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Hands-on with the new iPhone Software - Video and Gallery!

The new 1.1.3 update to the iPhone's software is pretty incredible. As we just mentioned in the Liveblog of the Steve Jobs Keynote, there are several new features that were announced:

  • Maps with Location
  • Webclips on your homescreen
  • Customization of your homescreen
  • ...and more, including lyrics, support for iTunes movie rentals, and the ability to SMS multiple people at once.

We got the jump on the iPod Touches on the show floor to get a firsthand look at the new features. After the break, our hands-on video with the new iPhone software (as seen on the iPod Touch).

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New iPhone Features - Macworld Keynote

Steve jobs announced several new iPhone features in the keynote at Macword, including:

  • Maps with location
  • Webclips
  • Customize Home screens
  • SMS multiple people at once
  • Chapters, subtitles, and languages in videos
  • display of lyrics

The features fall very much in line with the previously leaked 1.1.3 update.

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iPhone News in the Apple Keynote

They've sold 4 million iPhones in 200 days - 20,000 iPhones per day on average.

On US Smartphone marketshare, the quarter ending in September, In its first 90 days of shipping it garnered nearly 20% of the smarpthone marketshare. They nearly equaled Palm, Motorola, and Nokia combined. Jobs expects they'll do even better when the December numbers come out.

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Slingplayer May Be Coming to iPhone, Enabling Hours of Porno Pinching

iPhone wielding Slingbox owners will soon be able to view their favorite smutty Spice Channel content on iPhone screens, if rumors are true. A site that goes by the charming name Electric Pig (I prefer my swine without rectal power adapters thank you very much) claims to have spoken with one of the higher ups at Sling Media, who went on record as saying that a version of its popular Slingplayer for mobile devices is in development right now.

Sweet. Now I can watch all my favorite episodes of Gilligan's island while driving down the freeway. Zoom Zoom.

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NTT DoCoMo and Apple Hold Hands but Won't Confirm Wedding Plans

iPhone may soon come to the land of the rising sun. Word on the street is that NTT DoCoMo head honcho, Masao Nakamura, has been seen in public holding hands with a certain American wearing faded denim jeans and black mock turtleneck sweater. He confirms today that his company is actively engaged in talks with Apple, but shrugged off questions concerning terms or product release dates.

I'll lay you odds that Apple won't swindle the same lucrative revenue sharing margins out of NTT that they've managed to extract from other wireless carriers, like our very own AT&T. And unless this agreement concerns the upcoming 3G model, iPhone has zero chance of success in Japan, which is a much more tech savvy market that doesn't look kindly on non-HSDPA phones.


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Upcoming Firmware Update Turns iPhone Into Flash Drive, Star Trek Communicator

C|Net's French website is reporting that an upcoming Firmware update, to be released by Apple as early as Saturday, will include two added features that enable the iPhone to act as a USB Flash Drive when docked with a PC or Mac, and includes Voice recorder capability. Which means you'll be able to throw out all those thumb drives littering you desk, as well as that ridiculously obsolete handheld voice recorder.

Aside: I'd like to know how C|Net France came by this seemingly "insider" information. The whole things seems very dubious, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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iPhone Overtakes Windows Mobile in Browser Usage. The Floor Mopping Begins

Agonizing abdominal pains are being felt across the globe today as the world laughs hysterically at Windows Mobile. According to a report posted by Net Applications, iPhone accounts for .09% of the overall browser market, leaving Windows Mobile choking on Apple's dust with .06%. Not a bad record for a device that's only been on the market for less than two consecutive sales quarters, and Windows Mobile is how many years old now? Oh the humiliation.

Cheer up, Windows fanboys. At least you beat out the T-Mobile Sidekick. And that's something to be proud of, right? Bwahahaha!

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British Blow Raspberries at iPhone, Threaten to Retake Former Colonies

Now see here, you Yanks. This whole iPhone concept...it's just not cricket. You plebes may fall victim to the seductive powers of Sir Steven Jobs, with his shiny expensive bobs and brickabrack, but we Brits are made of tougher stuff. You won't find it so easy fobbing off your gadgety thingies on us, by Jove. Just look at the pittance of iPhone activations made since launching here in the UK, something like 26,500? Mere truffles, I tell you. The queen has more diamond studs in her dinner gown. Knickers!

Now do go on and take your toys elsewhere, or Parliament will have to reassess the terms its peace treaty with you and reclaim lost territory. We wouldn't want to start an "incident" now would we? There's a good chaps.

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iPhone As Learning Tool and Refrigerator Art. Children Outsmarting Parents

Rakesh Agrawal’s 3 year old daughter devised a clever means for watching instructional videos on her father's iPhone using common refrigerator magnets to mount the device on the fridge. Positioned for just her height, the industrious little scamp uses her iPhone to learn Yo-yo techniques by watching How-to videos from Veronica Belmont of Mahalo Daily. I'm betting Mom and Dad won't be so proud once the 3 year old realizes her invention is patentable and a lucrative product market, enjoying fabulous wealth while her parents are left staring at a empty refrigerator.

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