*Slightly* More on 3rd Generation iPhone

No specks, no blur-cam shots, not even a Kevin Rose post yet, just a few more tiny little details on Pinch Media's timeline via MacRumors:

  • 1st spotting of the "iPhone 2,1" device occured in early October 2008
  • Usage picked up in mid-December 2008
  • A few dozen distinct "iPhone 2,1" devices have been detected
  • Almost exclusively located in south San Francisco Bay Area
  • Both AT&T and Wi-Fi connections

Dear Apple, CrackBerry Kevin got that wonderful pre-release BlackBerry Bold last year, and he will never let the rest of us live it down, so for the sake of all things righteous, just, and uber-cool, howsabout slapping an iPhone Mark 3 (iPhone HD?) in some bubblewrap and fedexing it our way? We don't even care if cut/copy and paste is working yet, b'okay?

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*Slightly* More on 3rd Generation iPhone


uh oh...DELL is coming out with its own phone. Watch out Apple. Pioneers get the arrows but the settlers get the land.
Article is in today's Wall Street Journal

The funny thing is it will still be an iPhone clone because NO one has matched the iPhone yet or even come close. This is like when the RAZR came out 4 years ago, it's just now being surpassed by the iPhone in market share. But best of luck to dell trying to surpass iPhones market share.

I wonder if Dell's smartphone will include 12 ROM updates that still can't fix major bugs (white screen of death) in the OS, plus a physical design that is so flimsy a hard knock will damage the battery door and require hacking to depress the 'my battery door is in place' sensor so the device will turn on?
Wait, isn't this about the iPhone, not the Dell phone?

Okay I have bought the new 3G Iphone. I have to say it is a great device. Dell might win this one. Lets talk about what pisses me off about the Iphone. Oh my sister just had a baby. I say send me a picture message oh wait can't recieve them. Wait I have to log in with a user name and pass word but I have to write it down log and them wait... Shit with my old Verizon phone BAM it was there. Then do I want to send it to multiple people on their phones? Well send a mass text... NOPE! So shit I got to copy and paste the things I just wrote but there is no button for that. So the MMS; SMS feature is SHIT! That is what I just want to let everyone know. If this next phone has it I will get it. If it dosen't I will just stick with this phone.
Everything I like about the phone is starting to FAIL because of the features the basic phones of any other company can do simple things like MMS. I loved my Iphone for the 3 months I had it until I learned I would have to put my SIM in my old BB to send off a PIC message. APPLE, DELL WILL TAKE YOU OUT IF YOU DO NOT FIX THIS!

stop complaining. No other phone has iFart and Lightsaber. Beat that!
To stay on topic, I hope whatever 2,1 version phone apple has up its sleeve includes some of these features. They are purposely frustrating everyone to force them to buy a new 3G iphone within a year at $300 a pop. So you have to pay $300 to get cut and paste and MMS. Plus AT&T will add an additional $5/mo to account for the MMS capability.

I am sorry I went off on a rant! I would pay 300 bucks for MMS and cut and paste. I jail broke my phone and then I found out that my CALL button was gone. I almost had the MMS working with the Swirly but they would not enable my WAP. I was on a family plan with my wife dropped off that and got the I phone. She said "I will switch when you can recieve Dirty Pictures of me!" lol.
I just don't understand why MMS is gone. She likes the MMS and fowards to all her friends. I can't understand why they can't enable this feature.

With the increasing popularity of email on phones, MMS is old tech and will be dead before long (my prediction is <2 years). Why not have your sister send an MMS to your EMAIL address?
Honestly, of all the things the iPhone can't do, MMS is one I hope it never does, and I hope other phone manufacturers follow suit, swiftly ushering MMS right out the door.
Now ask me about video recording or a wider use of Bluetooth on the iPhone, and I'll definitely join in your rants!

if people are that concerned about cut and paste then Jb. Clippy works fine copying incoming texts or email to text. It even works on the notes in SBsettings. There is an mms app in the app store, This works fine. Some people may not want to JB there phone; but moaning on every blog about cut and paste is annoying. The abbility is here. JB for now and restore to factory setting later when apple bring it out.
The new Dell, blackberry even the pre. These will also have faults and hackers to solve them. The grass is not allways greener on the other side.

