T-Mobile wants to bring the iPhone to MetroPCS prepaid

iPhone 5c

T-Mobile US wants to start selling the iPhone on its MetroPCS customers. MetroPCS, acquired by T-Mobile last year, now functions as a pre-paid brand within the fourth-place U.S. carrier. One of the bigger issues standing in the way of bringing Apple's flagship device to MetroPCS customers is affordability, according to Recode:

Part of the challenge is finding an attractive way to make it affordable enough for all of MetroPCS's customers, many of whom have tighter budgets and some of whom might not have good enough credit to qualify for device financing.

Various iPhone models are available as part of pre-paid plans and carriers, including Verizon's ALLSET plans, AT&T's Aio Wireless, and Sprint's Virgin Mobile USA.

Would you like to see the iPhone come to MetroPCS? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Re/code

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T-Mobile wants to bring the iPhone to MetroPCS prepaid


Yea, why not just finance it, have a monthly installment thing, or use the Bill Me Later thing Virgin uses?

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I can't wait to buy my mother an iPhone and get her off that terrible Android phone she has and doesn't like.. She loves her iPad and I'm sure that experience will carry over.

I would love to see iphone with metro pcs with lower prices. I also know 5 other people who would too. If iphone dosent join metro pcs my friends and i are going to have to get those dreaful androids.

I would love to see the iPhone 6 go to MetroPCS I think the people deserve to have an iPhone 6 just like everyone else and all those other companies.