Sprint, Virgin tout unlimited, un-shared data, and ditching your un-iPhones

Over the last week we've seen a couple of amusing new commercials from Virgin Mobile (above) and Sprint (below) touting their unlimited, un-shared data plans. Virgin goes so far as to suggest you arrange a "happy accident" for your old, non-iPhone.

Accidents happen. But when they lead to you getting a new Virgin Mobile phone, we call them "Happy Accidents". Get the best phones on awesome plans only with Virgin Mobile. A Higher Calling.

Sprint just wants you to "say no to sharing".

Don't let shared data divide your family. Say no to sharing and yes to Sprint with Truly Unlimited(sm) data, text and calling to any mobile. No throttling, no metering, no overages. All while on the Sprint network.

Both are in response to tiered data plans, and new sharing plans, on America's biggest networks, AT&T and Verizon. Of course, Verizon, and to some extent AT&T, both have LTE data speeds, which might be useful come September 12.

So what do you think of these two spots? Do they make you want to defenestrate your BlackBerry, Android, or feature phone and grab an un-shared, unlimited data plan, on America's smaller, and much, much smaller networks?

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Reader comments

Sprint, Virgin tout unlimited, un-shared data, and ditching your un-iPhones


haha that sharing one was pretty good, the "accident" one doesnt make much sense tho since losing your phone doesnt cancel the contract...

The Sprint commercial is funny and catchy..... "body hair" :-0 Will it make me switch? I'm done with AT&T here in Southern California. I'm leaning to go to Verizon when the new iPhone comes out. My friends iPad on Verizon's 4G is fast, and Verizon's coverage is just a lot better in my experience.

i doubt it. Virgin is prepaid, and its competition is Cricket..so I doubt it.

Sprint's biggest advertising crutch is our unlimited data (and being 20-100$ cheaper than Verizon, but yknow...). So I sincerely doubt they will switch anytime ever.

That's ironic consider Sprint's *unlimited* data isn't really unlimited. Check the fine print in the contract and you'll see. I had Sprint for 6 years before upgrading to Verizon and have never been happier. I actually get coverage, the 4G isn't a joke like it is on Sprint, and the Sprint's customer service is the worst out of the big 4 wireless providers. Too many bad experiences to list but there's a reason why Sprint's customer install base is shrinking while AT&T and Verizon's continue to expand.

Please explain this "fine print" that your speaking of? Or provide a link perhaps. I have Sprint and haven't had any issues with them and their unlimited. I've heard the stories on XDA and rooted Android phones with people changing their PRLs to only roam on VZW at all times, meanwhile inflating their roaming data then having Sprint contact them for excessive roaming. But thats a very very small percentage on their network. Not to mention, abusing their roaming agreements.

I have 4 iPhones, 700 shared voice minutes and unlimited messaging on my AT&T plan. I've carefully analyzed both Virgin and AT&T's shared plans. I'm not switching. I've not checked out Sprint.