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Rumor: Fido Canada to Sell $99 iPhone 4GB -- With Video iChat?!


Boy Genius' ninjas -- Canuck chapter -- have gotten their tiger-clawed hands on what looks to be Fido Canada's 2009 roadmap. Fido, which was bought by Rogers and is now marketed as the budget-conscious GSM brand, carries the iPhone 3G, and if this leak is correct, just might next be carrying:

a 4GB iPhone model that will run for $99 and come with quad-band EDGE, tri-band HSDPA, a 2 megapixel shooter and, believe it or not, iChat video calling

The Rogers/Fido network might support video iChat better than AT&T's but we can't see Apple making something as huge as that without doing it global, much less on bigger devices than 4GB...

What do you think, is it real, or is it fakaroid?

[via Jeffdc5]

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Rumor: Fido Canada to Sell $99 iPhone 4GB -- With Video iChat?!

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Über fakaroid. I wouldn't believe this for a second. Now 2 weeks from now, I might change my mind. :)

@ Spidesol - Obviously they aren't going to have anything official up on their site yet, this is (or is a fake version of) a leaked photo! That being said as much as I want to say this is fake it looks awfully real. Maybe they are going to keep a phone with similar specs to the 3G (2.0 MP camera, etc.) around and release a high-powered version for everyone else. I'm personally still on the fence about buying a new device, if it has a camera good enough to replace a digital camera, I would buy it for sure though. If you think about it, the iPhone replaces your iPod, cell phone, Internet and email. The one thing that the phone does not effectively replace is a legitimate point-and-shoot camera. That is the last piece left really before they can officially say that the iPhone replaces all of your devices. I'd love to see an incredible camera in the new iPhone, that's the tops on my wishlist!!

I'm waiting till Rogers Rep weighs in.
But iChat uses IP, and could be restricted to Wifi. Reading the specs on ichat from here: it would seem marginal on 3G at anything but the lowest resolution level which is 160-by-120.
To approach iphone native quality (closest match = 320-by-240) requires 500 Kbps up AND down.
I just don't see that working on 3G, but it would work on Wifi.


Can someone explain how this will work without a front-facing cam?

Nobody can, that is one reason why these new rumors all mention a (second) front facing cam.

Well note how it says at the bottom "image not actual product", so that leaves a possibility for a front facing camera. I still think its fake though, where's the 3.2 megapixel camera??

The iPhone in the pic is an original iPhone. You can tell by the width of the space between the screen and the silver bezel.

fake, pandora radio has difficulty streaming at Edge speed at times so Im supposed tibeliece that video iChat will work, doubt it.

I agree bigger numbers sound nice but MP dont mean crap dude.
Its all about software, shutter speed etc.
And from the looks of OS 3.0, they have done a lot to make this camera take amazing pics.
@ icebike
now i see the (not actual product) thing. Makes sense now

I know there is way more to it than resolution alone. However, 5MP is about the lowest consumer point-and-shoot you could find out there today.

I think the iPhone cam is fine right now as long as it's used outside in the sunlight!!! I think it just needs a bright flash!!

Is there still any hope for a 480 or revolutionary 720p screen? That would absolutely stun the world. Gaming (with more RAM of course) (hopefully 512MB) would be as good as wii games. And the 3.0 option for Bluetooth and 3rd party controls through the power jack would give the option for buttons and something other than the accelerometer:) So... Still possible? A 1080/720p projector would be nifty too for bigger screens and better experience for gaming. I hope somebody at apple reads this and gets it done by Monday :) So... Please respond!

Is there still any hope for a 480 or revolutionary 720p screen? That would absolutely stun the world.

Yup. Putting 720p on a screen that small would be stunning. A stunning waste if you ask me.
At what point does it become pointless to continue to add resolution to a device this small?
If not 720, then what, 1440? 2880? Whats the point, its still 3.5-inch (diagonal).
The discussion we should be having is would you accept slight form-factor growth, say half an inch wider, and 3/4 of an inch taller along with increased resolution?
Wouldn't that make more sense than continuing to pump more resolution into the same tiny size?

Is the (rumored) front facing camera replacing the current rear-facing one, in addition to it,, or is one camera on a swivel mount like some laptops? Video chat is nice and all, but not if it takes away your ability to see what you photograph.