So Just How Powerful is the iPhone?

As gaming developers grow more familiar with the iPhone platform and learning its capabilities, many are doling out their opinions across the interweb. Compared to the DS and the PSP, an EA developer put the iPhone in terms of power closer to the PSP than the DS. That's nothing new for us at TiPb but now Sega is claiming that the iPhone is more powerful than their last console, the Dreamcast! To remind you: the Dreamcast was home to Soul Caliber, Shenmue, & Virtua Tennis and the console was a competitor of the PS2 and Xbox.

And. the. iPhone. is. more. powerful. than. that.

But powerful as it is, as proven by the current console war, the iPhone is going to need FUN games to succeed as a gaming platform. Let's give developers some time to see what they can come up with. With such power under the hood, they'll have no excuse!


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So Just How Powerful is the iPhone?


I think we'll have to suffer for a while, like the Wii did, when they got a lot of ports with no real understanding of how to use the new control paradigm of the Wii-mote.
Likewise, with no thumbstick or buttons, devs will have to figure out new types of games and interactions that are easy and fun to use.
A few months (I hope!) and we'll get a set of made-for-iPhone next gen goodness!

I think there the iPhone will succeed in gaming in that its gameplay is much closer to the Nintendo DS. I don't think the processing power argument really matters because both the Nintendo DS/Wii are more successful than the PSP/PS3, respectively, and yet we know that the processing power of the latter is exponentially better than their Nintendo counterparts. You're right, developers need to make "fun" games that focus on interactive gameplay in order to make the iPhone a worthy contender in the gaming arena as proven by Nintendo's recent success with their current "fun" consoles.
On a side note, Dreamcast is STILL my favorite console from that generation.
AND, the iPhone is STILL my favorite phone that I've ever had (and, dare I say, even better than my BlackBerry tear).

I'm lovin Crash Bandicoot, i actually missed my metro stop yesterday because I was to so into the final race of the cup!

Too bad we can't get a port of advance wars, not only would it be 100% playable on the iPhone but its one of the best turn based strategy games I've ever played.

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