Samsung takes another swipe at iPhone users with its latest ad

Samsung has again launched an attack on iPhone users with its latest advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S II Android phone. The ad starts with a line of people waiting outside what appears be an Apple Store in Austin TX.

The ad attempts to poke fun at the iPhone 4S as it has the same form factor as the previous iPhone 4 as well as the fact that it doesn’t come with any inbuilt satellite navigation capabilities. The tagline is "The next big thing is already here".

Source: YouTube

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Samsung takes another swipe at iPhone users with its latest ad


I had Samsung g2 and got rid of it for my iPhone 4s. There is no comparison the iPhone wins hands down every time for me!!!!

However, Samsung is correct by saying that Apple "invents" things that are already invented!

Apple takes what folks have tried and failed to get right, work at it till the feature "just works" and then releases it. I work in a position that requires functions that "Just Work" every time. There is no second chances on performance, and android falls short.

Go check your figures, boy.. Samsung's already overtaken Apple in mobile phone sales, they're just waving their glory-o-flag..

How do you want to compare Samsung's 224 handset models V iPhones 3 models? Go check the figures boy.

What? If I have 20 models and I sell 20 units, then I sold 20 units. If I have 1 model and I sell 20 units, then I sold a total of 20 units. At the end of the of the day you compare how many units were sold. WTF is your point again?

He had no real point unless we are to believe that simply producing more phones equals higher sales, as if there is an assembly line of customers right next to the one for phones.

@Sharon Cox
Your reply doesn't even deserve a counter because you've displayed that you're sadly just another arrogantly dumb person on this blog. I own an iPad and a Macbook dummy, so you see I'm not an arrogant Android fanboy. I didn't even take sides in my original post, I merely proved the OP had no idea what he/she was taking about, and by your response, you were too dumb to get it.

Because selling anything isn't at all about units. It's about MONEY. If you sell a million units for $1 profit each, and I sell three units for $400,000 profit each, I win.

Why is it Apple fans can't ever accept the truth. Listen the iPhone is a good phone but its just that, it isn't the most popular OS and it never will be. Soon it will be surpassed by windows phone as well. That's life accept it. Sheesh does it hurt you that other companies outsell Apple? I hope not or you are in for a miserable life. Samsung may be the first but it sure as heck won't be the ast company to outsell Apple. Next up Moto, then LG, and like even Nokia. Apple's smart phone market share will be lucky to break 10% five years (or less from now). Other companies are interested in serving the market Apple is interested in serving a highly-profitable market niche of people who know nothing about technology and are willing to over pay because they feel like they are on the cutting edge when they use Apple products (although they are not). If you are mad at reading this I feel sad for you.

Oh Kid.... First off its not an OS. Last time I checked that was something that was installed on a computer, not a mobile phone/tablet. I think what you were looking for is "iOS". If you are going to attempt to demean people, I would appreciate it if you could at least get the basics right. Let us not forget that Apple is still climbing on both iPhone and clearly the front runner in the tablet market. Not to mention, if it wasnt for Apple, I highly doubt that smart phones are as advanced as they are today if they would not have released the iPhone back in '07. I urge you to continue using your android phone and enjoy the multitude of crashes, viruses and open ports they are notorious for. Oh... And to set the record straight, this does not mean that the iPhone has no issues, what it means is they have much fewer and less severe. I have owned two different droids and returned both.
It is inserting to see that you are on a forum in which is about Apple and it's products when you aren't someone who appears to care about them at all.

@Duff2481 Really? It's not an OS? You really should make sure you know what your talking about before you try to be an a**hole. iOS is Apple's mobile OS and Android is Google's mobile OS. OS is operating system. Any software that lets you interact with the hardware it is on is an OS. It doesn't have to be limited to a PC.

So my simple question is if the number of phones you sale equate to the reason a company is doing well...why does that formula not work for everyone?
RIM, Microsoft, Nokia...all have "25 or more models" and yet they're either at the bottom or falling there.
The OP isn't exactly right with his comment, but you're not exactly right either. :)

Not to mention, apple sells everything they produce, maybe not the iPod but phones and tabs.....yes. Can the android makers claim that?? Nope.

Apple doesn't sell everything it produces or it's products would be sold out. When was the last time you went to a store and couldn't get an Apple product??? Sell outs are Apple marketing fantasy. Also, line ups for the new iPhone, IPad???? What a joke. Show up the next day and Apple will gladly sell you one.

