Standing the line for the Verizon iPhone!

Are you standing in line for the Verizon iPhone 4? It launches tomorrow so if you just can't wait to get your hands on one as fast as possible that's your best option right now. So let us know where you are, Apple Store, Verizon Wireless, Best Buy, Walmart? How's it looking where you are? Doors will open as early as 7am tomorrow morning so you shouldn't have too long to wait. Apple often provides coffee, water and puts on a show (and yes, it can be fun to hang out with other iPhone enthusiasts, waiting for the big launch event!) Just be sure to keep warm!

If you're standing in line, send us your pics or add them to the official thread in the Verizon iPhone Forum and we'll post them up right here!


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mlfgc says:

Yea I went ahead and reserved one at the Apple store. They said they're not giving them out til 12pm and to make sure I bring gov issued ID. So there really is no pt I standing in line til I get there and show them my reservation confirmation.

mlfgc says:

I think I may just go pick one up early at Verizon... I don't think I wanna risk standing in line forever mid day while making my boss look for a noose to make a shining example outta me.

daryl2.slo says:

should of pre ordered it last thursday
i got mine at monday at 12 and im a very happy camper

mlfgc says:

Yea trust me... family plans+timing is a female dog and a half... I definitely would've if I could've.
Only reason I put up with the family plan is to make sure I get the iphone 5 in June so im content.

solu says:

Just bought a verizon iphone from craigslist for 500 ( sold my at&t one for 550 ) and activated it with month to month no contract plan :) ... No standing in line for me :)

menno says:

It could've been, but what they said is possible. There are some people selling the Verizon iphone4 for $500 or so right now (no idea why). And if you have an ATT one you can still get good money for it.
As for the contract, Verizon allows you to sign up for a month to month agreement if you provide the equipment or pay full price for it. This isn't a prepaid plan, but there is no contract.

Jeff says:

Wow, you guys are rolling deep! That's pretty cool. Are you at least indoors? Noticing all of those short sleeved shirts I'd imagine you were. Either that, or you're in some warm climate (jealous!).
Have fun and be safe. It'll be interesting to see how the turnout for the Verizon launch differs from AT&T's launch. I think it's safe to say that it'll go a bit smoother this go 'round.
Here's hoping anyway.

b says:

so smooth no one showed up

Custom iPhone Application says:

This is really fantastic advice, thank you so much

Will says:

That looks like a lot of fun but I have to say that I am honestly very happy to say I preordered and will be falling asleep with my iPhone next to me tonight :)

zachslusser says:

Yeah I bought one on craigslist as well and had it yesterday. I had it for about 3 hours and come to find out it was stolen and sold to me. yeah i bought a stolen phone, so I'm out 550.00 FML.

SteveC says:

That stinks! Sorry that happened! :( Caveat Emptor...

mike says:

thats a bummer dude. craigslist is shady with cell phones for that reason. i plan on going at 5am. hope its early enough. what do you guys think

RD says:

I'm leaving my house at 4 and heading to best buy. Its freezing out so not sure what the outcome is going to be.

nab says:

This guy should be banned for using the name of the CEO. I will be first in line to buy a Verizon iphone.

b says:

you mean the only one can you hear me now nope I'm on the web

kountrycorps says:

No line in Fargo. I have been standing for over two hours. Two more to go. Good luck to all!

Chip Chipperson says:

Enjoy what the rest of us have had since 2007!!!

Josh says:

Oh Chip! You WISH you had coverage like VZW has. Clearly keep dreaming on what WE'VE had for MANY years! AT&T SUCKS!

b says:

YOUR HIGH I had Verizon for over 15 years now with AT&T and AT&T has a way better connection and coverage than Verizon ever had .I had both so I know. Went on vacation and people with Verizon were walking around with there phones in the air while I was talking on the phone and surfing the web at the same time.

iphoneleaks says:

great information about verizon iphone 4. plz keep updating about this thanx

Josh says:

Why is it outdated? Its not lime its obsolete! Do you say that about cars too? What a loser troll!

mlfgc says:

standing in this line... There's 5 ppl here.. Coulda got more sleep -_-;

AT&T > Verizon says:

AT&T iPhoners will always be one up on Verizon iPhoneys. We'll always have the latest and greatest every July while they're stuck with OLD TECHNOLOGY! :D

anna says:

what ever helps you sleep at night dude...

davey1975 says:

the iphone is for at&t and for verizon at least we dont get drop calls and have to pay for mb for data then at&t does!!! 2mb for $50 is at&t serious??

b says:

Get you info right its $25 for 2mb on AT&T and I had 20x more dropped calls on Verizon. Plus I have 10x faster data than Verizon YOU FAIL

BBYM#IM says:

We opened best buy at 7 not even one customer waiting here in St Louis. We have 40 of them.

BBYM#IM says:

Still no sales it's been 6 hours... We could not keep ATT iPhones in stock...

misterpapi says:

That's cuz no one was smart enough to be patient and wait. They all got AT&T or a droid. But us smart ones got ours early from VZW's early upgrade plus an additional 40 bucks off... Gotta love VZW.

b says:

Got to love that slow VZW data NOT

Amadordiego says:

In line as well. The difference for me is I've owned every IPhone ever made.
Currently on T-Mobile with slow internet. The moment I heard there was unlimited data I had to do it.
And well now I'm in a short line of 6 people. Worth it bkuz one tjingnive learned is IPhone keep there value!

Dan says:

Got mine at Verizon this morning. No line. I'm in love w this phone!

davey1975 says:

Verizon did this during the early morning hours ona work or school day i believe you will see the action pick up later in the afternoon today and we will be one up on at&t!!! Remember presales beat at&t out of the water!!

Sarah says:

I don't they compared AT&T preorders. They had it was a record break preorder sales in Verizon history. I glad that another carrier out the iPhone, but I'm sticking with AT&T. Enjoy your iPhone.

Shrike says:

It's freaking cold here. People are crazy to be going to any store and standing in line. Crazy. For a phone!

Steve Jobs says:

do not imitate me, fake steve jobs.
everybody enjoy your phones today!
Sent from my iPad3

c_hack says:

No lines where I'm at in PA for the iphone. Not a lot of Apple fanboys at Verizon though. Would have been cool in 2007, but its right up there with the Pre 2 on everyones list.

Blaque says:

If its only at Pre 2 desire levels then its in trouble.

joshai says:

I'm a troll, and I say any phone that doesn't even have a message indicator light is not a grownup's phone.