Rumor: Canadian iPhone On the Horizon?


Fear not Rene, it looks like a legit iPhone (not that other thing) is finally coming in all its glory to our neighbors to the north. According to their sources, The Star is reporting that an iPhone deal between Rogers and Apple is close to being done and that it may change the landscape of Canadian Telcos. We won’t even mention the fact that an iPhone in RIM’s playground would add yet another layer to an immensely entertaining battle between RIM and Apple..

Though there are still obvious obstacles such as the fact that Rogers is “not a fan of unlimited plans” and that Apple’s number one priority is such unlimited data, it seems like the clock is ticking for Rogers to make a deal. However, with a 3G version just around the corner, could you imagine the Canadian angst of knowing that their “new” iPhone is already a generation old?

What do you say Canadians (read: Rene)? Do you have faith in Rogers to pull this off? Or will you be stuck with those exorbitant data costs until who knows when?

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Reader comments

Rumor: Canadian iPhone On the Horizon?


it seems like the clock is ticking for Rogers to make a deal.
I wonder why you say the clock is ticking? Is Rogers losing anything by not carrying the iPhone? Seemingly not, else they would have made a deal already.
In fact, Apple has been the one backpedaling with their demands, and with that 10 million goal looming, Apple is the only one under pressure to make the deal.
You could even say "the clock is ticking..." for them.

Given its latest financial report, I would hardly say apple's clock is ticking, either.
deals get done when they get done. it ain't life or death for either party.