Oh yeah, and for sending an MMS from your iPhone email, I just use 123456789@mms.att.net
A full list of SMS/MMS email gateways can be found here: http://hiptools.net/sms/
Of course the only drawback is you have to know the recipient's mobile carrier, but that's a small matter and allows MMS to work well enough until it is completely obsolete.

@greg iPhone user
Ummm you can send mass SMS and also mms... Go through the iphoneblig tutorials u just have to send through mms through email to **********@vzwpix.com... And if u can't figure out multiple SMS trade ur phone in u don't deserve such a great device

@Greg Iphone User
With a little research you would have been able to find out why/fix the phone app crashing.
I really don't understand people saying that receiving email is better than MMS lol Its more of an inconvenience to the sender and the recipient IMHO.

@Steve Jobs I'm sure Apple views the yet to be released Dell phone as a true threat because Dell has such a vast history of besting Apple products. Take for example the...... ummmm... hmmm...

I am sorry. My family can't all afford BB's and I am sure my 14 year old brother dosen't have e-mail to send pictures to. I do know they have standard cell phones. I might not understand the whole MMS thing or maybe I just thought my Iphone could do everything. I guess I am just behind the power curve. For what it's worth I like my Iphone. I just wish apple would not try to be UNIQUE I wish they would ask their users what they would like instead of just saying MMS won't be the future.
PS. Everyone said Y2K was going to crash all the computers and there was a scare. It didn't happen. Most people on this post said E-mail will be the future... Lets see if that dosen't happen and people stick to MMS........¿¿¿¿

Greg, it's simple as this. Anyone can email you from their phone by putting your email address instead of your phone number. Get a clue before you rant

I wish my iPhone didnt make me jb/ go through tips/ tricks etc for me to be able to do "simple" stuff that my friends can do on their not do cool phones. Agrred the iPhone is great in some respects but I dont think they are going to be exclusive for too long, slowly but surely other phones will throw bigger chalenges on iPhone!

Is Apple an ISP? I'm asking this because I checked my site's statistics and I saw a few visits coming from the Apple.com domain. One of them came from Google, searching for "iPod touch HD", while another came while searching for "emoji on 2.2.1". I have a strong feeling these visits are coming from Apple employees.
Speaking of "iPod touch HD", has anyone thought of the new device being the iPhone HD? And what about the iPod touch? Since the iPhone's being upgraded, I guess the iPod touch should also follow suit? iPod touch HD, perhaps?

Hey can you explain that to me again. Because about 300 of my contacts on my Iphone don't understand it takes me a half hour to get a picture message and that I have to look up everyone's carrier? How strange does this sound... I put Greg K. 324 432 2345 on my buisness card but tell you that you have to send picture messages to me at 324 432 2345@mms.ATT.net Does that sound great. Or this girl sends you a picture message and you have to log in and then she wants somthing back. You have to ask what carrier... then look it up and send. THE I PHONE WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE MY LIFE EASIER NOT MAKE MY LIFE HARDER...

Do you picture message with all 300 contacts? Is MMS something that belongs on a business card? Get real. And you still don't understand. They don't send an MMS to yournumber@att, that wouldn't work. They send it to your email address. It's as simple as asking the few people that send you an MMS to please forward that to your email and add that to their contacts list. On your end, add theirnumber@carrier to their contact info on your iPhone. If they have a smart phone then just freakin email it, the pics show up in better quality.
If it weren't for the incredibly pointless forwards and the occasional actual really good reason to send a pic, MMS would disappear. Someday email will be simple enough to replace even SMS, especially if it stays limited to 160 characters and they never end up caring that we can't send a doubly long SMS between carriers.

Also, you don't have to look up their carrier if they send you one first. You just hit reply. Don't forget to add it to their contact info. You can even create a custom label for it that says MMS.

