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Hacking iPhones: Big Update to Installer.app

If you've been hacking your iPhone to get 3rd party apps with firmware 1.1.1, there's now a big reward. Installer.app has been updated, and some long-needed changes have been made. First, instead of browsing the entire collection in one huge list, you now select a category, and then browse a smaller list. Under the previous system, as the list of 3rd party apps got longer and longer, the interface for finding and installing a program became more cumbersome. With the new system, the category splitting should make finding and installing apps a lot simpler to use. Also, it should do a great job of hiding dictionaries, theme packs, etc. into their own subcategories. If you've hacked your iPhone, this should appear as an update.

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iPhone Developer Documentation

Erica Sadun, iPhone hacker extraordinaire and writer at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, has documented the entire set of Cocoa function calls required to program for the iPhone. These header files are used for programmers to properly create user interfaces, network code, and, well, pretty much everything. And the documentation effort is a massive job, usually not something to be done by just one person. I know that this site can get kind of wonky here and there, so I'll do my best to explain why this is important, but for everybody.

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iPhone is AT&T's Top Earner

Highlights from a report from a report by Strategy Analytics:

  • iPhone tops AT&T sales chart at 13% of AT&T's device sales
  • 4th best-selling phone in U.S., selling 1.1 million units. Total # of iPhones sold: maybe 1.325 million
  • based on current trajectory, iPhone will be #1 best-selling phone in the next quarter or two
  • current #1 is still the RAZR V3
  • two age segments standing out that are purchasing iPhone in droves: 20-30 and 50-60.
Having owned a RAZR and been frustrated with the poor software shipped on it, I will do a little dance when it's no longer #1.

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Excellent Discussions on SDK

figure 1: John Gruber

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has posted an excellent discussion on the various subtleties of the language used in Steve Jobs' iPhone SDK letter. He talks of HTML widgets vs. the stripped-down Cocoa API, the security of the current iPhone, the hidden compliment-slash-dig on Nokia and their recent "open to anything" marketing slogan, signed apps, the iTunes App store, and with his usual attention to detail and insight. Well worth the read there, like any long Gruber post.

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Another Changewave Survey

Changewave released information from their latest survey, and the iPhone is tops again. 2% of the 3654 people surveyed have iPhones. Of the people that have iPhones, 82% are "Very Satisfied," up 5% since the last survey in July and tops in the list. The only company with "Very Satisfied" ratings above 50% is RiM with the Blackberry series. Best yet, the iPhone is set to capture a bit more than 2% -- Changewave reports that a full 16% of all people surveyed intend to purchase an iPhone within the next 6 months. Quoth Tobin Smith, founder of Changewave:

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SMS Message Archive Utility

If you want to save your SMS messages from your iPhone, there's now a free way to do it. If you're on a Mac, that is; I'm not aware of any ways to do it on a PC. But, Syphone by Micromat will backup, import and export any SMS threaded conversations that you want. And it will display conversations in threaded glory as well. It's a teensy download, under 1 MB, but it's available here.

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Google Docs Now Supports iPhone, Other Mobile Devices. Kinda Sorta

We are one step closer to editing word documents on our iPhones today. Google is now offering a mobile format of Google docs, viewable on mobile devices. The bad news - it's Read-only mode, so no editing capabilities are available... yet. But at least you can access important docs while on the go, right from your iPhone, and that's something to cheer about. Right?


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Ambrosia Software Updates iToner

Ambrosia Software released a new version of iToner that returns ringtone functionality to iPhones running firmware version 1.1.1. Previously, iToner owners were only able to sync their non-Apple-sanctioned ringtones with iPhones that were using one of the 1.0 firmware versions. iToner costs $15 and doesn't involve any hacks to your iPhone.

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Apple Posts Three New TV Ads that Feature Self Promoting iPhone Users

What do an Airline pilot, Ballet dancer, and Broadway Theater producer all have in common? They all use iPhones and appear in Apple latest iPhone whoring ad campaign. But the tables are turned as the subjects plug their own ventures rather than focus soley on iPhone and how it impacst their lives. A commercial within a commercial?

Kristin Sloan, the sole female user in this trio, is the editor and founder of TheWinger.com - a site devoted to ballet dancing. Several seconds into the commercial she drops off the subject of iPhone and immediately draws attention to her site. Nice touch, very subtle. I thought this was a commercial promoting iPhone, not ballet dancing?

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Roll Your Own Ringtones. iToner 1.0.3. Now Supports Latest iPhone Firmware

Ambrosia Software has released an update to its popular custom ringtone software, iToner, now supporing iPhone firmware 1.1.1. If you're already a user, download the update now. If you're not, well... download it anyway.


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