Sprint announces Q1 2013 results: 1.5 million iPhones sold

Sprint announces Q1 2013 results: 1.5 million iPhones sold

Sprint has announced their Q1 2013 financial results and in addition to a lot of other, sometimes weirdly acronym'd, numbers, out of 5 million smartphones sold, 1.5 million were iPhones.

Eighty-six percent of quarterly Sprint platform postpaid handset sales were smartphones, including more than 1.5 million iPhones sold during the quarter. Forty-three percent of iPhone sales were to new customers, a rate that continues to outperform larger competitors.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse:

This is a transformative year for Sprint and we’ve gotten off to a good start. Record Sprint platform service revenue and subscriber levels fueled our performance. We achieved significant Adjusted OIBDA* growth while investing heavily to improve our network, expanding our 4G LTE footprint and offering customers the best smartphones with truly unlimited data plans.

The iPhone representing 30% of smartphone sales isn't as dominating a number as we've seen from AT&T and Verizon, but then again, Sprint isn't AT&T or Verizon.

Now that T-Mobile is in the mix, it'll be interesting to see what, if anything, happens to Sprint's share of iPhones going forward.

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Sprint announces Q1 2013 results: 1.5 million iPhones sold


If Sprint doesn't get their Sh*t together with their horrible service and lack of 4G speed I'm jumping ship and taking my family with me!

side note:
before coming to imore today i saw this article on Sprint/clearwire/Softbank that was kinda interesting. I guess Clearwire doesn't think they are getting value for money. www dot forbes dot com/sites/joanlappin/2013/04/24/sprint-in-play-now-itself-sees-losses-mount-in-current-quarter/

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