Sprint announces Q2 2012 financial results, 1.5 million iPhones

Spring announces Q2 2012 financial results, 1.5 million iPhones

Sprint has announced their second quarter, 2012 earnings and they include 1.5 million iPhones sold, 40% of which went to new customers. They reported a net loss of $1.4 billion, compared to a net loss of $847 million for the same quarter a year ago. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said:

The Sprint platform achieved best ever postpaid ARPU and customer churn that, combined with disciplined customer acquisition and cost management, contributed to our Adjusted OIBDA* of $1.45 billion. Based on this performance, we are raising the 2012 Adjusted OIBDA* forecast to between $4.5 billion and $4.6 billion.

This line is also interesting:

Operating loss of $629 million; Adjusted OIBDA* of $1.45 billion increases 10 percent year-over-year and includes Network Vision and iPhone dilution

AT&T, Verizon, and Apple have all previously announced earnings for the quarter.

Source: Sprint

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Reader comments

Sprint announces Q2 2012 financial results, 1.5 million iPhones


Wow, only 1.5 million, Sprint will be hurting to meet the needed sales of iPhones for their contract. And this is my first first :)

I don't think so. They have sold almost 5 million so far and I think estimates where that they would need to sell 22 or 23 million over four years to justify that contract.. Even if they only move 1 million they next quarter, they will be on pace to sell more than the projected numbers over four years. It at least looks like they will break even which I'm sure is acceptable for Sprint as each of those users represent either a new customer or one that stayed with Sprint. They also just started their pre paid iphone plan with Virgin which started less than a month ago which has been an actual plus for Sprint. The only other question is how quick they can get a nationwide LTE network up and running. It will be hard to move a bunch of LTE iphones if you have only have 15-20 LTE markets at launch when your competitors are selling the same phone that can work nationwide.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the unlimited plans start getting phased out of VZW and ATT coming up with the next iPhone release. Although Sprint might not have the fastest network, there is a piece of mind to the average consumer about having unlimited data. Not to mention a smaller bill a month. This fall will be fun to watch what happens.

I left Sprint a month ago for Verizon. While I had unlimited data, it was still a waste of money because I wasn't able to utilize it due to Sprint's horrendous network. I am completely happy with my decision and I even saved some money with Verizon's 6GB shared data plan because when my Sprint service actually worked I only used about 4GB total for both my lines. Not everyone looks at things the way I do so it will definitely be an interesting fall!!!

Oh man, I completely understand you! I have been with sprint for almost a month, got first line a month ago and the. A second line almost two wks ago. Horrible service. I have been SO pissed off. I went and looked at Verizon but all I could think of was "wow $700 ETF for sprint then I can come to VZW." then all the sudden I realized my second line is only 12 days old!!! I can return it tmrw and get my money refunded for the iPhone plus get the ETF waived! I ended up deciding to go with AT&T because my boss/dad has a business account with them and I work for him so he's adding a line onto it for me and it's only gonna be $65 per month for me versus $100 per month for horrible sprint. I basically get 4G speeds with AT&T for half of what I was paying at sprint im def happy knowing that , ya so what sprint has unlimited data they can say that all they want when your web pages won't even load its impossible to get anywhere close to unlimited lol. I used 0.56 of a GB of data this month I have WiFi at home and work and my girls house so I won't go over the 3 GB per month that I'm getting. Oh ya and I guess the iPhone works like this for YouTube or videos, if your service is crappy it will adjust to grainy bad picture so that it will play, my videos are constantly grainy on the retina display I hate it. Used my dads iPhone and they are crystal clear. Def excited that awesome u got out of your contract too, I put my other sprint line on standby and will keep it their till my ETF drops lower then I'll just pay it. So long sprint

No surprise here. I just left that garbage company and went to Verizon. It's been like night and day between the two companies. One thing I keep noticing about me swapping is "Verizon can, where Sprint can't". This saying just keeps proving itself over and over. Everything from customer service to coverage is better with Big Red.

I cant wait to switch. I've dissected my data usage and it dosent even scratch 1 gb each month cant wait to leave this company and go to at&t. They have been nothing but a failure since i got them and for the people rejoicing about network vision as if its the messiah.... guess what other companies have been doing this for years its called improving the network constantly and not just selfishly keep all the money.

I recommend you check out s4gru.com. Sprint is going through a massive network overhaul called "Network Vision" that will be competitive to Verizon & At&t in price, speed, and efficiency. I do not work for sprint or affiliated with them, neither is s4gru.com.

Once Network Vision is complete in a city, it will be night and day. I'm in Chicago which is expected to launch this fall. In the suburbs, the speeds are amazing right now. The speed is consistent and pings are low. There is still work to be done because my speeds in downtown Chicago are horrible.

Sprints future is bright if they can execute the network upgrade quickly. For now, there will be bumps in the road. If you need to jump to another network, please do so. I will be waiting patiently on wifi.

i have sprint cause it's cheap and i'm not leaving cause i got a contract. but i'm hoping that in more then a year when my contract is up LTE will be here, i'll get an LTE phone and i'll still have an affordable rate.

If Sprint can have the Network Vision plan completed ( or close) this will be a big help to them. My data speeds are not great but usable, not nearly as bad as others. If Network Vision is up with 4G LTE, then there will be trouble for Verizon and AT&T (in that order). If one wants CDMA to fall back on for network you have Sprint and Verizon, but with a big price and usage difference. For many who don't travel out in the fields, Sprint will be very attractive. If you are looking for a world phone, it is AT&T.