UPDATED: Super Rumor: Next Gen iPhone -- As Spec'ed -- in Stores July 17?


UPDATE: Full super-rumored specs list, via Engadget after the break!

ORIGINAL: Palm Pre announces a release date and all of a sudden iPhone and Apple blogs have to rumor up a next generation iPhone release date? Yep, that's how we roll... right over the news cycles.

So when's the rumor? July 17, 2009. And no, no idea if that's an international roll-out like last year. Speaking of which, Apple introduced the iPhone 3G at WWDC 2008 and had it on sale July 11, so a similar pattern this year makes the kind of sense that does, even if July 17 just also happens to be the default date on every iCal instance in the world...

As to specs, pretty much what we've seen rumored already, 32GB, 3.5mp camera, video recording, digital compass, OLED screen, and here's a kicker -- illuminated Apple logo like the MacBooks.

How does that sound to you? Perfect timing? To soon? Too late? Too many crazy rumors, bring on WWDC already?!

[TUAW via AppleiPhoneApps]

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UPDATED: Super Rumor: Next Gen iPhone -- As Spec'ed -- in Stores July 17?


plus I wanna wait until all the jailbreaking goodness comes to the new iPhone as well. Me+ an Unjailbroken phone=no fun...lol
I'm sure Apple with throw a wrench in with the new hardware, none that the hacking community can't get around with some time.

I really don't see the point in the glowing apple logo. Two point against it are:
1. Battery life, but this Might be a non-issue if apple improves the battery life
2. Most cases would actually cover the logo, but I have seen a few cases for the current iphone that have the apple logo exposed.

Well if they illuminate the Apple logo then they must have dealt with the battery issues. Please do not make this phone with all these high end features and put in a week battery.

my gf would be happy. shes waiting to get the iphone when they come out with a new one. or at least see what the new one will have so she can choose 3g or the new one. think its worth waiting?

this would be great I got a whole bunch of apple fear yesterday mac mini wireless keyboard and mighty mouse and an airport extreme I'm all in with apple no palm junk for me now I just need that damn upgrade cmon at&t

@jordan r, if you have iphone, cant you upgrade when the new one comes out and no harm is done? no new fees for canceling early i mean

Well, considering I'm eagerly awaiting my phone upgrade on July 23rd, that would be a super sweet slice of juicy news pie.

I think IF the apple logo lights up it will not affect the battery because it'll most likely come from the same light source for the screen. So if you turn down the screen brightness, the apple logo will turn down as well; they'll be one in the same - just like MacBooks.

Using OLED on the front pretty much means 150% battery life with the old batteries, so I wouldn't worry too much re: the glowy logo.

It says the apple logo will glow. I doubt they'll put a light in it; just fluresent. Luminox have been using the micro gas lights for years. Borosilicate glass capsuals will last about 20 years.
Then again I could be wrong.

I believe the penalty small for "upgrading" early, but either way, I know I'll be playing with a new iPhone if it does indeed come out.

So, when I shoot prohibited video in dark strip clubs I'll get my ass thrown out because of a glowing Apple logo giving me away?
(where's my black tape?)

If this is all true Apple is not playing games. I mean I have 3g and I really didn't contemplate buying a new phone this year but damn. All I can say is sucks to be you(other brands). This is what happens when you don't take competition seriously. I remember when RIM were saying things like we been in the game longer. Or it's a gaming device and nobody I knows can type on it. My favorite was we have planing the Bold for years and the one to really get was the Storm. Wow.

Regarding Glowing Label:
Maybe its like the blackberry light that tells you something has arrived, (been pushed to your phone or a notification master indicator). This could be done with the weakest of LEDs and cost nothing in terms of battery power.
Of course if that is true about 50 Case makers are in panic mode, and scrambling to cut holes in their cases right about now.

There are mods to get the logo to glow now. They've been out about a year now. And it's not a terribly difficult mod either, no does it suck up battery. If your screen is on, the logo illuminates. Do a search.

@icebike, I stand behind his claim, did you happen to miss "SUPER RUMOR" in the title? That is just what all of this is, a rumor. Why are you Apple fans so duped? IF there was a rumor that Jobs would pop out of the iphone and give you a lap dance, would you believe it?
I reiterate, there will not be a new iphone!

does no one have a macbook or macbook pro? it would NOT effect battery life at all if it was set up like that illuminated by the back side of the screen.

You might take a look at what is inside an iPhone someday and compare that to what is inside a Macbook screen/lid.
Laptop lids are virtually empty, with nothing behind the display.
iPhones (any phone really) are almost solid. Jam packed with circuits, batteries, antenna etc. There is no way to take advantage of the screen's backlight without a light pipe, and precious little room for even the thinnest of those.
Check out these pics: http://techrepublic.com.com/2346-13636_11-210341-1.html

i just bought my iphone 3G just over a month ago
if the OLED screen rumor is true ill definitly buy the newer model once i get back to the states

If the logo lights up/glows when a new message (voice mail, e-mail, SMS text, etc) is received then it could be a cool feature and save time flicking the device on/off all the time...just a quick glance instead, but if it is just on when the device is on then I hope they let us disable it...I don't need to draw attention to myself when ever I use my phone!

