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1.1.2 Officially Released Last Night

Here I had thought that Apple released it on Friday, in conjunction with their european iPhone launch. No, they officially launched it Monday night, to little fanfare. Again, there isn't much to this update. It closes the TIFF vulnerability that allows people to easily hack their iPhones at jailbreakme.com, that's about it.

My understanding of feature updates is this: Apple has to dangle the carrot to make official firmwares more compelling than unofficial, hacked firmwares. Are iTunes charging icons and international keyboards going to cut it?

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Google Reader Updated for iPhone. Looks Good, Tastes Great

Google rolls out a new iPhone friendly revamp to its popular web based RSS reader. Users are now greeted with a cleaner, more logically designed interface that places key navigation icons on top, for greater accessibility. It still doesn't provide the collapsible tree view that I long for, but it does go a step further towards a better RSS experience. I approve.


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Jailbreak for Firmware 1.1.2 Released. Restores Power to The People

The undaunted hacker community has once again foiled Apple's attempts to lock down its platform. Conceited Software (charming name) has released yet another Jailbreak script to free iPhone's latest and rather hidden firmware update; 1.1.2...which can best be described as a DDS upgrade, or Doesn't Do Shit. If you installed this firmware update, which I rarely advise these days, Apple being what it is...then reclaim your unauthorized apps.

Or Apple could simply stop breaking community software, right? Hello?


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Round Robin: Windows Mobile Fond Farewell

Of all the smartphones we test during the Smartphone Round Robin, the constraints of our phone exchange is felt most with the Windows Mobile 6 AT&T Tilt. One week is just not enough to get a full grasp on what Windows Mobile can do. If you've read some of my other reviews, you'll hopefully recognize that as a compliment-dig.

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Possible iPhone Inspiration

iPhone in Europe

After a full weekend of the iPhone in Europe, how well has the iPhone been doing? Well, T-Mobile reported that they sold 10,000 iPhones on the first day. That's not too shabby; it's not an incredibly high number either, but it's not bad either.

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New iPhone / iTunes Software Roundup

So, iTunes 7.5 is out, along with iPhone firmware version 1.1.2. The new iTunes has been out almost a week, and the iPhone software has been available since Friday. How far along have hackers come?

Well, in iTunes 7.5, free ringtones are back. It turns out that you can do the old trick of renaming an AAC music file to turn it into a ringtone. To get it to work, take any 30 second m4a file in finder, rename the extension to be m4r, and drag it in to iTunes. Voila!

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Filesharing for iPhone and iPod Touch

MOLISC Launches World Soccer Live Score Web App for Fans and Rioters

Can't bear the thought of missing out on the latest score or match results while away from the telly? MOLISC gives you live up to the nano-second results from every game. Simply point your iPhone's browser to http://www.mobilelivescore.com and get full on updates as they happen.



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O2 Launch Imminent

There's a big line at the mothership Regent Street Apple Store in London. The line started forming yesterday, and though there hasn't been torrents of rain pouring down on the line waiters like there was in Germany, it's been fairly cold -- about 45° F. Still, the mood is chipper, and everyone is looking forward to getting their iPhone, and they'll only have to wait about 2.5 hours before the official launch at 6:02 London time.

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