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DIY: Dutch Modder Paints iPhone Black, Vows Never To Go Back

The iPhone is a stunning piece of industrial design that screams taste and style. So what better way to modify a beautiful product than ugly it up with black spray paint and faux classic rainbow Apple logo, in a style reminiscent of the Newton. At least this guy won't have to worry about someone stealing his iPhone. Unless he lives in the UK, of course.


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Brits Fear iPhone May Spark Crime Wave, or Soccer Game Riot

The arrival of iPhone in the UK next week may cause more than just nerdgasm among Guinness-drinking geeks. According to one industry expert, the iconic gadget may set off a "crime wave" of mobile phone thefts, as criminals go searching for the elusive new smartphone in the pockets and purses of unsuspecting toffs. Each year more than 800,000 mobile phones end up in the hands of crooks, accounting for 52% of all thefts in the UK. Nickers!

Best guard your purse strings, gov.


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iPhone App-A-Day

This could be cool. Sean Heber of Spiffy Tech is going to release one 3rd party native iPhone app per day in November. Though he might have a spot of help on one or two days, for the most part it appears that he'll have to do most of this herculean effort himself.

If you've hacked your iPhone or iPod Touch, look for the "App-A-Day" source.

It all depends on what the app ideas are. If the app's purpose is to show a pumpkin on the main screen, it could suck. Even if it does suck, it's still a herculean effort.

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T-Mobile Germany iPhone Data Rates

Engadget posted up a briefly leaked document from T-Mobile.de that indicates costs and charges for T-Mobile Germany unlimited data plans for the iPhone. There are three tiers -- a 200MB tier (M), a 1GB tier (L), and a 5GB tier (XL).

They're not as unlimited as I'd like, and it looks like they cap your data speeds at about 25% once you pass your download limit, but it's a start -- the other option is to charge you out the nose for exceeding your data limit.

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Let Your Fingers do the Walking. YellowPages.com Rolls Out iPhone Web App

Yellowpages, the Google of the analog age, is jumping on board the iPhone bandwagon. The old offline search directory has rolled out a very slick looking mobile web interface designed for Safari, offering the usual "Find me" search service for businesses, as well as maps - powered by Microsoft MapPoint (bleh).


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iNdepedence Declared for 1.1.1, Quick and Easy iPhone Jailbreaking and Unlock

iNdependence 1.2.5 (Mac only, sorry Winlosers) is out and ready to liberate iPhones running firmware 1.1.1. This release comes complete with full SSH support, as well as anySIM 1.1 pre-installed... for those of you crazy brave enough to brick unlock your iPhone.

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Instant 3rd Party Apps for iPhone 1.1.1

There's now an instant method to get third party apps on your iPhone (firmware 1.1.1 only). The same methond works on iPod Touch. I have to say, this is by far the easiest method of hacking the iPhone that I've ever seen. This method, which relies on the iPhone TIFF vulnerability, is also incredibly simple to use; much more so than the previous AppTapp installer method for iPhone 1.0. Since it relies on a buffer overflow, I expect this method to stop working as soon as Firmware 1.1.2 is released, which could be any day now.

All you have to do is point your iPhone browser at jailbreakme.com, confirm the wish to jailbreak, read some stuff, scroll down, select 'Install AppSnapp', wait for Safari to quit, and wait. Your iPhone or iPod Touch should restart automatically, and when it's all done, you'll have Installer.app ready and willing for you to install 3rd party apps!

This method of installing 3rd party apps doesn't require any computer software, you just have to go to the website on your iPhone browser and follow the instructions. Again, the site makes efficacious use of the TIFF exploit that's been talked about before, so if using a security vulnerability to install software freaks you out, don't go to the site I've posted after the cut.

Conversely, f you think that using a buffer overflow to install software is awesome, 31337, or k-rad, there's a link for you and your iPhone after the break.

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Apple Refuses Legal Tender for iPhone

Apple is now refusing cash for the purchase of iPhones. They now require a credit card for purchase, and the limit for the number of iPhones you can purchase is now two. Apple stopped accepting Apple Store gift cards for redemption. The move is legal -- they're not obligated to sell you anything, and they can impose the extra restrictions.

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iPhone Notes Syncing

I spent a bunch of time getting Leopard installed and set up on my mac to find out what goodies it would bring to the iPhone. It looks like syncing notes from the iPhone to Mail might have been pulled just before it was ready, or that it's going to come in a future iPhone update. When I tried to change the default font in an edited note from Marker Felt to anything else, I'm given this warning message:

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