DUDE I WANT SIMPLE. I want basic! I want what I am paying alot of money for. I want to be satisfied! I want to be AMAZED with APPLE. I want something that can do it ALL! I want you...

you assume the other person has a smartphone that can attach a pic to an email and send it.
The next iphone will prob have its own messaging client like the BB messenger where you can send pics, etc. through.
for now you have to deal with workarounds, jailbreaks and a whole host of other things. But again, this is by design. Create enough pent up frustration so they can gurantee more upsell of the next generation device

@ Steve Jobs
I have yet to see any phone that can't send an MMS to an email address.
I'm not saying I prefer it this way, I'm just saying it's a simpler solution than your confusion was making it sound. Yes, it's frustrating it can't do it, but at least there's a way around it for now.

If anyone ever sends me an MMS, I'll run them down with my truck.
"Waaah... I can't send MMS... now I'm going to be cursed with a year of bad luck unless I forward it to at least 10 people like it says... waaah!"

If mms is going to be obsolete in a few years they should have gave it to us til then, a few times the at&t web site for retrieving pics didn't work I forgot to check back within 7 days and lost the messages, could have been someone trapped that could not talk or type that was sending me a pic as a clue to send them help, now because of a simple lacking feature I could not save their life

The Iphone is one of the most wonderful devices out, but of course is not perfect, yeah MMS is an issue but not as a weak cammera that won't even record video, or how about the bluetooth?. These are things that the cheapest phone can do, why not step up "Apple" and make ur lives easier, I had an Iphone but I returned for these "simple" things, that my old W810i can do, I might not be able to use gps or read my email, but I surely like the cammera and the bluetooth

I'm with Greg on this one...Not everyone has a smartphone to send images etc....this IS basics, in 2009 you should be able to do this and edit attachments and resend without any problems. It's not difficult to program this. It seems to me that Apple is limiting functionality to keep it's identity separate from it's rivals - While my iphone is a lovely device it DOES lacks fundamental functionality...and I'm sorely disappointed with the 98% of pointless and utterly useless apps in itunes. I won't JB as most hacks I've used in the past have caused permanent hardware failures...

Apple just announced MMS for v3.0 of the iPhone software. Suck it everyone who said it was dead. You guys are obviously technology wizards who can predict all this crap.
Email is totally different. Nobody's asking for alternate methods. They want MMS working. When you jump all over people and offer theories and excuses for why "MMS isn't necessary," you just sound like an Apple fan-boy. Tools.

You guys sound pretty confused. You don't need a personal e-mail address (although I don't know a 14-year-old without one) or smartphone to communicate to an iPhone. If you have MMS technology in your phone, you have the option to send that message to an e-mail address instead of a phone number. You can usually save that preference for the contact. No smartphone required. My RAZR could do it a zillion years ago. And we all know how easy it is to retrieve our e-mail on our iPhone. And, as mentioned, if you know someone's service provider, you can just as easily e-mail them a message that will come right to their MMS inbox. Does this clear things up at all?
And that multiple SMS thing was fixed forever ago... do you not update your iPhone?!?

GREG, good news the new 3.0 software for the iphone has all of that and you get to download the 3.0 software free for your iphone 3g. It has copy paste through all apps, MMS, landscape keyboard for all apps including txting! And ALOT of new features. Its going to be awesome. Watch the keynote on apple.com for more!

I don't think Apple will release a 3rd gen iphone just yet. Maybe in 2010. What they will be releasing though is the same 2nd generation iphone with 3.0 OS already in it, and of course the 3.0 firmware update which would be available for everyone else on itunes. The next iphone will be so spectacular and advanced that Apple would need more time with its design and in testing it to make sure it would deliver its features smoothly.

OMG nothing matches the iphone! im sorry but every phone company tries to beat the iphone but they just can't do it! im 14 years old and my iphone is like my favorite thing ever. i love music and it's an ipod with access to itunes, youtube, the internet, the att service is amazing and the iphone is so complicated yet so user friendly. my mom and dad both have iphones and to. Most everyone of my friends has an ipod touch and most people do, and the iphone is just like it only with wireless internet access and texting and phone calls. Sprint has the samsung instinct. Sprint claims that it is better than the iphone. no way, i had it and it sucked. NOTHING BEATS THE IPHONE! (my previous phone)