when the first shipment of white ones finally arrives in Ireland this Thursday. That's five!

iPhone still runs the show. But not too long...
Visit youtube and search: "Nvidia Tegra"
im sorry apple 

I LOVE my iPhone 3gs, I love to have tons of apps web apps and jailbreak apps, I'm sure palm will fall sooner or later. Pre is good but doesn't make me say wow like the iPhone did.

You far from speak the "truth." No ne has ANY clue how Palm will handle questionable apps yet. Considering theres a whopping 20-30 apps TOTAL lol, compared to 65,000.
You really think Palm is not cover thier butts against lawsuits from appstore offensive content. PUHLEASE.

I was an early usernof plan from Visor days to the TX, but palm really did not advanced it's OS technologically which made me switch to the iPhone. I'm happy I did and wud love to remain with apple till apple repeats a palm history.

I'm fine with my original iPhone but will upgrade next year to 3gs for better battery life and 3g.

@ Truth - Between 55,000 and 60,000 apps with a few that are omitted for various reasons versus 31 app on the Palm App Catalogue. Even without the ones that are taken away, at this point no one would argue that Palm has a better App Store.

A slow news day Rene? I come here for iPhone news not petty sniping against other platforms. You can do better than articles like this.

Not sure which is the better news: Palm proven wrong? or Truth is soon taking his trolling arse somewhere else on another platform woohooo

I certainly hope he's got his drug dealer on speed dial, because it must have been good stuff and he'll need it to avoid reality on an ongoing basis.
I've was a diehard Palm fan before making the iPhone switch. I picked up a Pre recently and the word that kept coming to mind was "yuck". There's some kind of a layer between me and what I wanted to do on that device, and it was murkier than the layer I found when I tried to use a Blackberry Storm. It just wasn't a pleasant or productive experience at all.
There are certainly going to be people excited by the Pre and other devices. I can't say I count myself among them. Maybe they have plans for an "iPhone killer", but this isn't it.

Petty sniping at competitors is what makes this blog fun! You can get "news" anywhere, including here. RIM, MS, Palm, Nokia - all gave Apple cr*p, it's funny watching it get rubbed in their faces lol

I love my 3G!!!! 16gigs can't hold all my stuff anymore so now I need the 32gig flavor, but I don't want to pay $500 to get a 3GS when we all know since the 3GS was such a small update that this following summer of 2010 will have a New iPhone unlike the previous.
I'm hoping for it to be an. "iPhone HD"
with Specs of
-800x480 screen or 720p
-Multi Tasking
-front facing camera
-5MP or more with a LED Flash
-OLED Screen
-improved Speakerphone and call quality
-WiFi draft N(yes a few new phones have it)
-Glowing back Apple logo
-Slighty bigger screen using more of the iPhones face buy moving up the speaker and moving down the home button
-MMS for gosh sakes!!!!
-along with the non-keyboard model, possibly a iPhone with an added Keyboard even if this model costs an extra $200 I'll throw down!!!!
Now what would you guys love to see in the 2010 iPhone????
since we all now it's coming?

@philly z! That specs sound great! However I don't think apple will put a real keyboard, Steve Jobs said that was the problem with the current smartphones and he probably won't change his mind. Mms are already here and the apple glowing logo sounds cool but very impractical right now. Maybe they'll put that new 1ghz chip, some more ram and a front camera.

Lol at Roger. They guy can go eat crow. 20-30k Pre sales vs 5.2 MILLION iphone sales, 2.5 of them on ATT. Choke on that Roger and "no one will still be using an iphone." Youre investment and statements are FAIL.

You must be in Canada or Europe cause ATT has still yet 2 release MMS and tethering, and a Tegra or Snapdragon CPU in an iPhone would really make it a futuristic gadget
i'm sorry but the 3GS with just 3MP, no zoom or flash. It's a joke!!!!
Nokias have 5or more MP and hello even samsungs new Omnia will have an 8MP cam
HTC keeps producing HD- WVGA screens so it's time 4 apple to step it up to higher quality and throw a gig of Ram in to assist with a Multi tasking upgrade to the OS and I'll be willing to pay a grand!!!

I wish people would stop asking for more megapixels in their iPhone. What are you doing with all those high-resolution cellphone camera images? Are you printing out 8x10's of them? You want quality, not image resolution, in your cell phone's camera. Otherwise, you could have an 8MP image and your sneaky product shots of upcoming devices would still be fuzzy and blurry and full of noise, even if they were HUGE!

A guy at my office has a Pre. He constantly complains about short battery life and some little accidentally calling 911 when he's inputting the security code to unlock his phone.
He says he's happy with the Pre and Sprint's service but I think he secretly has buyer's remorse. A lot of people will try to trick themselves into liking an expensive toy they bought even though it's not as great as the hype made it out to be.

Wanted really bad to like the pre. Waited in line got the last 2 at best buy and both of them were defective returned both and both of those had defects! Not an apple gambit tried my best to stay away and now I'm happy I got the 3gs! Don't care about the rumors about the battery after having the pre I'm impressed with any phone that runs for more than an hour without a recharge

He meant the first iphone. And he didn't necessarily mean they'd all switch to the Pre as many original iphone users obviously upgraded to the iphone 3GS.

I bought two Palm Pres to test drive for our company and returned them three weeks later. Guess what?
I bought two new shiny iPhone 3Gs'.... Never going back!

I was a Palm fan-boy for a decade. They abandoned me, I did not leave them. I lost a few thousands of dollars on their stock.
I have bought all three iPhones on the first day of availability. The only time I even think about Palm is when someone asks a question or makes such a ridiculous statement.
I own AAPL at $12/share and sold a lot at $200-.

Are you joking dude. Palm, are you guys still making cell phones. Oh yeah you did sell 500 or so of those extremely buggy Pre a while back. The iPhone ROCKS, and if you really think the iPhone is not being used, why are you trying so hard to compete with it and where on earth did you get the idea of a smartphone with a touch screen that is a iPhone wanna be?

i had a Palm many years ago. After switching to iPhone I ditched the Palm. Can't imagine going back. Also ditched my Dell and went with Macs and I will never go back to PC's...i can promise that!

I never understood sprint, the palm pre is a great phone but they got stuck with a really bad company. I had a palm treo for a few years with a sprint an those were the worst years of costumer service ever. Been a happy iPhone user since sept 2007

Wow, the Palm hate here is over the top and quite frankly, full of it. As an iPhone user and now a Pre user, a few comments.
Service Provider: Sprint has better prices, and in my area, the SF Bay Area, it's more reliable than AT&T ever was. Sprint used to really suck and I quit them years ago but they're pretty damn good now.
Multi-tasking turns out to be a HUGE boon for power users, easily switching between running apps is a breeze with the Pre and a timesaver.
So what if there are less apps now? Considering you don't need to know freaking Objective C to build an app, the devs will come to Web OS. And, quite frankly, as a business user, I don't give a flying cr@p about 99.9% of the apps for the iPhone anyways.
User interface, intuitiveness, hard keyboard, alert notificaitons, etc: This is all perosnal preference but I happen to think the Pre is just as good as the iPhone in every one of these areas.
So what if there were a few freaking buggy Pre to start. You Apple fanboys should hope for healthy competition (whichI thin Google and Palm will offer) as it will make the iPhone even better faster.
Some of you can't see the forest for the trees and remind me of the guy from an Onion News Network video who said: "I'll buy almost anything if its shiny and made by Apple". Some of you, just some of you, need to get your heads out of your collective @sses.