Ad's not great but i so want an integrated navigation system that works with Siri. So I don't care. Point Samsung.
Problem though is i'm not getting rid of my iphone so Apple: winner! But it still want a real navigation app or at least let Siri control the ones on the market especially the free ones.

Mapquest is free on AppStore and android market and I used it I've google navigation on my android is does an excellent job

Im not an apple fanboy, or a samsung fanboy. I have owned both devices and they each have their good traits. But it seems as though phone manufacturers are pushing specs down our throats. I've owned phones with outstanding specs and the user experience was still crappy! Its not whats really inside that counts it how it works together to create the experience. Apple has this experience because love them or hate them...they got POLISH and style. The only way to actually compete with apple would be fore a phone company to stand up and DESIGN a phone that doesn't just deliver specs, but has a usable function. Sure turn by turn navigation is nice in it self, but its value is how well its implemented in its OS. Seems to me that these days phone companies are relying on Android OS to bring the fight to Apple and phone makers are just tweaking the devices. But I think that out of the big phone manufacturers out there the only one that seems to actually be trying is MOTOROLA. They try to build phones that compliment the Android OS. they create an experience, they build upon the OS and they deliver a good product. Seems everyone else is also tweaking the OS to fit a stupid "feature" on the phone.
The only way to bring down Apple or to actually compete with them isn't in ads. Sure, ads might get you customers. But in the long run, its your experience that counts. Stop waiting for the "iPhone Killer" only because it shouts specs when the phone looks and operates like the 10 phones made before it. STEP UP not just in apps or features... but in your experience. Samsung has a good chance at doing this right now. And they should The Galaxy series could be amazing. give us a phone that doesn't feel cheap or plasticy, throw in a good OS that operates WITH your phone, and please....for god sakes...step up your customer service....

Couldn't have said it better myself!!! The average person isn't going around asking if their phone has a Tegra 2 dual core processor or if it's 1.2 ghz or 1.5. They don't care. Thy want to know when they pick the phone up, does it "just work". Apple has mastered this in many aspects.

Sorry but "Experience" as its tossed about today is just an Apple invented talking point used fans of the platform. I say that because on iOS there's actually nothing to experience. Its a phone with a collection of apps coupled only by a screen thats shows the icons to launch them.
It has caused iOS fans to focus on some mythical battle of specs vs "UX" completely ignoring the real issues at hand...usability and functionality. These phones aren't small purchases and people are looking for ROI. Smooth transitions and other non-essentials that comprise "UX" aren't a return. They don't aid you in getting work done or communicating effectively. Things like being able to surface the information you need from multiple apps in one place give you a return. Things like being able to position shortcuts to applications so that it follows your workflow are returns. Being able to take these types of setups and then swap them out for home and work is a return. Being able to download an app that then instantly activate functionality throughout the entire phone including 3rd party apps is a return. For instance downloading Evernote gives you the ability to save to Evernote from anywhere on the device that allows you to share including 3rd party apps that have no knowledge of Evernote.
What you have in this commercial is just a tiny example of the unparalleled usability of Android itself. This is why many would tell you that they wish the OEM's would stop trying to create an "experience" and just give them the raw power of Android. If they have something to add just add it via apps and the extremely rich API's given by Android to allow those apps to integrate into the phone as if they were built in abilities.
Apple makes a nice entry level smartphone. Well constructed and great for doing simple tasks one at a time which is the use case for many people. But Android will continue to attract the power user especially those coming from BlackBerry and WinMo. Its no surprise that Android's growth rate almost exactly matches the rate of decline of those two combined. Android devices are superphones that bring the power of desktop computing to a mobile device in an unparalleled way. Yes this may be too much for some but its exactly what many want out of these expensive devices. And even when Google took aim at "experience" in ICS you can tell that it was geared towards making things more streamlined for folks that use their devices like a computer away from their computer.

Sounds like your part of the problem that the guy's article above you talked about. Once again your talking about specs, specs, and more specs. I don't care what your box says you can do. If it's going to lag, force close, and flat out just not work then it is no good. Android phones simply don't do what they advertise it to do, and your use of words like super phone pisses people off because when they get the thing they realize it sucks at life. The reason Android phones "sell" so much is because most of them are between $0 and $50 bucks a month after they are released. Not to mention they stop supporting the device 6 months after it is released. The 3GS still gets updates but the Android phone i had last year doesn't.

