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Apple Sued, Again

Deep Red iPhone Coming?

Engadget reports that a deep red version of the iPhone is in the works. The report lists a 4GB version available in deep red, but I'll believe a deep red 4GB iPhone when I see it. The best reason that Apple would make a red iPhone is to be part of the PRODUCT (RED) charity for AIDS in Africa, which Apple has done with iPods for quite a while now.

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iPhone Owners: Likely Once Treo Owners

figure 1: The Orange Treo 680 is what I used before I got an iPhone. This and a featurephone, actually, for when I wanted to take a non-useless picture of something. I used both AT&T and T-Mobile.


p>Let me put on my Carnac the Magnificent hat and guess that you were on T-Mobile too. There's an interesting survey report done by the NPD group recently that caught my eye, specifically because it names Treos. I still have love for Treos, but I'm off the wagon in terms of using one regularly at least until their Linux OS ships. But here are the fact nuggets that they report:

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iPhone and iPod Touch Jailbreaks for 1.1.1

The process for jailbreaking an iPhone manually is pretty involved; Apple's process of securing the iPhone and iPod Touch have made the barrier to entry for installing 3rd party applications on an iPhone much tougher. If you're looking to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch in the hopes of installing other applications or non-Apple-sanctioned ringtones, however, there are now some easier ways to do it.

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Saucepans and Stew Pots: Study Says Consumers Ditched Treos for iPhones. Sorry, Palm

Alas, poor Palm. You just can't seem to get a break these days, can you? First came that whole embarrassing Foleo fiasco (or Foolio as I like to call it), an ordeal not to be repeated. Then your long overdue Palm OS replacement gets pushed back, twice, not to appear for another 18 months. Now comes this latest report, certain to deliver yet another vigorous blow to the nuts.

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Greenpeace Not Happy with iPhone

figure 1: Greenpeace currently gives Apple a 5.3 out of 10 as their environmental score.

On the same week that notable Apple board member Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize, Apple gets excoriated by Greenpeace on the presence of Toxic Chemicals in the iPhone.

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Whither iPhone in Canada?

The iPhone faces additional legal issues in Canada before it can make its way onto Rogers. It appears that a plucky little Ontarian telecom named Comwave wants Apple to pony up cash before Apple can use the iPhone trademark. Comwave is currently using the iPhone trademark for VOIP phones and services. The trademark brouhaha is currently playing its way out in CIPO, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Also, there's currently no public deal with Rogers to carry the iPhone, that could be another stumbling block. Apple probably has to do this dance in every country where they want to sell the iPhone.

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iPhone Headphones May Kill The Joy of Sex and Cause Sterility. Bug or Feature?

iPhone users rocking out to their favorite tunes may damage more than their hearing, if new research published by Greenpeace has any basis in fact. The report claims that iPhone's included headphones contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals that may be harmful to reproductive organs, or "happy zone" for you boys and girls under the age of twelve.

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Free at last, Free at last... praise god almighty, my bricked iPhone is free at last! Well, not quite... I haven't actully applied this method yet.

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Micromat Syphone Lets You Read Text Messages On Your Mac, W0rX Gr8 LOL :-)

Micromat is a name well known in the Mac software community, best known for its popular TechTool Pro; a utility for fixing troubled Macs and impatient IT managers. The company has now put its coding skills to work on iPhone. Their new application, Syphone, lets you archive and view all threaded text conversations, sent from your iPhone, right on your Mac. Never fear losing that important message from your boss, or sultry conversation with your mistress. It's all saved right there on your Mac.

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