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SMS Message Archive Utility

If you want to save your SMS messages from your iPhone, there's now a free way to do it. If you're on a Mac, that is; I'm not aware of any ways to do it on a PC. But, Syphone by Micromat will backup, import and export any SMS threaded conversations that you want. And it will display conversations in threaded glory as well. It's a teensy download, under 1 MB, but it's available here.

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Google Docs Now Supports iPhone, Other Mobile Devices. Kinda Sorta

We are one step closer to editing word documents on our iPhones today. Google is now offering a mobile format of Google docs, viewable on mobile devices. The bad news - it's Read-only mode, so no editing capabilities are available... yet. But at least you can access important docs while on the go, right from your iPhone, and that's something to cheer about. Right?


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Ambrosia Software Updates iToner

Ambrosia Software released a new version of iToner that returns ringtone functionality to iPhones running firmware version 1.1.1. Previously, iToner owners were only able to sync their non-Apple-sanctioned ringtones with iPhones that were using one of the 1.0 firmware versions. iToner costs $15 and doesn't involve any hacks to your iPhone.

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Apple Posts Three New TV Ads that Feature Self Promoting iPhone Users

What do an Airline pilot, Ballet dancer, and Broadway Theater producer all have in common? They all use iPhones and appear in Apple latest iPhone whoring ad campaign. But the tables are turned as the subjects plug their own ventures rather than focus soley on iPhone and how it impacst their lives. A commercial within a commercial?

Kristin Sloan, the sole female user in this trio, is the editor and founder of TheWinger.com - a site devoted to ballet dancing. Several seconds into the commercial she drops off the subject of iPhone and immediately draws attention to her site. Nice touch, very subtle. I thought this was a commercial promoting iPhone, not ballet dancing?

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Roll Your Own Ringtones. iToner 1.0.3. Now Supports Latest iPhone Firmware

Ambrosia Software has released an update to its popular custom ringtone software, iToner, now supporing iPhone firmware 1.1.1. If you're already a user, download the update now. If you're not, well... download it anyway.


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Greenpeace Files Suit Against Apple, Declares iPhone "Toxic"

Oh Greenpeace, can't you idiots just stick to rescuing dolphins or saving single-cell organisms? Today the colorful activist organization made good on its promise to sue Apple over toxic materials found in iPhone, and further seeks an injunction blocking the arrival of iPhone in Europe. If Greenpeace is successful, you boys and girls in Europe won't be getting an iPhone come November 9. One more at a time.

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Breaking: Apple Announces iPhone SDK, Opens Platform for Software Developers! *faints*

Charge the defibrillators, my heart just stopped. None other than Steve Jobs himself has officially announced that Apple will indeed open iPhone to native software development, and provide an SDK next February. Apparently plans were in the works to open the platform to developers all along (told you so) but Apple still hasn't figured a non-invasive procedure for allowing applications to run in OSX.

So, the good news is there is a God. The bad news is it's Steve Jobs.

Read his excellency's blessed scrawl after the break. Or go here to see the official announcement on Apple.com

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People's Court: AT&T Employee Scams Money from iPhone Buyers, or Guy Gets Screwed By Co-Worker?

One of my readers sent me the following story. You be the judge as to the true guilty party.

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Apple's Response to Eco Claims

Apple's response to Greenpeace's report of PVC, phthalates, and BFRs in the iPhone is short and sweet. Witness the words of the Apple spokesperson as told to MacWorld:

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AnySIM Updated to Work with 1.1.1