I'm sorry but you are wrong and you completely missed his point. "What functions android can do" is NOT a "spec." Running at 800MHz is a spec. Android does not lag and forcecloses if you, the end user, did not hack it and messed something up bad. It works fine. And no OS comes completely bug-free. There are many phones and the high end phones are not sold for $0-50. The midrange and old maybe. But so do the old iphones. 3gs is also free now, so what!? This is what happens to old technology: it gets cheaper. Get used to it.

Umm we don't have to wait for the iPhone killer, it's already here it's android and it is beating the pants off the iPhone. And don't give me the iPhone is the number one phone crap. Just because other companies choose to give customers what they want (choice) you say no iphone is number one, well it ain't suck it up. Android has over 50% market share in the US while iPhone is like 16%. Nuff said.

Actually Google's Maps, Navigation, Latitude, Places, and My Places work together so seamless and well its not even funny! All i need to do is to "Star" the place (lets say im on my computer using google maps) and it automatically and instantly in my phone. It works same way backwards too. I can find and star it on my phone and instantly see it on pc. Everything is integrated really well and makes for one awesome experience.

Waze is right. It's awesome turn by turn navigation and it remembers your favorite path to get somewhere. In addition the police warnings have saved me from several tickets. Unfortunately, I can't use Siri directly without coping and pasting.

Waze is the best navigation app there is... i think its better than the Android crap out there... these ads are dumb... there is no iPhone killer and there never will be... get out of dream land. Has there been an iPod killer, nope... and there wont be an iPhone killer... It comes down to this... Android is for people who cant afford an iPhone and want to think that their Android device is better than anything Apple puts out to make themselves feel better when in fact, they wish they had an iPhone. iPhones are for the people who know what the good stuff is and are willing to pay for the solid product. You pay for what you get and this is a prime example of it... Android devices get given out for free, iPhones dont... Simple as that...

My Galaxy Nexus is $299. IPhone 4s is $299. Am I a person who can't afford an iPhone? Statements like that make it seem like you can barely afford one, and try to use it as a status symbol. Sometimes it comes down to personal preference. I had a couple iPhones, but got bored with it after a with the lack of customization. I eventually tried Android and haven't looked back.

I understand your gripe with his comment but as you are a owner of a Galaxy Nexus - why are you on an iDevice blog site? It be one thing if you were on more diverse sites like Engadget or CNet (where then I'd be asking why you clicked on the article) - but this a straight up iDevice blog. Oh, wait - you must own an iPad or a Touch right? Lol, Android owners continue to expose themselves as posers who secretly despise the experience iPhone owners have. I respect the great features of Android (customization being top-notch) but I don't understand why I would need to roll in on their users just to "check-in" - I don't.

It's simply an option users like to have. I use an Android as my daily driver phone and an iPad as my tablet. Personally, iPad has no competition as of now when it comes to tablets. Similarly on the other hand, I love my Android, just because the feature-set it provides suits me. I do not see your point in users having different devices for different purposes. Last I checked, iPad, iPod offers the same 'experience' as an iPhone sans the phone feature. Hence, 'posers' as you put it have as much right to check an iDevice blog as an iPhone user.

You do realize the best selling Android phones cost the same or more than the IPhone right? Might want o update your talking points.

so what is your point? customization or the same old same old... Apple proprietary , sue happiness is a big turn off... do't folks like to be able to tweak their devices to be more creative than the stock fed versions that the manufacturers feed folks.

So, the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is a best selling Android phone with more than 10 million+ sold is a free device right? Check your facts again.
Anyways, some people like iOS, some like Android. Strong competition between each ecosystem will lead to further innovation, which eventually helps us customers.

And the award for the most ignorant comment goes to...
Last I checked iPhones and top tier Android phones (the ones being marketed) are the same price on and off contract. Android phones actually being more off contract at times depending where you go.

I think it goes to show that many of these users have never so much as touched an Android device and just repeat what they hear.

Dude, the iPhone has already been killed. It's in second place, and Android is first. Apple needs to get their act together to get back on top. :(

You know how I know iPhones a better phone, then all those androids made because Andriod fanboys claim new Andriod phones that come out to be "iPhone Killers". If you have to try so hard to kill an iPhone that clearly shows its a better phone

Apple and the iPhone are by no means perfect. Samsung makes great devices. Apple makes great devices.
But another thing that gives Apple the advantage is the amount of apps that a user can load and how well integrated many of them are with other devices a family has (other iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, etc). While there are times I'd like to consider switching to a Samsung, my integrated iOS + apps + data generally work so well that it would be unlikely that I could make the switch. I think there are many people in the same situation.
That is really the competitive advantage Apple has in my opinion.