I was thinking the same thing, it could just light up, or flash every couple seconds to let you know you've recieved a call or text. I've been hoping for something like this so I don't have to grab my phone and press a button every time I want to check to see if I've missed anything.
An OLED screen is about the best new feature for me, not impressed by the marginal camera upgrade:(

Dear people who say there will be no new hardware: you are on crack.
@Steve - funny post, made me LOL.

Any chance that the apple logo is a 2 stage led that acts as a flash for the camera? That would be slick!

everyone who says there's no new iphone ur dumb. schiller already said iphone lifecycle is every july. 2nd of all. theres no way all these leaks would be coming out without a new device. it would really be pointless. and the pre is the savior of sprint. but it wont even nudge the iphone of its smartphone throne at all, just ask android, storm, bold, and every other touch screen ifake that came out after June 29, 2007...lol

According to the rumor from "appleiphoneapps" (from whence this rumor originated?) the logo is always on. No message indication, no flash not even flashlight.
I do hope the rumor about the treadlike back is true. I hate the smooth shiny plastic back so much that I refuse to buy another iPhone until there is a differnt choice. I would be sorry to see the silver bezel go.
All in all I will probably by this next phone.

Hey don't think you are a loser cuz I'm gonna camp out if a new iPhone is out this summer... But back to this forum topic... I am not suprised by anything I hear so far but what I'm pondering is if the specs have leaked then why didn't the pics leak too? IMO I would think pics would leak too

The illuminated apple logo does not affect battery life because it only glows when the screen light is on... As in same with MacBook

The black backing may be true because the antenae cannot function 100% through metal. Unless it's carbon fibre of course... but that's prolly next year.
This 'leak' can merely be a summary of the already known perceived details of the newer phone...

P.S. If true the real winner is the front-facing video camera + video editing and then MMS. Brilliant! Anyone can then VodCast from their iPhone!
Power savings are primarily made with OLED and the radio chip set consolidation.
But then again a minor upgrade in 3-6 months of this pending refresh may see the OLED screens arrive as their component cost price falls.

It all sounds awesome great what I've been waiting for a long time. But the release date is a little far back it seems like it's getting later every year.

this is perfect. My fiancè and I are getting a cell phone plan together soon and i wanted to get an iphone so this will be great i can't wait till we find out more.

OMG i am so excited the APPLE on the back lights up =) Damnn I bet no other company has a phone with an APPLE lighting up on it? huh huh didn't think soo...I am with you buddy I am going to start camping out the weekend before...Shoot the oled almost made me PRe-cum when I heard that. WOOHOO I would pay $1000 for this ..All these haters that think we pay wat too much for service and complain about ATT crappy network just don't know.I mean id love my iphone even if I could never use it as a phone!! It is just that great. omg omg omg i just can't wait. Damn i just bought my phone 4 months ago but oh well it is only money and this is after all an IPHONE enuff said. Those guys on other networks and have all the inferior phones are just mad because all us Apples are better then they could ever hope to be. STEVE JOBS FOR PRESIDENT!!! get rid of that hack in there now also fukk Gates.

Im not excited about the Apple logo lighting up. I don't need to have anymore attention drawn my way because my iPhone. Overall I see this as a minor upgrade which is just right for the same price points. I still wish there was a front facing camera for mobile iChat but I don't think that will ever happen.

Big deal the log glows how many people are going to see it through your protective case. (Unless you go for a clear case or no case)

this blog must be full of 12 year olds.
i can't believe that a glowing piece of fruit on the back of a phone is more of a draw to you than say, oh, i don't know...a video camera, an OLED screen, greater memory, better battery life...etc. really?! you would spend +$200 more after just buying a 3G phone, in order to buy a phone just to watch it glow in the dark?! wow, i guess Apple has perfectly targeted it's niche market after all.

The glowing logo is a marketing campaig. Once kiddies see the glowing apple at clubs and parties, the sales will go up

"Third generation iPhone will exhibit an innovative case design that will enable the owner to stylishly, yet comfortably, carry the iPhone in his or her 5th pocket."

This rumor cannot be completely factual. If you want a backlit apple logo like the ones found on macbooks, it would require a constant backlight. OLED screens, however, do not require backlights as the OLED themselves illuminate. Unless the Apple Logo is supposed to glow the same color as whatever you're seeing on your screen, I don't think that's gonna happen.
Unless of course they meant to include an OLED backlight, which would still significantly improve battery life.

This "rumor" makes no sense:

  • Apple logo on back will glow

I thought Apple was battery conscious...

This rumor sounds great if it true but you are all Insane.
Just thought I should let you know this.

just got my 3G in august so I will have to wait for the upgrade next year.
i just look at it as me getting an even better upgrade for being patient.

APPLE ROCKS!! i just got my iphone 3g last month and if these rumors are true im totally getting this because of the light of the back!

sure hope I don't have to curb stomp my att agent for suckering me into buying an outdated iphone in may.............

ill be pissed if there is a new iphone i just got mine in february apple is a bunch of jews