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iPhone Headphones May Kill The Joy of Sex and Cause Sterility. Bug or Feature?

iPhone users rocking out to their favorite tunes may damage more than their hearing, if new research published by Greenpeace has any basis in fact. The report claims that iPhone's included headphones contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals that may be harmful to reproductive organs, or "happy zone" for you boys and girls under the age of twelve.

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Free at last, Free at last... praise god almighty, my bricked iPhone is free at last! Well, not quite... I haven't actully applied this method yet.

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Micromat Syphone Lets You Read Text Messages On Your Mac, W0rX Gr8 LOL :-)

Micromat is a name well known in the Mac software community, best known for its popular TechTool Pro; a utility for fixing troubled Macs and impatient IT managers. The company has now put its coding skills to work on iPhone. Their new application, Syphone, lets you archive and view all threaded text conversations, sent from your iPhone, right on your Mac. Never fear losing that important message from your boss, or sultry conversation with your mistress. It's all saved right there on your Mac.

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Apple iPhone Webapps are Live

Apple has created a searchable directory of mary various online web applications. The service is available at http://www.apple.com/webapps/, and offers over 200 (!) online applications. We had considered doing an online application database very early on, but we didn't. And it now makes me happy that we didn't, for very real. All of the iPhone application list sites are now competitors with a company with very deep pockets.

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Fruit Baskets: Apple Set to Open iPhone to Software Development. They Totally Are

Rumors are like falling apples in an orchard - some are perfectly edible, while most are wormy and end up on the ground rotting away, eaten by insects. The Apple rumor mill yields bushel baskets full of both kinds. Today's rumor comes courtesy of Glenn Fleishman of TidBits, who claims to have heard from "sources" (mwaha) that Apple is very close to making a public announcement regarding native application development on iPhone. Naturally his "source" is vague and void of details, which makes it totally credible!

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iPhone Dev Team Releases iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak, But Not for Bricks

Hey, want to void your warranty and turn your iPhone into an expensive paperweight with future firmware updates? If so, iPhone Dev Team has a hack for you. They've successfully managed to jailbreak factory fresh iPhones running firmware 1.1.1, enabling support for black market third party applications, and utilize non-AT&T SIM cards to roll your own network. However, no workaround solution has been found for previously unlocked, now bricked, iPhones updated to 1.1.1.

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Cellular Intercourse: How To Enable 3G Speed on iPhone or Touch, Paired With Windows Mobile

Someone has devised a clever yet altogether impractical way of getting 3G speeds on iPhone by pairing it with a Windows Mobile Smartphone equipped with HSDPA. Now, rather than go into details I'll simply refer you to the the website to see and judge for yourself. And I won't be putting this process to the test because my sole Windows Mobile device, a newly purchased AT&T Tilt, is being returned due to the fact it is an utter piece of bovine anal excrement.

For those who crave adventure and just love cramming radioactive gadgets in your pants, go for it. I won't stop you.

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MoMuni Helps Lost San Franciscans Catch the Bus, But Can't Prevent Sitting Next to This Guy

Ah, the joys of public transportation. Nothing else quite compares to the stimulating experience of standing in the company of drunks and derelicts at a bus stop late in waining hours of Saturday night, waiting for a fuming smoke filled bus to arrive, concluded with sharing a body fluid-stained seat with the unwashed, unwashed masses. But enough about my college days.

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iCrack: iTunes Wi-Fi Store Makes Music Purchase All Too Easy, Dangerously Addictive

With the release of firmware update 1.1.1 came something new to iPhone that I think may prove to be its most insidious feature yet; iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. Now I know that many of you don't purchase music via iTunes, preferring instead to utilize certain ahem free source, but you may sing a different tune once you start rummaging through genres and newly released content on the screen of your iPhone. For me it's becoming an addiction. I have to force myself not to tap on the lovely purple store icon that beckons me to enter and pay pay pay. iPhone has now become a gateway drug to iTunes.

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Apple Web Apps Going Live?