I agree with you.
But have you actually used Android? I ask that seriously.
Because the integration of app/OS/and device is bar none.
My apps can share between each other. I can take a picture from Twitter and automatically send it to my Dropbox without ever leaving Twitter.
I can take an article from Engadget app and email a link without ever leaving the app.
iOS doesn't really have that level of integration outside of core apps and Twitter.
I love my iOS device but as far as app/OS integration...Android beats it hands down.

I appreciate an iOS lover, who can at least see the pros of another OS. Android gets app integration right, iOS gets the seamless, no fault experience.

I haven't had a galaxy so can't compare but I do have orange maps on my iPhone 4 and it works an absolute treat. Turn by navigation. Never let me down yet.

I have the iPhone 4S and the Samsung GS2 and I get a kick out of these ads. Not because I'll say one if "better" then the other, but because its funny that we've come to a place where our phone choice seems to reflect who we are (or as depicted in the ads).
I laugh when people say either operating system is better then the other. Its all a matter of preference. They are both great platforms in their own way. Use what you like and what fits your needs.
I know this is all part of competition for business but a lot of people take it personal.
I was thinking the other day; why do people feel they need to chose one over the other and then take such a stance or toll in forums about "my device is better.....". Could this be a sign of ones insecurities and is being vented through a device?
I'm glad we have options, and good options. In the early days of wireless I don't remember anyone anyone saying "you have an Audiovox bag phone....", or my Star-Tac is so much better then your Nokia. It didn't matter because the served a purpose, and that's what was important.

Why is Samsung saying this? Their phones do not have built in navigation. The OS they put on there does, but their phones do not. It's not something that Samsung does, it's something Google does.
Oh, and lots and lots of people have nav systems in the cars.

Yeah,i've been back but just too busy lol But dont worry,ill awyals be subscribed to you Im actually kinda surprised you remembered me xD

I still don't understand these ads????? I get taking a shot at apple, but why would you make fun of consumers? I have an iPhone. I stood in line at the AT&T store on launch day excited to get my 4s. I've also owned a droid, and i personally like the iPhone better, but if I was going to go back to a droid it wouldn't be by Samsung if they're going to make fun of me.

Has anyone stood in linet to buy a Samsung or other brand for that matter? I have had cell phones since the beginning and the IPhone is the best. Not because of "bleeding edge" tehcnology but because everything works smoothly.

Not everyone gets a kick out of standing in line for basically no reason at all. The phones will still be there later. Not to mention that in the Android world theres choice. So while you might be anxious for the GS2 its common knowledge that the other OEMs will release phones shortly after. So many will wait to see how the others like Motorola or HTC might respond before blindly dropping their dollars on the GS2. The "lines" are just an Apple thing. Nothing wrong with it but there's nothing wrong with not lining up for a device either.

You only parody and copy things that are better than you. Doing so for something you consider worse than you makes zero sense. Every Samsung ad tells us "We're not as good as Apple, so we're going to make fun of them and try to bring them down to our level."

I like the idea of using Samsunged as a verb. I think it could replace Xeroxed. I wonder how long it will take for the iPad 3 to get Samsunged? Siri is already being Samsunged by the competition. :)

I've really wondered why folks have felt the need to "copy" Siri when apps like Speaktoit Assistant were on the market well before Apple bought Siri. Copying it is about as stupid as thinking its some sort of original invention.

Advertising rule #1: Don't compare yourself to your competition. Rule #2: Don't make your competition look weak when their not. Rule #3: Don't TRY to be funny!
This type of ad doesn't increase business at all. I have products from both companies so my allegiance is to neither. The "making people look stupid" advertising is just lame and worn out.

The only way to compete with Apple is via user experience, not specs alone. The EVO 4G had great specs at the time and Froyo was great but the Gingerbread upgrade on the EVO was a life sucking abyss that sent me straight to the iPhone 4S and I haven't looked back. My iPhone has never crashed or rebooted itself. I've never had a "battery life problem". It just works. I have the apps I want and need. I can live with this iPhone 4S for the life of my two year contract without new phone model envy. Can that be said for ANY Android phone? I don't think so. Samsung can poke with all the ads they want. It's not going to sway anyone into standing in line to buy an Android phone at launch. Maybe ICS is as good or better but since I'm not on Verizon and wasn't interested in waiting till later this year to get it, I went with what works for me. The iPhone 4S.

