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Filesharing for iPhone and iPod Touch

MOLISC Launches World Soccer Live Score Web App for Fans and Rioters

Can't bear the thought of missing out on the latest score or match results while away from the telly? MOLISC gives you live up to the nano-second results from every game. Simply point your iPhone's browser to http://www.mobilelivescore.com and get full on updates as they happen.



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O2 Launch Imminent

There's a big line at the mothership Regent Street Apple Store in London. The line started forming yesterday, and though there hasn't been torrents of rain pouring down on the line waiters like there was in Germany, it's been fairly cold -- about 45° F. Still, the mood is chipper, and everyone is looking forward to getting their iPhone, and they'll only have to wait about 2.5 hours before the official launch at 6:02 London time.

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News from Deutschland

figure 1: Deutschland is the German word for Germany

Well, the iPhone has officially launched in Germany with T-Mobile, and with fanfare at that. Heise.de reports that there was a bunch of hooting and hollering, which reminds me of the Mall of America launch -- they did a good job of making people feel like they were part of something big. Even if it was just for waiting for the release of a smartphone in a collapsible chair for 11 hours.

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iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 Out

Apple has released the 1.1.2 firmware for the iPhone out into the wild a little early, probably so that folks in Europe can download it directly when they get home. The 1.1.2 update weighs in at about 160MB, and it does update the baseband radio as well, bringing the radio software to 04.02.13_G (from 04.01.13_G in case you were wondering, and you probably weren't). You can download the update directly from Apple.

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iPhone Vetoes Carrier Veto Power

figure 1: It is with a heavy heart that Pogue informs us that the latest Windows Mobile phone from T-Mobile blows.

David Pogue has an excellent article on how the iPhone really broke down a bunch of barriers in the smartphone world, the best he claims, is "the way Apple took veto power away from the cellphone carriers."

So yeah, that's just the first sentence. The unfortunate part of the article is that most of the rest of it is a review for a T-Mobile Windows Mobile device. The good news is this: if you want to think about how awesome your iPhone is compared to a poorly-implemented Windows Mobile device, the second half of his article will really interest you. There's a silver lining in every cloud, right?

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iTunes Store Ringtone Playlist for iPhone

Apple has selected a bunch of songs that make for popular ringtones and placed them in an easy-to-find section of the iTunes store. I'm getting tired of my old custom alarm ringtone (I only made one) and I think it's time to wake up to something new.

Ringtones: the Playlists

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Mac611 Puts The Fun Back in Tech Support, Right From Your iPhone

Dave Merten from MacOSG informs me that he has created a new web app for iPhone that provides instant access to support guides right from your iPhone. It's called Mac611 (shouldn't that be 911?). Check it out for yourself, or better still... break your Mac and try to fix it using this service. I'm going to the tool shed now to get my sledgehammer.


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iPhone 1.1.2 / UK O2 Details

Details of the iPhone's launch in the UK is spilling out rapidly, and O2 are making some last changes in preparation for iPhone's arrival. Their CEO granted an interview that gives a peek into Apple's carrier selection process. O2 has changed the way that they deal with limited "unlimited" plans -- they still limit them, but at least they will give users a warning before they punt people away. And lastly, UK gadget magazine tried out the iPhone for a while, and they have information about the 1.1.2, the upcoming firmware update and iTunes 7.5.

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Apple Protecting iPhone Trademark

Apple Legal has been busy in the past few days. Apple has officially begun protecting their iPhone Trademark. MY iTablet -- once MYiPhone -- changed their name on the advice of Jobs himself. And it appears that some of the other blog sites have now received contact letters from Apple lawyers.

In the U.S. system of intellectual property law, if you don't actively protect your copyrights and trademarks, you lose them. Apple has to do this. I'm sure Apple isn't excited about taking iPhone community sites to court, but they have to do what they have to do.

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