Rogers Canada to Launch Next Gen iPhone July/August - Price TBA

Sarumon Consults the Eye of Rogers on Canadian iPhone 3G Data Rates

Boy Genius and their stealthy squad of tele-shinobi have emerged with juicy details on the Canadian carrier Rogers and their next gen iPhone plans:

iPhone — ETA: unknown (July/August), outright: not allowed, 3-year: TBD. Of note, Rogers will launch the new iPhone on the same day that it lifts off here in the US. Purchases will be limited to one iPhone per customer on opening day and there will be active demos on display in stores. Also of note, Rogers expects to have substantially more iPhones on hand this time around so as not to run into the same stock issues as with the iPhone 3G launch.

Last year's launch raised cross-country protests over the then-exorbitantly high data rates in Canada, which caused Rogers to temporarily offer a $30/6GB plan which has since disappeared. With AT&T considering lower rates for the iPhone, is there a chance in Hull Rogers would do likewise?

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Reader comments

Rogers Canada to Launch Next Gen iPhone July/August - Price TBA


I'm interested to se what/if any sort of upgrade option Rogers will allow for everyone that just got the iPhone back in July. Rogers did just change its Hardware Upgrade Program (HUP). The minimum eligibility tenure rule has been changed from 12 months to 24 months for customers who wish to upgrade their smartphone and are currently on a data plan or Voice & Data Package.

Yeah same here I hope I get to keep my 6GB plan and get to upgrade for say $50-$100 more. I think with tethering and video upload and push notifications and other 3.0 features that 6GB will come in more handy.

Rogers is bringing back the 6GB/$30 plan on June 2, when the HTC Android launches, I hope they keep it around for the launch of the next gen iPhone.
I think with the new HUP, an upgrade will probably only come in the form of full price unless Apple can twist Roger's arms.
I'm not planning on upgrading unless the video and camera upgrades are worthwhile and or multi-tasking with new phone only.

I bought my iphone last november. I'd really like to get the new iphone though. Do you guys have any idea if that will be possible to do through rogers without having to buy it outright off ebay? I can't understand why they did the 24 month hardware change.

If rogers just changed their terms of use from 12 to 24 months.. Then I'll be fine because I signed my contract on July 11th 2008 and by that time it will have been 12 months (which was the upgrade time when I signed my contract!). I didn't sign onto keepng the same phone for 2 years. Hah!
However if they really won't let me upgrade for the contract price $299.. So be it. I'll be happy to save my money for another year with the upgrades 3.0 will bring.

Why do they even bother capping people at 6GB? Assuming you use wifi part of the time and haven't found a shady way to tether, how the heck is anyone using 6GB of cell data in a month. I've never reset my iPhone's data counter and it is sitting at 4.5GB (I purchased on 3G day one). I can't imagine there are people using 6GB per month on the phone itself.

At rogers, you're allowed to do with your data whatever you want. You're ALLOWED to tether your data here and they don't care how you do it.

You missed the gist of Al's question.
He's been a 3G user since day one and has only 4.5 Gigs. I have 1/10th of that.
How does one get 6gig per month of cell data. Is there enough hours in the day to accumulate that kind of usage?

I stream over 3G and EDGE all the time in the car. If I sat at home all day and only browsed on my iPhone I don't think I could use 6GB. It's kind of crazy to me that they don't just go ahead and call that one unlimited, LOL.

@Al: rogers doesn't need any bad press because they're so exhorbitant and everyone hates them.. So they can't really afford to lie..

3 year contracts must suck. I imagine they have similar upgrade policies though. My current upgrade plan is a new phone every year if you extend your contract back to 2 years.
I thought Canada was supposed to get a few more carrier this year after the anolog spectrum auctions last year. I'll google it :)

Hi: I'm with fido :-( Not happy with their services, they are not very cooperative. I'm thinking of changing to Rogers.
I have the previous version IPhone and they keep wanting me to sign a 3 year contract even though I own my own iphone. I also think I'm getting ripped off as I pay Fido
$30 for IGB data plan and it doesn't work most of the time (because I didn't buy my iphone from Fido so they say). I pay approx. $85 per month for cell pkg, IGB data iphone plan and basic value voice plan. Could I get a better deal with Rogers. I might be interested in the 4G iphone 2 if it
comes out s o o n. Thanks.

@ Jane : Fido is owned by Rogers. As it is their discount brand, you will likely pay more with a Rogers plan.... Plus, Rogers almost never gets their billing right, I've had both and at least Fido doesn't make me call them every month to reverse the false over-charges that they constantly stick me with. They are both pretty horrible, but they have a monopoly on GSM in Canada, so you are stuck with them.

Rogers has a data plan that is on pay per call. It allows unlimited bandwith and calls from 3-6 pm for $1 a day. It's well worth it considering the $80 for the plan which is capped for downloads. Considering that iPhones are sold on a plan few will use this pay per call plan. Tethering has some issues to the bandwidth but how dovthey know if your tethered or not??? And is untethered capped? Questions still prevail as for customer service forget about it. My iPhone was free because of those morons (: 