I feel the exact same way. I had an evo and loved it until the updates started to kill the phone. When Sprint announced the iPhone I couldn't preorder one fast enough and haven't regretted my decision. Thank you Apple for producing a device 'that just works'.

If Samsung actually put as much time in their hardware as they did these "mock" commercials they might be good. I'm just tired this plastic garbage that looks like everything else.

All I can say is I can't wait for the next iPhone when it has LTE and maybe a bigger screen. Then we'll see what happens to the Samsung people or android people when apple can't produce enough of them.

I don't think iPhone will change its current form factor. The size is perfect for single hand usage. Some other phones are just too big for my preference.

, 'The News That Makers of iPhone Rivals Don't Want to Hear'There, I fixed it for you. Reply:September 23rd, 2011 at 10:19 AM, Close, but I did uadtpe anyway. Peace,Gene

so many here are arguing for which's better. that will be based entirely on your opinion. for me i have 2 ipad2 at home, 1 iphone4 (red casing :D), 1 galaxy tab7+ & a BB9900 White. i love them all. i think the Boys here need to use their time to go earn some cash and buy them all. then you can know for sure, they r all good depending on the situation.

lol some of the comments here are just so stupid...anyone that's says the iPhone is the better phone because its more expensive is dumb and there comments should be deleted...all I will say have a sense of humour and don't take it too heart lol its only a phone.

It's just a commmercial.
Is it really so deep to be taken as a religion?
Make a call and shut the eff up... plain and simple.

Apple is an American Company. Samcrap is NOT!
@Samcrap: I have a galaxy y, so what? Can't you just make a commercial without trying to put the competition down? Geez..
Signed by ANTI KIMCHI, the world's worst food.

Apple is an American company who sent ALL of its manufacturing jobs overseas because the Chinese are "faster". You're just another dollar to them. That argument is void. Google is an American company as well.

Did I mention Google?
If you knew as many Korean nationals as I do you might begin to understand why I feel "anti kimchi". Not talking about kors in the USA, but here in the Philippines. You know what kimchi is?
I support Google. I hate to support a kimchi eating society.

This is the difference between the two groups. I own all apple products now. I used to use windows and blackberry's. I use to have to defend myself constantly. I switched to a MacBook first, than iPhone than iPad.
I just spent a week with an android fanboy. He had the phone And the tablet. Every other sentence out of his mouth was "you know why I like I android..." the sentences between were "this app doesn't seem to work right..."
There are no apple commercials bashing the competition but what I've discovered is that that are either insecure or need to prove they aren't apple "lemmings" have to fight to prove that apple isn't the best. I am finally at a point with I use that I don't feel I need to prove anything.

I think it was the documentary called iGenuis on Discovery Channel that said it right, no other device on the market once in your hand makes you ogle at it and go I love this phone.
Say what you want about the iPhone designs but if you look at the designs of other smartphones on the maker (apart from Blackberry) they all in some way try to imitate the iPhone design to gain the appealing stylish look.
While we on the subject of sales of course Android has more users than iPhone, but it seems people are forgetting that Android is only a operating system. If iPhones are the only mobile phone running iOS, it means that Apple as a company has sold more of its own mobile devices that any other company manufacturing devices running Android... Just a thought

Yes there is more android phones than iPhones being sold but no single model is anywhere near the sales of the iPhone. These comparisons are apples and oranges. It would be like saying all the fords combined outsell the BMW m3 therefore more people like fords. Completely untrue and the proof is in the value of each phone. I would like to know the resell value of the iPhone 3GS vs the original droid. Search eBay and Craigslist and let me know. I bought the iPhone 3GS for $199 sold it the next year for $500 and bought an iPhone 4 for $550 sold it this year for $450 and got the iPhone 4s for $199. Apple products hold value android products do not.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWNNNNN..... The never ending loop of clowns discussing Mac vs PC / iOS vs Android..... ZZZZZzzzzzz... Buy whatever YOU think is right for YOU, then shut the @/#& up ! You're behaving like bleedin' Missionaries !!! Get yerself a life...Jaysus !! Take a walk or sumthin'....

Google should take away all there services from apple search,gmail, google voice, maps etc. how many people would switch to android if
they could not use there google services isnt apple already working on their own version of maps. Google should do now instead of waiting until
apple comes out with our
own versions of their
services and kicks them to the curb

Nov19ComputerHowToGuru @mmfgamer5 Thanks for the wrinang! i totally agree, and it can even sometimes slow down my 32gb iPod Touch 3G, and thats why i dont use it all the time.