T-Mobile USA goes after "bring your own iPhone" users with unlimited and unlocked program

T-Mobile USA goes after

T-Mobile USA, which looks like it'll once again be the only major American carrier left without the iPhone on September 12, is trying to turn lemons into magenta-colored lemonade with an amped up unlimited and unlocked program for "bring your own iPhone" offers. Suzanne Lowry of T-Mobile's blog went over the highlights:

  • Unlimited data: T-Mobile offers worry-free, unlimited nationwide data.
  • Cost Savings: Customers with unlocked iPhones can save $50/month compared to AT&T*.
  • Nationwide coverage that’s only getting better: T-Mobile’s voice network reaches 96% of all Americans, and later this year, as we transform our network, introducing 4G (HSPA+) service in our iPhone-compatible spectrum, these unlocked iPhones will get a significant speed boost where these improvements are available.

So they're going for the triple-threat combo punch of unlimited data, faster downloads, and lower bills. This is for unlocked AT&T/GSM iPhones only, of course, but if that's you, it could at least be worth a look.

Check out their full pitch via the link below.

Source: T-Mobile blog

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Maru_The_Cat says:

Wow after reading the Tmobile Blog, that's a huge savings for unlimited everything. Too bad Tmobile doesn't sell the iPhone, I'm sure it will sell like hotcakes.

LCW says:

If T-mobile did sell the iphone, they might not be offering this unlimited deal... ;)

iDonev says:

Two points:

1. That's what cell phone companies should be like.
2. It actually makes sense to buy an unlocked phone and use it on T-Mobile. Only in a year you would recoup the cost in savings.

lungho says:

"as we transform our network, introducing 4G (HSPA+) service in our iPhone-compatible spectrum, these unlocked iPhones will get a significant speed boost where these improvements are available"

Sounds like promises they haven't delivered yet. They want all these new users on their network today with the promise that some day they might get 4g? No thanks.

LCW says:

Is there a coverage map showing where T-Mo does indeed have 1900 HSPA deployed??

thpdg says:

How long can T-Mobile get away with calling their 5GB plan unlimited? Throttling is not unlimited, right?

Winski says:

I was in TWO retail T-Mumble stores yesterday and on the phone with their support org. Make sure you READ ALL THE MARKETING MATERIALS on the deal offer from T-Mumble before you jump. On the web site, there are actually a couple of things you can be guided to.

1) The "Unlimited" personal 'un-limited broadband.... IF YOUR NOT CAREFUL, you find yourself quickly dipping into a plan that will CAP your 4G data at 5GB.. For a truly unlimited plan, you need to jump over to the "SIM ONLY' offerings...
2) If you find what you were originally looking for, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE "GREY" PRINT... What it says, is that the SIM ONLY plan REQUIRES A TWO YEAR COMMITMENT...

Just be careful...

mech1164 says:

Also do some research. All the regular plans both classic and value are contract plans. So 2 years there. Now if you go prepaid with them that's a different game altogether. I'm on it right now with the 30.00 prepaid with 100 min unlim text and data (yes 5gb). I'm saving close to 60.00 per month compared to what i was paying on Sprint.

Sim only is just that. You have to chose what you are going to pay for.

Steventheteenager says:

What about the new ipads? My dad bought me the new ipad from kuwait and He said it was unlock, i live in the us and i dont have any cellular data right know because i dont have any microsim card that i can use