Steve Jobs at D8 video: bloggers buying stolen iPhone HD/iPhone 4G property and extorting Apple

Steve Jobs comments on the lost/stolen iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype that turned up online. Jobs thinks it's an amazing story - theft, buying stolen property, extortion... he thinks there may be sex in there somewhere!

Jobs got a lot of advice saying he should let it slide, shouldn't go after a journalist because they (allegedly!) bought stolen property and tried to extort Apple. Jobs would rather quit. He considers it a matter of their core values.

Video after the break!

Rene Ritchie

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DoubleDown says:

Why is there a Flash cube under the article ?

unchew says:

i like that he is honest and just tells it like it is.

j00w00t says:

so this is an iphone/ipad/ipod touch website, correct? so why can't i view the video on my iphone? no one had the the video in h.264? shame i had to go the pc to view it.

dave says:

I really want to know how jobs feels Apple was extorted. Possession of un claimed property is 9/10ths the law. It wasent stolen according to the law. Maybe he should.get better lawyers or at least listened to them. I won't buy Apple ever.

Geepee says:

Sorry Dave but possession of lost/unclaimed property is not 9/10ths of the law as you see it. It is simply theft or, in the UK certainly, theft by finding. I know that different laws apply in different countries, Japan in particular. However in most of the world it remains as a simple form of theft. On this basis Jobs was absolutely corretc to consider pursuing it as such. I wonder how you would feel if someone "found" your car, phone or possibly even house? I suspect you would not be quite as sure of your interpretation of the law. I suspect, in truth, that you are merely an Apple hater just making rather unintelligent mischief! My apologies if you are not and are merely stupid and ill informed. Lol

Bryan says:

Why post flash videos, when most of us look at your site through our iPhones!?