Rumor: iPhone Nano Coming in June... But NOT to the USA?

iPhone Nano Concept

We're still considering these iPhone nano rumors to be way over on the far side of fetched, by they just keep on keeping on, so here's the latest (via MacRumors):

DigiTimes highlights a report from Taiwan's Economic Daily News stating that two chip manufacturers, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and United Microelectronics Corporation, are expected to receive chip orders for Apple's rumored iPhone nano. The report states that orders would likely come in March, leading to a June release of the iPhone nano at the earliest. [...] Meanwhile, American Technology Research analyst Brian Marshall believes that the iPhone nano will not initially be launched in the United States.

Marshall (via International Business Times) bases this claim on no word of AT&T testing an iPhone nano, and then leaps to the speculation that China would be a likely place to the launch the new device.


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Reader comments

Rumor: iPhone Nano Coming in June... But NOT to the USA?


keep we put these nano rumors to bed? how small does the iphone have to be? and how are you going to be able to use any of the apps in the app store? and how is this going to hold of the pre, all the android phones coming and, whatever bb has coming soon?

Why would Apple give up the advantage of a consistent platform (iPhone and iPod touch), and if it be only the screen resolution?

I don't buy these rumors either, but I don't think the "no apps will run on it" argument is valid. Who said anything about 3rd party apps on this device?

It IS coming. What you're all getting wrong though is that's it's NOT an iPhone Nano, it's an ITOUCH NANO.
You won't be typing on this one, and it won't have a sim card, it's basically the latest and greatest iPod, and it's on the iPod production cycle.

Maybe the millions of people who don't want smartphones and iPods. Lots of people want a simple mobile phone, and there currently isn't one with a touchscreen.
Apple to the rescue. ;)

Apple is releasing this product in the Underworld, where dwarves and goblins live and fight one another in a never ceasing struggle for relative dominance.

I don't get these rumours. Surely a smaller iPhone would be more difficult to use as it's based on finger-tip sized operation. Last time I checked, my fingers weren't getting any smaller. Web pages, photos, videos etc don't get better at smaller sizes, they get worse. I challenge anyone to admit they enjoy watching video on an iPod nano.

This thing would sell like hotcakes! Who's the target market? NOT us! My parents, for example, would buy it. People not after a "smartphone", but who might like to be able to google something occassionally, etc...

You won’t be typing on this one, and it won’t have a sim card, it’s basically the latest and greatest iPod, and it’s on the iPod production cycle.